The first while after phasing it was Sam Paul and me.  Then Sam imprinted on Emily.  What a trial that was for all of us to go through.  Then I imprinted on Kim and I understood more of what Sam went through.  While Emily at first tried to reject Sam to spare Leah's feelings, everything that happened between Kim and I those first few weeks after imprinting were the total opposite.  Kim wanted to be with me before I imprinted on her.  It made the entire process of adjusting to having an imprint, a girl friend and letting her in on everything so much easier.  Then eventually Paul imprinted on Rachel.   Boy did we see a big difference in Paul.   


Both Paul and Sam settled down with their imprints.  Married them, started families.  Yet Kim and I only moved in together.  The guys kept telling me I'd know when it was the right time to propose.  Kim knew I was her's forever.  The only thing a wedding would change for me was it being all legal and official.   But I knew some day Kim would want a wedding.  A special day for her.   With Emily and Sam expecting their second child, the way Kim looked at Sam, Emily and Shay started to change.  I'm not sure anyone else would have noticed, but there was a longing there in her eyes, that I'm not even sure she realized.  


I had started saving shortly after we were officially dating.  Saving every little bit of money I could.  I knew Kim wouldn't want a big flashy ring, just something simple.  Something came up with work that presented me the perfect chance to go into town looking for the perfect ring.   It didn't take long to find it either.   And I was lucky, it was the perfect size.  I made a few more stops to pick up some new things I knew I was going to need to make this proposal just perfect.   After I had things done for work and all the things I'd need I drove straight to Sam and Emily's.  I knew I'd blow it if I had the ring on me or at home.  So I asked Sam and Emily if I could leave the ring at their place.  And all the other supplies I'd picked up.  I could tell they were both happy for me.  I could hear Sam's words from a few weeks before echoing in my head.  "You'll know when the time is right."   Emily even agreed to help pack the basket with foods.  I had no doubt she'd make a lot of Kim and my favorites. 


With everything settled I headed home to spend the night with Kim.   I still had a bit more planning to do.    The next day I made a few calls, check the weather forecast, and made a few arrangements at work.  With everything set up, I found I could relax a bit.  I had no doubt Kim would say yes, but I wanted it as perfect as possible for Kim.  


The day of I drove out to Sam & Emily's.  Picked up the ring.   The guys had already gotten everything set up.  I knew one of them would be hanging out close by until we arrived so that nothing would get into the basket of food.  I had sent a text asking Kim to not make plans, and to be ready for some outdoor time and I'd be home very soon.   She was ready when i got there.   And upon seeing her my nerves started to act up.  


We drove out to the secluded spot I had chosen.  The look of wonder and surprise on Kim's face was worth all the planning.  She knew right away Emily had prepared all the food, but that didn't matter.  I found I was constantly checking my pocket to make sure I still had the ring.  The small portable radio had been out for a bit and they were playing all the songs from the CD that I'd given Kim a short time ago.  It was full of all of our songs.  


I was sure by this point that Kim might know something was up.  With my stomach no longer grumbling, being well fed on Emily's great food, I fumbled with the ring box in my pocket.  Deciding it was time.  


I got onto one knee.  Kim's eyes went wide.  I took a deep breath, wanting this to be perfect for her. Kim seemed to hold her breath as I started to speak.  "You've been the best part of my life for years now, you are my perfect match. Every day I get to wake up with your by my side, is another amazing day I'm thankful for. Nothing will ever change how I feel about you. I know things have been good the way they are, but there's so much more I want to give you."  I had to pause again.  Taking a deep breath, trying to put the butterflies in my stomach to rest.  I knew she'd say yes so why was I so nervous? 


"Will you, Kimberly Conweller do me the honor of becoming my wife?"


I held out the ring carefully, not wanting to drop it.  It was simple yet elegant.  I knew it was perfect and would compliment Kim's beauty.   There were tears running down Kim's face.  I only hoped they were tears of joy.  Kim wiped away those tears and said yes! My heart soared, my spirits lifted.  I could have yelped hollers and howled to the world!  I brushed a few more tears from Kim's cheeks and slipped the ring onto her finger.  It was a perfect fit as I knew it would be. 


The moment had been perfect.  I could see just how perfect it had been through Kim's eyes.   We'd never forget today.  Ever.  


The next step?  To let Kim plan the wedding of her dreams. 

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