Any girl who I see lately gets on my nerves. Beginning with that pile of makeup they put on everyday that must take them a few minutes, but they say it takes hours. Cursing under my breath each time I see one, somehow it stops me from losing my head. Do they have to represent all girls and make us all seem ridiculous? Every time I see one of those fake plastic bimbos my jaw clenches. For heaven’s sake, do they look in the mirror in the morning and honestly think they look ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’? God, they just make me want to tear something a part. How can they walk down the street like that with no shame whatsoever? I don’t think there would be anything between those ears. Just the wind blowing through one ear and out the other. Keeping up that fake profile must be tiring. Longing is clear in those blank vacant stupid eyes, longing to have some new boy to cling to. My thoughts just wonder to: why bother? No man is worth that trouble... or the embarrassment of looking and acting like that.

Once in a blue moon you might see a normal girl, without the million layers of makeup on. Probably just visiting the reservation, not even worth thinking: ‘hey there’s actually someone normal in this town’. Quietly I manage to keep my anger and hatred towards the bimbos to myself. Running through the forest at top speed always clears my mind from these stupid thoughts and images of those girls. Sometimes the guys hear my thoughts about these girls, and then keep thinking about them for the rest of patrol, thinking how ‘hot’ or ‘good looking’ they are. They every so often they forget that I can do some serious damage to them if they annoy me for too long. Under this...punishment for being a descendant of the wolves, I have to suffer all of their mindless thoughts and feelings. Voices swim through your head and you can’t get away from them easily. Wondering when the day will come that I no longer am a wolf irritates me as it may never happen. ‘Xoxo’ is another thing that they constantly do, even to people they don’t like. You send texts or emails to someone you dislike and yet, you put ‘xoxo’ at the end. Zero would definitely be their IQ, how could it be any higher?

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Comment by Leah Clearwater on March 8, 2010 at 11:48pm
Like I care if you get it or not. Bore someone else with your opinions for once, Embry. I'm sick of hearing them all the time.
Comment by Leah Clearwater on March 8, 2010 at 2:53am
Thanks mom. Even if you are being bias *laughs*

Embry you're such a child. Some make-up is fine. Heck even I put some light make-up on for some occassions. But putting it on so thick that it looks ridiculous is just stupid and you can always see those foundation lines where the foundation ends and their normal, less orange, skin begins.
Sometimes your are so narrow minded when it comes to girls, Embry.
Comment by Brittani Nicole on March 4, 2010 at 3:26pm
Just pretend that those bimbos don't exist. That is what I do. You are pretty Leah. You are right we don't need boys to dress like that
Comment by Sue Clearwater on February 28, 2010 at 4:23am
Awww Leah, I can honestly say that you could never be accused of being a bimbo and have never looked ridiculous, your beauty, despite your anger shines through no matter what, and don't you dare say I'm just being biased.
Love Momxx


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