Arriving home, a broad smile on my face, I hum as I enter the main house. Placing my keys in the key bowl and putting down my bag, closing my eyes for a moment as I relive the evening.  Making sure no one else is around, I give a small squeal and walk to the kitchen, pouring myself some juice.

Heading upstairs to the guest bedroom, that is actually more like my own bedroom in the Main house.  I close the door behind me and pull out my diary opening the lock with the little key that is on my bracelet, a gift from Grandma Esme. I put on my Ipod and lean back as I start to write down my evening.

Tonight was without any doubt the best evening in my life. When we went to the Island for a holiday and Jake and I went to the Main Land that evening, I was sure that nothing would ever be able to top that evening. But tonight was ……. Magical, romantic and so amazing.

I have been wanting to treat Jake to a fun event, not so many in and around Forks, so the other day when we drove past the Old Mill Archery Club and he mentioned how he once did it and really enjoyed it, I knew I had my special event.

I got Uncle Emmett to help me book out the place for the two of us. I was just about bursting with excitement as I went to fetch Jake. He was a bit hesitant as I refused to give out any details.

Once he saw where I have brought him too. He was very happy, and I felt even more excited as we met the manager and then he left us alone. Jake took up the bow as if this is a daily occurrence for him. He aimed and let go, a perfect shot.

Then it was my turn, I was feeling all Katniss like with my bow and tried my best, sadly it shot pass the target, this was part of the reason I wanted us alone. Totally missing in front of Jake I can still take.

I saw the grin on his face as he shook his head; he walked over to me and stood behind me. Now here is the weird thing, I am use to Jake being close to me. But when he stood behind me and he breathed into my ear and his hand held my hip, I swear my temperature climbed by a few degrees. I tried again but as hard as I tried to concentrate on the shot, all I could notice was Jake. The result was me missing the target again.

Before he could move away I took his hand showing him that I want him to help me again, showing him so close to me. I did not even really try this time to aim; I just knew it was not going to happen.

The next thing he was looking so deeply into my eyes, I have seen that look a couple of times before but he always pull away and distract himself, so when this time he bent down kissing me, I was totally taken by surprise.

I have been waiting and dreaming of my first real intense kiss with Jake, sure we have kissed before on many occasions but, that loose myself in the moment, that the earth stood still kiss I have been imagining it so many times. 

Just as I thought Jake was about to pull away, he again surprised me by intensifying the kiss even more. This was it, my stop the earth moment. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, losing myself so much in that moment.

When he pulled away, it took me a few seconds just to recollect myself. As I looked at him, I smiled because I could see; this was that kind of kiss for him as well.

Slowly, closing the diary I lay back and close my eyes and smile.

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