Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Twenty One Dale Cullen's Birthday

Chapter twenty- one

Dale Cullen’s


It has been four day’s since Christmas and during that time Dale went and passed his driving test and got his license and played Foam Bows and Arrows and watched movies also what Dale liked also was Edward started teaching him how to play guitar and now was his birthday. Which sort of frighten him it wasn’t everyday that people get turned into vampires and today was his day. Dale woke up at nine o clock in the morning then looked at the bed and said “ Well after tonight I won’t be using you anymore.” Then he grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Then he climbed out and wrapped himself up in a towel and walked to the mirror and looked at himself and said “ Well Dale big nineteen today.”  he thought to himself I will never see twenty ever, then he looked at his blue eye’s and thought my eye’s won’t be blue anymore I wonder what I will look like with yellow eye’s also his skin will be more paler than before, but I won’t ever get sick he thought as he brushed his teeth. 

When he was done he left the bathroom and went down stairs to the kitchen where the Cullen’s we all sitting and talking about Dale becoming one of them, as he walked in he heard Jasper say “ If he becomes a new born he will be dangerous in his first year and how will we control him?”  Then Carlisle spoke and said “ Dale will not fight us , he will do as we tell him to do.” Then Bella said “ I have see the way Dale fights , he waits until you make a mistake and he never hits first.” Then Alice said “ I have seen him as one of us, he will help us when we need it, We can all help him as he will one day help us.” Then Dale walked into the kitchen and he saw everyone look at him. He replied “ What, have I done something wrong?”

Then Esme walked over to him and said “ No Dale , Some of the family is just worried about you.” Dale just smiled and said “ Why, I would never hurt any of you so don’t worry.” Then Dale looked at Alice and said “ Have you been doing the training I have been showing you, you know what Meko taught me .” Alice smiled and replied “ Yes, I have.”  Bella looked at Edward in shock and said “ Dale has been teaching Alice how to fight?” Edward looked at Bella concerned and said “ Yes, he has as a precaution .” Bella started getting a little upset why would her own cousin teach Alice Ninja fighting and not her. Even Jasper looked at Alice in shock, Jasper asked Alice “ So what has he taught you, that was such a secret.” Alice just smiled and replied “ Dale taught me only because that is the way he was trained, one person at a time, then he would have taught Edward and I would have taught you and so on.”

Carlisle looked at Dale then at each of them and said “ It doesn’t matter now what we think the truth is if we don’t turn him the Volturi will come back and attack.“ Then Dale looked at all of them and said “ Another thing I have noticed is the Volturi does not work as a team, they don’t watch each others back they do not fight as one they fight one on one meaning they do not fight as a team. Now if we all fight as one and watch each others backs we might be able to defeat them, and I trained Alice first because she is the most flexible of all of you.” Then Dale looked at Alice and said “ If something goes wrong tonight I think she could kick my ass.” Esme was tired of this talk she said “ That’s enough this day is Dale’s birthday, so lets stop talking of things that might happen.” 

So Dale ate breakfast and went into the living room as Alice and Jasper went hunting that just left Rosalie and Emmet along with Esme in the house , Carlisle went to the hospital to get the necessary things for tonight’s big experiment with Dale as the guinea pig. Dale just sat there watching T.V, when Edward came into the living room and asked “ Hi, Dale where is Alice and Jasper and the rest?” Dale replied “ Jasper and Alice are doing the hunting thing and Emmet and Rosalie are gone somewhere.” Edward knew what Dale was thinking and then he asked “ Well tonight is the night are you scared?” Dale looked at Edward and thought about it and then said “ I am not really scared as I am nervous I guess.” Edward smirked and said “ Well we don’t really have to do this I mean you can always stay human.” Dale thought about what he said and then replied “ No I can’t if I stay human and the Volturi find out that puts you in danger, besides I don’t want to have to fight Felix again.” Edward chuckled at the thoughts of Dale surviving another encounter with Felix which was highly unlikely with Dale being human still. Then Bella and Renesmee walked into the living room Bella looked at Edward and said “ I think I will let Renesmee stay with Charlie tonight, what do you think Edward.” Edward thought about it and said “ I think that will be a good idea for her to spend more time with her grandpa.”

