Almost everyone sees her as the ‘peace bringer’ between us shape shifters and the bloodsuckers. I see her as an annoying interfering brat who brought more trouble to us than good. The first time I met Bella was at Jacob’s one night for dinner. Although I was on the phone for the majority of the time to a friend telling me about the latest scandal that I had no interest for. So, while I pretended to listen, making the occasional ‘yeah’ and ’uh-huh’, I watched her. I was wary of her. Why, all of a sudden, had she decided to spend more time here in La Push? The reason why she seemed so lifeless with some of her expressions when talking to someone, other than Jacob, was known. Hell, it’s the grapevine around here. One thing happens and in five minutes the rest of the tribe knows. The pale Cullen’s, who were not permitted on our land, had left which caused her to pretty much break down into a pile of pitiful dust.

I didn’t shake her hand when we first met, like everyone else did. Everyone treated her as family even if we didn’t really know her. Dad was close mates with Charlie, but none of us had really met Bella. She didn’t talk to us, only wait for an invitation or when she had to talk to us because one of the parents had asked her a question or began talking to her. From where I stood, it was rude. You could see her shoulders sag a bit when someone else other than Jacob talked to her. How her smile slightly feel. Jeez Louise, could you be any more obvious? Seth was annoying as usual, hung off every word Jacob said, trying to be a part of the conversation, part of the ‘crowd’. It was a bit sad to watch, really. He was a lost cause. I wondered if Bella treated everyone like this, like we were a piece of crap on her shoe whenever we acknowledged or spoke to her. Afterwards drove me crazy. In the car on the way home it was ‘how lovely is Bella’, ‘it’s a shame she isn’t a local here in La Push’ or ‘La Push needs more girls like that’. Honestly, it was like she was some type of God everyone had been waiting for. All she was was a pale, depressed, rude teenage girl.

Sure, I’m rude to people I don’t like. But I let them know it. Not the pathetic ‘I’ll pretend to be nice to you, but I really couldn’t give a crap about what you’re saying’. That way they won’t go near you as much as they would if you were pretending to be friendly. That type of rudeness Bella had was the worse. Two-faced, was what it is. Unfortunately no one stepped back and had a close look and realize what the girl really was saying through her non-verbal signals. Even now, as a vampire, you can see how rude she can be if she doesn’t want to pay attention to you, couldn’t give a rats ass about what you have to say. She just puts up with it so she can be known as the ‘friendly, lovely’ girl that everyone perceives her to be.

All this ranting has got me on the edge. I’m going for a run and probably watch a movie. Preferably one about a girl who pretends to be all sweet and friendly then gets killed. Slowly. Horror films can make me happy, where would I be without them.

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Comment by Ysabella Lockwood on April 13, 2010 at 12:55pm
Oh wow Leah.
i know how you feel , i had that feeling before

xoxo ysa
Comment by Brittani Nicole on March 16, 2010 at 5:31pm
I like Bella, but you need to understand that Bella was going through a hard time during that time. She lost the love of her life. I know you had bad experinces with love so did I and I know how it hurts to have your heart shatterd in pieces. I know that Sam hurt you. I think you are beautiful. Please don't write about Bella that way she is nice if you get to know her better.



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