Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Nineteen Christmas Vacation

Chapter Nineteen

Christmas Vacation


Soon it was close to Christmas time and Dale was off for Christmas break, most of the days were cloudy and there was a lot of snow on the ground. It was two weeks till Christmas and the Cullen’s were not doing any type of decorating , well one morning Dale walks into the kitchen. In the kitchen was Esme and Carlisle along with Alice , Bella and Rosalie. Dale looked at Alice and asked “ Where are the guys?” Alice replied “ Ho, there out  in the snow killing each other with frozen projectiles.” Dale got up and looked outside, every where it was a white wonderland of snow, the snow looked deep and he could now here the guys Edward , Emmet and Jasper outside having a snow ball fight. Then suddenly you could here someone running for the back door.

Then Edward quickly got inside as snow balls hit the side of the house with a thump!, thump!, thump!, Then Edward saw Dale and said “ Great your up I need your help.” Dale looked at Edward and said “ What…… Ho no I am not going out there and get into a snow ball fight with a bunch of vampires are you nuts, you guys can throw harder than me!” Edward looked at Dale and said “ I need your help, come on my little brother.” Dale looked at him still shaking his head then Edward thought about it then said “ Ok, ill make a deal with you, you help me get back at Jasper and Emmet and ill teach you how to play a real guitar like the music you like listen to, ok.” Dale was rubbing his face getting the sleepers out of his eyes then he looked at Carlisle then back at Edward. Edward looked at Dale and said “ Come on go get dressed.” Then Dale was a bout to leave to go get some winter clothes on when Esme stopped him and said “ Look your not one of us yet you need to eat first humans need three meals a day now eat.” Dale just looked at Edward and shrugged his shoulders.

Later after Dale ate breakfast , he went up stairs and got dressed when he came back down Edward was at the front door waiting. He looked at Dale as Dale gave him an evil grin, that’s when Edward read his mind and laughed then he said to Dale “ Are you sure that plain will work?” Dale replied “ Well like most of my plains they either work or they don’t” With that they went outside , Emmet and Jasper were having a snow ball fight with each other since Edward ran in the house, Suddenly Edward started throwing snow balls at both of them then started to run as both Emmet and Jasper gave chase. Edward ran past a pile of snow and smiled as he kept running , So did Emmet and Jasper but they paid little attention to the pile, suddenly two arms popped out and then Dale stood up and threw a snow ball right at Jasper hitting him in the back of the head. His response was “ What the heck?”  As Jasper stopped running and turned and saw Dale and turned around and faced Dale, Dale froze like a rabbit. Jasper said to Dale “ That was very clever for a human, but it was unwise for you to join in a snow ball fight with vampires.” Jasper gave Dale an evil smirk as Dale started backing up from Jasper, suddenly Dale made a run for it as Jasper threw a snow ball right at Dale as Dale dove behind a tree and the snow ball with fast speed hit the tree hard and exploded. Dale was breathing heavy as Jasper said “ Well brother I wish I had you with me when I fought Victoria’s army I could of used your speed.” with that Dale knew that Jasper would have to make another snow ball, so Dale made a flat out run for the house, As Dale ran Jasper picked up some snow and quickly made a snow ball, and started walking toward Dale. Dale was not even looking back he knew he only had seconds before Jasper would have another snow ball ready. But Dale was almost to the porch when Jasper threw another snow ball at Dale with Dale running he suddenly slipped and went into a tuck and roll as the snow ball hit the side of  house with a loud Thump! Dale quickly got off the ground fast because he knew Jasper wasn’t going to quit now Dale made it onto the porch and made a mad dash for the kitchen door as Jasper made another snow ball saying to himself “ Boy this kid is good!”

By now Jasper was well in range to hit Dale with another snow ball when with out warning Edward came around and hit Jasper with a snow ball right to the side of the head as Dale ran back inside with his back to the door gasping for air  as both Esme and Carlisle looked at him.

Dale was completely out of breath and he said “ Boy , I’m getting to old for this.”  which made Esme and Carlisle chuckle  Esme looked at Dale and said “ Why don’t you take your coat off and I’ll make you something warm to drink.” Then Alice walked in from coming in through the front door , she must of come back from hunting. She sat down next to Dale then she asked Esme “ So its getting close to Christmas time we need to start decorating for Christmas.” Carlisle looked at Alice and replied “ We have never celebrated Christmas before, why should we start now, I mean what’s to it, we can’t have a feast.” Dale looked at Carlisle and said “ Christmas is a time when humans try to stop hating one another for a small time, it’s a time of giving and it’s a celebration of peace on earth and good will toward ma… People .” Carlisle looked at Dale and thought about it then said “ All right well try it Dale since you are the human in the house you will be in charge of Christmas in this house.” then Alice looked at Dale and said “ If he’s in charge then I am his assistant.” Dale looked at Alice and said “ My assistant, what does that mean?” Alice replied “ I can help you with the Christmas party.” Dale looked puzzled at her and said “ Christmas , is stockings and Christmas trees and lights and Christmas music, ect.”