So Bella called Charlie on the phone to see if he would like to spend time with Renesmee, Then after awhile Charlie shows up to pick Renesmee up and at the same time handed Dale a birthday present and before he left Charlie said to Dale “ Dale, you are the coolest nephew anyone could ask for and don’t you ever change.” Dale thought about it and replied “ Well uncle Charlie after today I don’t think that will be a problem.” Charlie just laughed Bella looked at Dale like she was going to kill him for saying that and then Charlie left with Renesmee and the three of them went back into the living room. Bella looked at Dale and said “ Dale , Charlie does not know about us being vampires and you --.” Dale replied “ Joked it off so Charlie would not take it seriously.” Then Edward said “ Dale is right Charlie doesn’t know anything about us being vampires.” Then Bella looked at Edward and said “ I just had a thought , what will he think if Dale suddenly looks like us?”  Dale hadn’t thought of that, Bella was right Dale would be different enough that Charlie would notice. Then Dale thought about it for a while how would he become one of them with out Charlie not knowing about it, then Dale’s brain clicked he said “ Edward, Bella I have an idea do you remember on Halloween when Alice made me into you know a vampire with make up well why not do the reverse, when Charlie comes over with make up make me look human again.” Suddenly Bella got a big smile on her face , she said “ God, Dale I wish you were here when I was turned that is a great idea.” Then Edward replied “ But your eyes will be a different color.”  Bella replied “ No they won’t because we could get him contacts that will make his eye’s blue again.” Dale looked at Bella and said “ Great sounds like a plan.” Suddenly Esme came into the living room and asked “ Bella , why not take Dale into town to buy some presents for his birthday and get him some lunch.” Bella looked at Edward and replied back to Esme “ Ok sure come on Dale go get your coat on.” Dale looked at them and then got up to get his coat, when he came back down Dale Edward and Bella went a got into the car to go into town. They spent all day in town and Dale ate pizza for lunch as Edward and Bella watched then they went into the stores and bought some movies that Dale liked. Then Edward went into the music store and came out with a wrapped present and placed it in the trunk of the car, then Edward climbed into the drivers seat then he turned around and looked at Dale and said “ Dale the present I bought you is because you are my Brother and my friend, and as your brother I really don’t want you do go through with this tonight.” Dale thought about it then said “ Why not now, What do I have left to do as a human , to me I am the freak not you. My dad once told me that I was here for a reason, and that things happen for a reason. Maybe I was moved to be with you guys to learn and to fit in I never fit in as a human that is why when I was little I was beaten up all the time. Alice said that I was here to help with something if I don’t go through with it, it might make things worse.” Edward looked at Bella and Bella said “ Dale could be right, what if he doesn’t get turned today and something happens that we might need him and he can’t help or he gets killed trying.” Edward did not say another word, he started the car and drove back home.

When they got back to the house Carlisle was home with Esme. Alice and Jasper were back as well and as the three of them walked into the door Alice had birthday decorations everywhere, Edward and Bella went into the kitchen as Dale walked into the living room Dale was in shock he couldn’t believe what Alice had done with the living room he said to Alice “ What’s all this?” Alice replied “ Its your birthday party.”  Dale thought about it for a second and said “ I really am not in a party mood.”  Alice replied “ Ho, come on Dale have some fun before.” Dale interrupted her “ Before what, I become one of you.” Alice look at Dale who looked troubled about this idea. Alice said “ Dale you can relax you are going to be fine.”  Dale replied “ Fine, look there is nothing I am scared of that has two feet but right now I feel like I am going to go into a major operation.” Alice looked at Dale and said “ You are goanna be fine its ok to be a little afraid of this.” then Dale said “ I don’t know I feel like I’m going swimming you guys are already in the water and its my turn to get in but I am scared the water is too cold.”  Alice thought about it then said “ Dale you can trust Carlisle he will not let anything happen to you.”  Suddenly Jasper walked into the living room and Dale suddenly started feeling better Jasper said to Dale “ Come on we are all in the kitchen.”

When they all walked into the kitchen Esme had a birthday cake with candles on it. It said on the cake Happy Birthday Dale Cullen and then Bella lit all nineteen candles, Dale looked at them and said “ Ho no you guys are not goanna sing happy birthday are you?” Bella replied “ Well I guess we don’t have to just make a wish.” He thought about it for a minute then took a deep breath and blew all the candles out. And then he had a piece of cake then next he opened some presents he got another Kung fu movie that he loved and Edward next gave him the package that he picked up at the music store. When Dale opened it he looked at a new guitar it was an electric guitar, Dale was in shock he looked at Edward and said “ Thanks, Edward this is so cool!” Edward just smirked and said “ Thanks for saving me from Felix so I am still alive to be with Bella.” The next present was a Pack of music that Dale loved to listen to from Emmet and Rosalie. Esme walked up to Dale and asked “ I am curious what did you wish for?” Carlisle replied “ Esme he can’t tell you that because if he did it won’t come true.” Dale looked at Carlisle and said “ I think It will , what I wish for is that no matter what happens to me that we all stay together and we all stay the same I mean being family.”

