Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Twenty Christmas Eve

Chapter Twenty

Christmas eve


Well before Dale knew it, it was Christmas eve. Christmas movies were playing on the T.V. Bella and Edward along with Alice and Jasper were out hunting. As night fall came the four returned, and Alice had a surprise that she found in the woods. As Bella walked in she started helping Esme make the small turkey for Dale, Edward stood beside Bella as Alice and Jasper came in as well and Alice had something hidden behind her back. Just then Dale and Emmet walked into the kitchen because Dale was getting hungry, When Alice said “ Hey, Dale isn’t there a Christmas tradition involving kissing?”

Dale sat down on the same stool he always does and replied “ Yeah, I think there is but you have to have mistletoe.” Suddenly Alice pulled her hand from behind her back and she had mistletoe and with a big grin on her face she said “ Well I already kissed Jasper who’s next!”  Dale’s face went from normal to shock and started backing away from Alice like she had a weapon in her hand. Dale looked at Alice and said “ Oh no your not thinking to.” that’s when the chase was on Alice started towards Dale and Dale ran then slid under the table and as Alice went in after him the rest of the Cullen’s saw Dale climb on to the table while Alice was still under the table, as Dale got to his feet Alice peeked from the Table and saw Dale and in a flash Alice was on her feet after Dale. All along Emmet was laughing his head off at how hard Dale was to catch. That’s when Alice saw Emmet, and in a flash kissed Emmet which gave Dale time to get out of the kitchen. But Alice was not far behind. Dale rounded the Conner and hid as Alice walked in then Alice said “ Dale there is no use hiding I know the future and I can smell you.” As Alice looked be hind the couch Dale Jumped up in the Conner of the sealing as Alice turned around and walked right under Dale all she had to do was look up. Then She said “ Now if I were Dale where would I hide?” then she looked up and saw Dale with his hands on one part of the wall and his feet on the other wall and he was fighting hard to stay straight, Alice just smiled and asked “ How did you get up there?” Suddenly Dale heard someone say “ Dinner is ready!” With that Dale dropped to the floor as quickly as he got up there and ran for the kitchen, Leaving Alice behind.

At Dinner Dale was sitting down eating when suddenly smack on the cheek Alice kissed him. It took Dale by surprise that when she kiss him on the cheek it felt like a electric current when through him that he either jumped from the shock of Alice suddenly kissing him or he fell on the floor. Alice laughed and said “ Boy you do taste good.” He looked at her and said “ Don’t do that!” Then he got up and started eating again when Renesmee walked over to Dale with a book and asked Dale “ Will you read this to me?”  Dale looked at her and then at the book, it was  How the Grinch  stole Christmas book. Dale just smiled at her and said “ Ok, sure when I am done eating.”  She smiled at him as he kept eating his dinner.

When he was done they all went into the living room and sat as Renesmee sat next to Dale as he started to read the story to Renesmee as everyone listened to Dale and when it came time for the Grinch to say something Dale did his best to sound like the Grinch which made Bella chuckle and when Dale was done with the story Renesmee said “ Read it again!” and Dale said “ I can’t because Santa is coming tonight.” Renesmee replied “ I forgot to send out a letter for him to come!” Dale smiled and said “ Hey, don’t worry I sent him a letter two weeks ago and an E- mail I gotcha covered  he’s coming just go make a letter and place it by the fire place next to a plate of cookies and milk and when he comes down he’ll see the letter and leave you some presents.” As Dale said that he looked at Bella and winked. Renesmee’s worries vanished and she looked at Dale and said “ Thank you, Dale that’s a great idea.” With that Renesmee jumped up and went into the kitchen to get some paper and a pen to write the letter, after she left Bella look at Dale and said “ Boy Dale you’re a life saver we never took her to see Santa like the other kids and as soon as she goes to sleep we will put the presents under the tree.”

Soon it got late and Bella took Renesmee who was asleep and put her in Alice’s room to sleep while they started setting up for Christmas. Dale went up stairs to his room and climbed into bed and went to sleep.

The next morning Dale awoke to a lot of noise coming from down stairs, he got out of bed then got dressed and went down stairs in the living room all the Cullen’s were watching Renesmee opening her presents and playing with what she got for Christmas, The very second she saw Dale she said “Dale , you were right it worked look what I got.” And she started showing Dale all the things she got opened already and Dale replied “ That’s great.” And Dale sat down on the couch next to Esme as she smiled at Renesmee then she looked at Dale and said “ Dale this was a great idea to do this.” With that she peck him on the cheek. As Carlisle walked in and saw Dale and said “ Ho, good your up, are you wanting anything to eat?” Dale replied “ No I am ok.” Bella and Edward were handing out presents to each person Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet were all opening presents then Bella looked at Dale and said “ Ho, Dale doesn’t have a present Edward.”  with an evil smile and Edward just smiled back which made Dale nervous and suddenly Edward pulled out a Big wrapped present then Edward brought it to Dale and sat it down in front of him. Edward said “ Merry Christmas , Dale.” Dale looked at Bella and Edward suspiciously, As Edward walked over to where Bella was they were both chuckling, then Dale looked at the package and it was a pretty big box the wrapping had Christmas trees on it and the tag read To Dale From Edward and Bella, as he picked it up it was really light then Dale shook it to see if he could hear anything in it. Nothing , Bella said “ Ho come on open it.”

