I must admit at times it’s really hard to be as different as I am, I can’t even start to imagine how it must be for Mum and Dad, I mean I have only been with them for 5 years. But even though in actual years I might be 5, that’s where my similarity to a young child ends.  I can’t even say my appearance helps to make it easier because physically I look 16 and so I guess it’s understandable that I get treated more like a child than the mature young woman I know I am. Although when you start talking and interacting with me that is when my true age come through as mentally I am more mature than my looks or age appears.

I understand why Mom and Dad are so protective about me, I do. I love them dearly for it but I just want to start the world to see me as I know I am. Yes of course I have playfulness about me. That’s just who I am.  

So with this in mind I sat Mom and Dad down, I have overheard a conversation they had where they wanted to take some time and go on a holiday. Just the two of them, I think Dad already booked the flights. But Mom was hesitant, not wanting to let me be alone. As if it was meant to be, I got a call from Tanya in Denali, saying that I should really come and visit them soon.

All of a sudden I had the perfect plan, this was fool proof. Not only did I have an opportunity to help Mom go away without the normal worrying but I had a chance to proof myself as an independent young woman. I sat Mom and Dad down, gently explaining that I wanted to be more independent, telling them that I understood why they were scared and worried. Tried to explain that even though in years I might be five, they both know I far more mature than that. I asked that they will give me the opportunity to show them, that indeed I am ready to be more on my own.

So here I am on my way to the airport with Mom and Dad. Dad just rolled his eyes when he saw my four suitcases. I had to laugh as Mom asked if I was moving or just visiting Denali. My only answer was that seeing that Aunt Alice can’t see my future, she wanted me to be fully prepared. Besides a girl needs to have a choice.

I had to swallow hard, when Mom and Dad walked me to the boarding gate, Because right then I just wanted to burst out in tears. But I was determined to show my parents I can handle this.

Mom on the other hand was not so strong and thank goodness I am not fragile because her hug would have definitely crushed some ribs.

Now sitting in the plane, waiting for the take-off, I am giddy with excitement.  I am doing this, flying and traveling all on my own.

Now the only person I have to convince of my independence is Jake, but somehow I don’t think that will happen. Giggling at the thought I sit back and close my eyes.

Independence here I come

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