As it got later Carlisle looked at Dale and asked “ Well are you ready?” Dale looked at Esme and then back to Carlisle and said “ No but lets get this over with.” Carlisle stopped and said “ We don’t have to do this if you are not sure you want to.” Dale looked at Carlisle and said “ Look was I sure when I was born, no I am not sure of anything I just rolled with the punches and hit the ground running.” Carlisle and Dale started walking to a room upstairs fallowed by Bella and Edward and Alice who was right behind Jasper then Emmet and Rosalie who just went just to see how it went.

The two of them stopped at a door and Carlisle said to Dale “ I want to document you being turned if that’s all right because I learned some new things from helping Bella with her transformation.” Dale thought then said “ Wow does that mean I’ll be on T. V?” Carlisle replied “ Something like that, I brought some things home from the hospital to be able to monitor you.” With that he opened the door and inside the room was all kinds of electronic gear that you might find in a hospital like heart monitors and all kinds of things an next to them was a bed. Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ As you can see I want to be able to monitor everything including your brain functions and I am going to document everything so you will need to tell me what you feel all the way until you lose conscious, then I will use the equipment to make sure it goes as smooth as possible you won’t feel a thing hopefully goes as smooth as possible you won’t feel a thing hopefully you will go to a deep sleep almost on the verge of death type sleep what I have made is experimental and I hope you won’t feel the burning that you go through  and when you come out of it you will be one of us.” Dale looked at everything in the room as Rosalie walked in as well as everyone else. Rosalie looked at Carlisle and said “ Why not just do like you did Bella, why all this?” Carlisle looked at Rosalie and said “ Rose, there is something in the way the venom works that is important it might even provide a way to reverse the process to make us human again.”  Rosalie looked at him in shock could it be true would there be a chance of being human again. She watched as Carlisle looked at Esme and said “ Esme you will be next to Dale , Edward would you go to that monitor and watch Dale’s brain activity, Alice you will monitor his heart rate. Bella you will monitor his vitals, Emmet and Jasper you can just stay and watch. Then he looked at Dale and said “ Dale when ever your ready.” Dale looked at everyone then took a deep breath and walked over to the bed and sat down and took off his shoes and socks and then his pants and underneath was a pair of shorts. Then he sat there and looked at Carlisle and said “ Ok what now?” Carlisle replied “ Take your shirt off.” So Dale took his T shirt off showing his pail skin underneath next Carlisle started putting sensors on his chest and on Dale’s head and the machines started working the heart monitor started beeping his heart rate and the brain machine was picking up his brain waves. And the machine Bella was on showed all vitals green, as Dale laid back in the bed an as he laid there Esme was right there with him as Carlisle walked up to him and pulled out two syringes as Carlisle said “ Ok Dale , this one will put you to sleep and of course this one is vampire venom, now first I will eject you with this so you will not feel this one, hopefully that is why I want you to tell me what your feeling all the way, ok.”  Dale looked worried  then said “ Big moment of truth this separates the men from the boys, huh.” Carlisle replied “ Everything is going to be ok , I have changed people in a lot worse conditions then you who are completely healthy but first we might should strap you down to avoid hurting your self.”  That’s when they started strapping his feet and hands to the bed, which made him more scared. Once he was tied up Carlisle looked at Esme and then back to Dale and said “ Ok, this is your last chance to stay human.” Dale took a deep breath and swallowed and looked at Esme and then back to Carlisle and laid back to get comfortable as Carlisle took the first syringe and went to Dale’s right arm and then he found a vain and then put the needle to Dale’s skin. Then Bella said to Dale “ Dale you are going to be ok, I wouldn’t let you do something that I haven’t done already, ok.” with that Dale took his left hand and gave her the thumbs up, With that Carlisle ejected Dale with the syringe, as it was going through his arm Esme said “ Dale I love you, your goanna be ok.” At that moment Carlisle removed the syringe and started writing the time and date of this experiment. Suddenly Dale started feeling groggy and he looked at everyone like he was getting tired Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ Dale how are you feeling?” Dale replied “ I am feeling groggy and a little funny.”  Dale started really feeling doped up he looked at Esme and started giggling. Carlisle asked Dale “ Why are you laughing?” Dale kept laughing and replied “ I don’t know, I just feel funny.” Then Dale realized he was having trouble keeping his eyes open and Carlisle knew that Dale was about to go to sleep. And he said to Dale “ Ok dale count backwards from ten.” Then Dale started counting down he said “ Ten , Nine, Eight, Seven.” Dale started have trouble counting down “ Six, FFFFFFFFFive, Poor, Free, Threw. And Dale was asleep, Carlisle looked at Bella and asked “ Bella how’s his vitals?” Bella replied “ All vitals are green.” Alice said “ Ho, heart and respiration are good.”  Carlisle looked at Edward  and Edward replied “ He is dreaming.”











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