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Carlisle said “ I’ll get it.” And when he came Back it was Charlie with a bag of presents. Renesmee ran to Charlie saying “ Grandpa!, Grandpa!” With that Charlie picked up Renesmee and picked up a present and gave it to her from his bag to open as Dale started opening his present which had Bella’s full attention Charlie walked to Bella and asked “ Why are you watching Dale opening his present instead of Renesmee?” Bella smiled and was about to say but then she whispered in his ear, Then Charlie said with I smile “ Ho, this I got to see!” In the mean time Dale got the wrapping paper off  and suddenly stopped because he saw everyone was watching him then it hit Dale this could be a prank. Then he said “ Maybe I should wait till later to open it.” That’s when all three of them said “ No go ahead open it.” Then Dale looked at Esme and Carlisle then back at the package but he was a little more causes about the box, what could it be?  Maybe if he opened it something might jump out at him, so Dale found the opening and carefully removed the tape but kept the lid of the box closed then let the flaps open a little bit enough to see if anything was going to spring out but there was nothing so he opened it up and inside was another box but a little smaller and it was wrapped also. Dale picked up the package and said “ There is another present inside the box?” Alice replied “ Ho Dale you are going to love you present I’ve seen it.” Dale looked at Alice and said “ You have? What is it ?”  Alice chuckled and said “ I am not telling you will just have to find out for yourself.” Dale looked at the box and it was a little smaller than the first box, then he scratched his head , and then opened the box up and there was a smaller box inside the box. Dale looked at Bella and then at the box very puzzled and said “ I don’t like where this is going the boxes keep getting smaller.” Bella looked at Dale and said “ You know what they say big things come in small packages.” Edward looked at Bella like she gave something away, Dale kept going through boxes until he got to a really small box by now Dale was tired of opening this presents.  He stopped and Bella “ Come on Dale open it.” Dale replied “ I am tired and look at all the boxes I went through.”  Bella just laughed and said  “ Come on , Dale one more.” Dale looked at her and replied “ Why?”  Then Alice said “ Will you just open it.” Then Dale took the very small present and said “ Fine!” then he opened the little package and inside was a key to a Jeep, Dale looked at the key and then at Bella and Edward and said “ Is this what I think it is?”  Bella said “ Well you have to have something to drive when you get your drivers license.” Dale looked at her and replied “ But it’s a Jeep.” Bella chuckled and said “ Sure its outside.” So Dale went to the window as everyone else fallowed him and when he got to the window he saw a new Blue Jeep in the drive and so did Charlie who looked at Carlisle and said “ You sure it is smart to let Dale drive?” Carlisle chuckled and replied “ Charlie, Dale has to learn to grow up like Bella has.” Charlie looked at Carlisle and chuckled and said “ Well would you give me a little warning so I can evacuate the town first.”  Carlisle and Charlie  just chuckled  together,  as Dale walked outside with his coat on to see the Jeep. Dale looked at the Jeep as he walked up to it and opened the door and climbed into the drivers seat and sat down and closed the door. Suddenly Alice was in the passenger seat and said “ I told you, you’d love it.”  Dale jumped from Alice suddenly being in the Jeep, Dale thought about it and then said “ Alice I can’t take the Jeep, Alice I mean its great but I can’t its too much this coasted a lot of money.” Alice said “ Dale , you need a car and this is what you like and it‘s a gift.”

Suddenly Charlie yelled “ Dale Come in here you haven’t opened my Christmas present, yet.” So Dale and Alice went back into the house, as they walked into the living room out of nowhere a foam arrow went right for Dale’s head and Dale instantly caught it in mid air. Dale turned to see Charlie who said “ Dam, those cat like reflexes!” Dale replied “ What are you doing?” Charlie laughed and said  “ You remember this you used to play this with your dad.” With that Charlie tossed a Bow to Dale and on the bow it said Foam bows and arrows as well as some arrows. Then Charlie looked at Bella and said “ I have plenty for everyone.” Bella looked at her father and said “ Dad ho come on grow up this is for kids.” suddenly Charlie fired at Bella and coming inches of hitting her and then Dale loaded his bow and took aim with an evil grin on his face and Bella saw Dale and said “ Don’t you even think about it!” Then Dale fired hitting her right in the chest with a foam arrow. She said “ That did it!” with that she reached into Charlie’s bag and pulled out her own Foam bow’s & Arrows and started to load it as Dale chuckled  suddenly Bella had her Bow loaded as Dale said “ ah, ah, ah, uh-oh!” With that Bella fired as Dale ducked and Bella’s arrow hit Alice in the head. Alice said “ Hey I thought we were friends.” Bella felt so sorry for hitting Alice she said “ Alice I’m so sorry I was trying to hit Dale but he ducked!” Alice next went to the bag and pulled one out at the same time Emmet and Jasper seeing the fun grabbed one too and started shooting arrows at one another and then they saw Edward and started to fire at him when Dale took two arrows and fired them at the same time hitting both of them. All this started a war, arrows were going everywhere as Esme and Carlisle sat on the couch and watched the battle taking place. Suddenly Dale dove behind the couch for cover and started making his way to the hall.

Esme looked at Carlisle and said “ What’s gotten into this group, before Dale got here they never did this.” Carlisle replied “ I think Dale showed them that Humans or vampires we still can live and play together and have fun.” Suddenly Rosalie who was in the other room was wondering what all the noise was and walked around the hall way and into the living room saying “ What the hell is going on here!” suddenly ten to fifteen arrows came from everywhere all at once hitting her all over. Rosalie got angry real fast and left the room which cause Emmet to go after her. Which stopped the fighting for a while, Dale looked around and said “ That was fun!” Alice replied “ That was fun, lets do it again!” That gave Dale an idea, he said “ Yeah, let’s have teams and attack each other.” So that’s what they did until late at night which wore Dale out he was tired he sat down on the couch to rest a minute and fell straight asleep, for him Christmas was over. Suddenly he woke up and went to bed at the same time the rest of the Cullen’s kept playing and while Dale dozed off Charlie said his good bys and went home, but the Cullen’s kept playing all night.  








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