Today is a day of reflection and remembrance. Though missing loved ones can take many of our thoughts. Try to think of why we are here. Why we are sitting on a great website? Why we are able to live our lives the way we do. I myself have made choices that brought me here. I tried joining the military, physically it did not work out the way it was planned, that choice had an affect on my life that would forever change the way I viewed the military. Many service members enlist because of a calling. A call of duty, a sense of honor, integrity, selfless service. Something in me that day wanted to help others, help those who have secured my freedom before me. For a long time I admit I was ashamed that I could not stay enlisted. Just as I have said many times. Many things do happen for a reason. A reason we may not comprehend at that time. I still wanted to help others and tried to make those changes in my life to do so. Fate has a funny habit of bringing you back to whom you are meant to be with, where you are supposed to be and what you should be doing. I have learned I was not meant to be there in that moment, but now I a happily married. Dealing with different stressors. I have been told this may be one of the most stressed jobs. I am a military wife. As many of you know my husband is overseas right now. I worry about him everyday. I have been asked those obvious questions. Questions that still shock me today. I have been told, "It's only six months", six months?! yes it's not a year but it is hard just the same. Waiting for those emails, phone call, any contact from him. Knowing that he is alright. Missing a few days, though I know he is alright, kills me. Thoughts run through my mind as if something has happened and waiting for that one call or that one visit no military family wants to be faced with. Weather these service members have immediate family members such as a spouse or children, they have a family none-the-less. The sacrifices they make not only for this country, they make for themselves. They know the risks but choose to serve to protect not only their family but strangers alike. We are able to do the things we love, the thinks we hate, the boring things because of service members who stand up to take that calling and service. Many have paid the ultimate price by trying to protect you. Will you thank a service member for their sacrafices to that have allowed us to do those boring things? Service members do not need thanking. However, our gratitude for what they do and what they give up is a reason to do so. So even past this day, this day that comes only once a year, thank a service member, a veteran, Cadets in ROTC for they have taken that calling and will or have made the sacrifices for this great country that we live in.

It is now 11am EST. I will take a moment of silence will you at that time in your area?

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