June 22nd is a day I'll never forget.  Why you ask, well let me tell you. 

Kim and I had been having a mostly quiet day at home.  Knowing the twins were due any time we hadn't been venturing too far away from home or the Rez.  Kim had a burst of energy that day.   Something both our mom's and Tiffany had warned us could happen a few days before they boys would arrive. Kim was cleaning and organizing. The house was looking fantastic.  I decided to stay out of her way, and headed outside to get some yard work done.   Clean up the yard and start planning out if we had space to build the boys a fort of some sort in the back yard.   Granted I knew it would be a few years before they could use it. I'm sure it was something they would get lots of use out of with their cousins.  Mak was almost three, and Sammy would be only about a year older than my boys.  I could picture them all hanging out here as they got older. 

I looked up and spotted Kim in the window, smiling at me.  I smiled and waved back.   Kimmy being as thoughtful and wonderful as she is, had made up some lemonade.  We brought it outside to enjoy, seeing as we were having some fantastic weather.   Before we could enjoy it though, Kim's water broke and strong contractions started.  I helped Kim to our room, and send text messages to both Carlisle and Tiffany.  everything seemed to happen so fast. Tiffany arrived, and Carlisle shortly after that.  By the time Carlisle got there Kim was almost ready to start pushing.   It seemed our boys didn't want to wait.  I knew I was anxious to hold both of them. 

There was such a buzz of energy and anticipation in the room.   Holding Kim, wishing I could do more to help her through this.  Our first son arrived quickly.  Declan arrived first.  19 Inches long, 5 Lbs 2 ounces.  Delsin arrived second. 5 lbs and 19.5 inches long.  Both a good weight and size for being twins.  Finding I'm very thankful that Kim was able to carry full term and that there were no complications during delivery.  They look perfect.  

In one short night our family of two had grown to a family of four.  

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