Valentine’s Day. A day I have come to hate. Once I looked upon this day as a day I’d spend with Sam. He’d devote his whole day towards me and my day to him. A ‘surprise’ bouquet of flowers on the front porch would always greet me in the morning. Sam would have planned the whole day out. We even skipped a day of school one year. That was the past, when I was foolishly in love. In love with someone who, one day, would turn his back on me and never look at me the same way again. Now whenever I see someone walk down the street with that goofy it’s-Valentine’s-day smile on their face, I feel like punching them. Fury builds up in me in an instant, so I generally stay at home for the day with the curtains drawn in case I see someone walk past with that smile. Phasing is a big no on Valentine’s Day for me. Would you want to be in their love-sick minds all day? Consumed of the person they are in love with/care for the most. No thanks. I’d rather chew on electric cords all day. Once I got put on patrol on Valentine’s Day – I know why, because they all knew I wasn’t spending it with anyone – it was their biggest mistake ever. I made them pay, whoever else came on patrol or phased, I definitely made them pay. They haven’t put me on patrol on a Valentine’s Day since.

You can’t even drive down the street to get some quick groceries without running into someone who’s lost their mind. Every shop sells roses in La Push, even the small butcher shop, believe it or not. I had to go and get milk last year because, unfortunately, we ran out. I told mom Seth would survive without his baby milk for a day, but she forced me out the door with the keys in my hand. I wasn’t a happy camper. So many people walked around with teddy bears that had a heart on it, in their arms that day. Why? Do you want to look like you’re four years old again? Twits. It’s such a money making venture, really. That’s all the businesses really think of: how much money will we make this year? Or: how much are we going to charge these stupid suckers? Hmm, maybe I should join in that business venture, ripping off stupid love-sick idiots. I could work with that... I’d find it amusing, actually. So there I was, walking into the small corner shop to grab that stupid milk and who of all people do I run into? Sam. I tried to ignore him as I went to the back where the fridges are to get the milk. But...he decided to casually greet me with a ‘happy Valentine’s Day’ as I came back out to pay for the milk. The moment the words left his mouth you could see he had just realized he had stepped on a bear trap. I shouted and cursed at him before I stormed out, leaving the milk on the counter. Mom didn’t bother to ask me where the milk was when I threw open the door.

While everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, I curse it. It’s a money making trap that suckers who are somewhat in love fall into. That’s their own fault, for their own stupidity. I’d like to see the day when people begin to realize that Valentine’s Day is a day to make money. What would they do then? Do you honestly need to buy expensive plush toys or flowers to show someone you love/care for them? If you think so, maybe reconsider your relationship. And while you’re at it, perhaps think about keeping that stupid ‘I’m-in-love’ face to yourself, inside your own home. I don’t want to see it.

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Comment by Mandi Nain on February 13, 2010 at 9:39am
leah i really can feel your pain. I hate valentines just as much (well as long as i am not someone's)but i wish I had a way of letting my anger out. Maybe tommorrow I will go to gym and punch the boxing bag there. picture my ex face on it. Happy valentine what ever
Comment by Sue Clearwater on February 12, 2010 at 5:33am
I know your in pain, and I know anger is your way of dealing with it. I believe in my heart Leah, that somehow everything will work out and you will be happy as you deserve to be!

Love Momxx
Comment by Leah Clearwater on February 12, 2010 at 4:37am
Whatever, Sam.


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