Alice looked at Dale and asked “ Ok where would you like to begin?” Dale thought about it for a moment then said “ First we will need a pine tree.” Alice asked “ Fine how big?” Then Dale replied “ That’s up to you.”  Alice then asked “ So where do you put the tree?” Dale replied “ In the living room and then we put lights on it and ornaments.” Alice thought about it for a moment then said “ We will need to go into town for some things.” With that Dale grabbed his coat, suddenly he heard Edward run through the door. Then he said “I shall drive the car.” With that they all three walked to the front door. Dale bundled up but Alice and Edward just had a light coat, Then walked out the door to the car. The they drove into town, in town there was Christmas decorations everywhere. They pulled up to a place that sold Christmas trees, once there they all three started looking at the trees. Alice saw a little small tree and said “ Oh, look at that tree.” Dale replied “ Ok, Charlie Brown.” Edward chuckled because he Read  his mind and Dale was remembering the cartoon about some kids and a little tree. Alice then said “ I think it’s cute.” Dale smiled and then said “ Are you kidding you try throwing tinsel at that tree it’ll  duck.” Edward chuckled again Alice looked at both Dale and Edward and replied “ Ho, ah, ah, ah, very funny!” As Alice faked a laugh, Then Dale saw the tree it was a nine foot tree and to Dale it was perfect. He looked at Edward and said “ There, that’s the tree.” So Edward grabbed the tree and started carrying it to the car as Alice paid for it.  Next they started looking for lights to go on the tree, they went all over town but there was none to be found. Dale said “ I think what we should do is take the tree back to the house and leave the tree there and then head to port angles and look there.” Alice replied “ That’s a good idea.” So that’s what they did, once in port angles they found a store that had lights and Christmas items. Then Dale saw outside lights and looked at Alice and said “ How would you like the house to light up?” Alice smiled and grabbed as many boxes of lights she could carry as Edward got the lights to go on the tree as well as a stand for the tree , Both lights were many colored lights and the next thing they got were a box of ornaments that were to Alice’s liking as Dale grabbed a stocking for each of the Cullen family, then he grabbed some white glue and some silver glitter so he could put a name on each stocking and some removable hooks to put on the fireplace.

