Jacob Black is the keeper of my heart, the man of my dreams. He has always been there from the very first moments I entered this world. The first moment he looked at me, his eyes captivated my heart.

When I am near him, I feel like I hover around the earth. My feet unable to stay on the ground and yet he is the one that grounds me, my anchor.

When I am without him even just for a short while, my world is a shade of blue, everything tinted by the sadness I feel from missing him.

I want to stand on the top of the hills and mountains and enunciate how I feel, that I love him and will forever.

He is always there to safe guard me keep me and I entrust my heart to him, knowing that I will never have to worry of it getting broken.

When I think of him I can’t help myself but smile. The first time I really noticed his loving embrace, the first time it was more than just a hug, was the day we went hiking up in the national park. As I we were making our way down the paved road, I glanced over to Jake and for the first time I started noticing that I was not feeling towards him like I always did. Could it be? Was I falling in love with my best friend? Yes was all I could think and while being so deep in thought, I did not notice the loose brick in the pathway and tripped over it, he caught me in his arms. When he looked at me, I knew he could see what I was feeling, but I wanted him to understand and I touched his face and with my hand and showed him, what I was feeling when I looked at him or when he held me like now. For a brief moment I could see a faint blush on his face and I knew he felt it to.

He bent down and kissed me that was  our first official kiss, we spend the day just holding hands and stealing a kiss here and there, it was a magical day. We ended the day on First beach where Jake gave me a wooden carved heart on a ribbon, I smiled as I closed my eyes savouring the moment with the ocean as its soundtrack.

That evening when Jake dropped me off at home, I knew that from this day forward nothing will ever be the same and Jake is my forever.

I also knew that ahead of me I had a very big task, I have to tell my Father and Mother, turning the doorknob I could already hear my Dad telling my Mom to go and sit down because I had to tell them something.

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