The three got everything they needed and headed for the car after paying for it, Then headed home. When they got home it was late in the afternoon, then they started unloading the car, when Emmet saw all the things they were carrying in and he said “ What’s all this stuff for?” Dale looked at Emmet and said “ It’s for a Christmas tree.” Then Edward replied “ And here is the stand.” So they all went into the living room and Alice made a place to put the tree and then Edward put the stand down where the tree was going to go then Dale and Emmet went outside to get the tree and bring it into the living room. Once there they put the tree into the stand at that moment Jasper walked into the living room and said “ What is this tree doing in the living room?” Dale said “ Well the way it works is you put Christmas presents under the Christmas tree and then on Christmas day everyone gets together and opens the presents with there name on them.” Jasper thinks about it for a moment and says “ And where to the presents come from?” Dale replied “ The presents come from everyone , but the mom and the dad buys presents for the kids and the kids get them presents also.” Alice looked at the tree and said “ Ok, the tree is up now what do we do?” Dale replied “ We get the worst job about do this of all the Christmas lights.” Alice thought about it and said “ How could putting Christmas lights on a tree be bad?” Dale chuckled and replied “ You’ll see.”  Dale went and came back with all the Christmas lights , Suddenly Bella walked in the living room with Renesmee as Dale and Alice started opening boxes of Christmas lights and with an extension cord testing them out. When Emmet saw the bigger sized lights and asked “ What are those lights for?” Dale replied as he looked at what Emmet was talking about he said “ Oh, those lights will be going outside on the house.” Emmet smiled and replied “ Cool can I help with that?” Dale Smiled at Emmet and said “ Sure, ok Emmet take that extension cord and start testing the bigger lights.”  Then Renesmee went up to Dale and asked “ What can I do?” Dale looked at her and smiled and said “ Boy, Renesmee I sure am glad you are here I wouldn’t  have my official ornament hanger, without you I would have to hang up all these ornaments all by myself, now that mission is yours.” as Esme and Carlisle watch Renesmee talked to Dale , Bella looked at the tree and asked “Dale where’s the tree toper?” Dale was stunned he said “ Ooops, I for got about that .” Bella replied “ I think I can get one from my dad.” So Bella left for her dads house, Alice went to the computer and downloaded some Christmas music then  Dale and Alice started putting the lights on the tree. When the music was ready Alice walked over and started the playlist. At that moment Rosalie  looked in the Bag and saw the stockings and hooks Rosalie asked Dale “ What are these for?” Dale replied “ Ho, well we are to put our names on them and hang them on the fireplace mantel.” then Renesmee said “ For Santa to put stuff in them.” Dale looked at her and said “ Right.” Rosalie  gave Dale a stupid look like Dale was dumb for thinking this and said “ Santa?” Dale replied “ Yeah Santa Clause, big guy in a red suit, white beard, you see the way it works is you see there is this guy who lives at the north pole and gets letters from kids all over the world and the kids tell this guy what they want for Christmas and if the kids are good all year long, on Christmas eve he lands his sleigh with eight reindeer on the roof and comes down the chimney while everyone is asleep and puts presents under the Christmas tree and fills the stockings then goes back up the chimney and leaves.” Rosalie  looked at Dale like he was crazy, Rosalie  replied “ There is no such person, nobody has ever came down this chimney with out me knowing about it!” Dale looked at Rosalie and said “ Well before did you have a Christmas tree up?” Rosalie  replied “ No?”  Dale smiled and said “ Did you mail a letter to him at the north pole?” Rosalie  thought about it for a moment thinking Dale might be right replied “No?” Then Dale looked at Renesmee and said “ Now I wonder why Santa never came down that chimney .” Renesmee started to laugh, as Rosalie left dale could hear her  say “ That is impossible, there’s no such person!” Dale replied “ That’s just what my mom said about Vampires .” Well as soon as Dale and Alice was done with the lights Bella came into the living room with a very nice star that you plugged in and it would light up. She gave the star to Dale who had to get a step ladder to place it on top of the tree and plugged it in to the lights, next was Renesmee job placing the ornaments on the tree and Edward walked in and saw the tree and said “That’s looks great!” then helped Renesmee place the ornaments on the top part of the tree. As Dale started to help with the outside lights, then he went and got his coat and some rope for working on the roof. Emmet pick up the lights and fallowed Dale out the door, well outside Dale took the rope and made a harnest  out of the rope and Emmet went and got an outside extinction cord, Suddenly Jasper was right next to Dale and made him jump Jasper asked “ What are you doing?” Dale looked at the roof and said “ I am going to put the lights on the roof with Emmet.” Jasper looked at Dale like he had a death wish, Then Emmet came out with the Extinction cord and started untying the cord Emmet asked Dale “ Any idea how your goanna get up there?” Dale replied “ Well I could climb or you could save a little time by climbing the tree and jumping on the roof and you could pull me up with the rope.”  Jasper looked at Dale and said “ You should stay on the ground you could fall and  get hurt.” Dale looked at him and said “ Ho, come on I am ninja and a ninja is master of his environment.” With that Emmet climbed up the tree and got on the roof easily, at the end of the rope Dale tied the lights and threw up the rope for Emmet to pull him up at the same time Jasper went up on the roof the same way Emmet did. And then took the cord and tied it around himself ,Well once Dale got on the roof he saw that there was a lot of ice  and snow still on the roof, Dale untied the lights. Emmet was watching Dale as he stood up and handed him a strained of lights then Dale turned around and was about to walked slowly to the edge and use the rope, when suddenly Dale slipped and went into the air then landed on his back and started to slide right off the roof.

Well inside the kitchen Carlisle walked by the window as Dale slid and grabbed onto the rain gutter and was hanging on to the gutter his feet dangling  Carlisle ask Dale “ What are you doing up there?”  Dale after having the crap scared out of him saw Carlisle and said chuckling “ Ho, I just thought I would hang around.” Suddenly Emmet yelled “ Hold  on , Dale !” Dale Yelled back “ The thought crossed my mind , I don’t plain on letting go!” And Emmet grabbed the rope and pulled Dale up.

After they got the lights hung up Emmet lowered Dale back to the ground. Soon it was Dark and Dale plugged in the light and the house lit up brightly as Emmet and Jasper who were already on the ground looked at the house. As Alice and the rest of the Cullen’s came out to see all the lights on the house. Then went back into the house, Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ Could you not do any more dangerous things at least until after your birthday its that you worry us with you being human , ok?” Dale knew that Carlisle was right maybe He shouldn’t have went up on the roof with Emmet and Jasper and replied “ Ok.”  then Dale went into the living room and saw the Christmas tree all finished, then he took the hooks out of the bag and put them on the fireplace mantel, next he took the stockings and put each Cullen’s name on the stockings including his and hung them up  then rested until the next day.

On the next day he told Carlisle that his job in the Christmas holiday was the presents  Dale said to Carlisle “ Ok, your job in this holiday is to get presents for us kids and hide them until Christmas eve when you place them under the tree where they stay until Christmas day, And I’ll help rap the presents.”  Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ That is my job then what’s Esme?” Dale said “ Well in the holiday she is suppose to cook the feast.” Carlisle looked at Dale like that wasn’t fair since they were vampires they didn’t eat turkey, Carlisle said “ That means she would only cook a meal for you, since we don’t eat food.” Dale thought about that for a moment, then said “ Well you guys only eat blood, right why not get turkey blood and put that as your feast, you know get some for each of you.” Carlisle looked at Dale shocked he never thought about it before. He replied “ That might work, you sure it won’t bother you us drinking blood in front of you.” Dale laughed and said “ It better not because next Christmas I might be doing the same thing.” So Carlisle left and went shopping with Esme. Soon it would be Christmas eve.

























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