Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Eighteen Meko

Chapter eighteen


The next morning Dale woke up and grabbed another outfit to ware, went into the bathroom and took a shower and got dressed. Then went to the kitchen where everybody was, he didn’t have school today it was Sunday and outside was cloudy and cold it felt like it could snow. Well the Cullen’s were talking when Dale showed up and as usual Esme had breakfast for him.  When Bella asked Dale to come over to the table and sit down, so he did as Esme and Carlisle did the dishes Dale sat down as Edward, Bella , Alice , Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie were talking, Bella asked Dale  “ Dale , I never asked what did you do when you ran away when you were ten?”

Dale thought about it and said “ Bella I don’t want to talk about what happened to me on the street.” Well Bella wasn’t giving up she said “ Come on Dale I want to hear what you did and I am not letting it go until you tell me.”  Then Alice said “ Come on Dale we are your family and we all want to know.”

Dale replied “ Ok, fine let’s see when I was ten , ok were to start , well after the funeral Charlie was talking about what they should do with me while I was at home. Dale took a moment then started again. I don’t remember who it was but they were talking to Charlie about putting me in an orphanage. And I was scared so I went to my dad’s room and grabbed the money that my dad hid for emergency or college and put it in my pocket and grabbed my school backpack and dumped the books and things out, then I put some clothes and a few of my favorite toys in it and that night I grabbed my coat and said good by to my home and ran toward the bus stop. Then early that morning the Bus came and I got on the bus and never looked back. Bella looked at Dale and said “ Weren’t you scared?” Dale replied “ I was more scared of the orphanage.” Then Bella said “ Well I am sure dad would of let you stay with us.” Dale replied “ He was going through a divorce.” Then Bella said “ Well then what happened.” Dale continued “ Well when I got to Seattle I didn’t mind it during the day but at night it can be a scary place when your ten years old. But I explored the city and found a place they called Tent city where all the homeless people lived and I stayed there for a while.

Then one day I found the library and I went inside and started reading  books since I like to read, later on the way back to tent city some big kids were playing basket ball as I walked by I noticed they started fallowing me, when I noticed them I started running as fast as I could but since they were bigger they were just a little bit faster than me and soon they caught me. I threw down my backpack and got into a fighting stance like I did in the tournament , but there was too many and I was not trained to handle more than one and they all started beating me up. Suddenly this lady came over and chased them off , I was black and blue but I saw her. She was a Japanese lady who was a collage student her name was Meko, you see her dad sent her here from Japan to get a good education. She helped me up and  picked up my backpack said “ Why were those boy hurting you?” and I said “ I don’t know?” So she took me to her place which was an apartment not to far from the library where she fixed me up. And as she did she said “ As soon as I clean these wounds you can go home.” and I said “ I can’t go home.” She asked “ Why” and then I told her about my mom and dad and that if I go back they will stick me in an orphanage, she thought about it for a minute and said “ Well you are welcome to stay hear for awhile .” Then later after she fixed me up I sat in the living room as she made lunch.” Then Dale thought about that lunch and said “Boy was that a good lunch , Japanese food yum. Then as we ate lunch she said “ I was watch you fighting who is your master?” and I said “ He was just my instructor.” Then she told me of her father back in Japan who taught ninja to her as well as other students, She looked at me and said “ If you like I could teach you ninja as my father taught me.” and I said “ Sure I would be honored to be a trained ninja.” She replied “ Ok, we will start tomorrow then she left me in the living room while she did her school work. So I slept in the living room and

the next day Meko woke me up early and she started teaching me Ninja , the first thing we did was exercise and stretch my legs out and for weeks she taught me each day until one in the afternoon when she had to go to collage and I would go to the library. Then when she got out of collage  I would come back, and it lasted about two years in the mean time I was learning everything from her and soon she started teaching me how to use weapons like two sticks, staff , and nunchaku's. and then she had me research each weapon at the library. And soon I was getting faster at all that she had taught me. Then one Day she went to collage and I went to the library then when I came back at the time when she was suppose to get out of college and go home, but at home there were cops everywhere and an ambulance was there so I didn’t go back, well that’s really not true I went back and Talked to a neighbor and she told me that Meko came home from collage and…” Dale paused like he was fighting to get the words out then said “ She huh walked in on some robbers  and they, huh, grabbed her and pulled her into the apartment and when she tried to defend her self, one of the robbers had a gun and they…” Bella suddenly was shocked and said “ Ho, God ! Dale I’m sorry I didn’t mean to push.” Dale said “ Well, Bella its ok I never knew if she made it or not it was to chancy to go back there and after that I just wondered day by day sleeping in cardboard boxes, eating at the shelter. Then I heard about some people started disappearing and a lot of people dieing, so I thought just to be on the safe side I would head to the Kent and Auburn area.” Bella knew what dale was talking about that would be Victoria making her army to try to destroy the Cullen’s, Esme heard what Dale said and she said “ That was very smart thing to do Dale.”  Dale looked at Esme and asked “ Why what do you know that I don’t?” Then Edward started telling Dale how he met Bella and what happened with  James trying to kill Bella and the Cullen’s killing James and that the people disappearing in Seattle was Victoria trying to make a vampire army to destroy the Cullen’s and kill Bella. Dale was shocked about all this he said “ Wow, that’s some story.”  Then Dale said “ Once I got to Kent , with the money that my dad had I bought a tent. And a light to go in the tent, then I scouted around and found a wooded area that was not noticed and pitched the tent there. Since I had ninja skills I was pretty good at hiding from people, and I would go to the library and read books and before dark head for my tent and make a fire to keep warm. When the money started running low I would collect cans to get money for and some time I would go to the shelter and get a meal but that was very dangerous because I knew the cops would be looking for me there.”  Bella looked at Dale and asked “ What did you do in the winter time when it was cold?” Dale looked at her and said “ Well I kept a fire going all the time I would burn anything I could find wooden pallets to tree limbs. And before winter set in I saved up caned food in the tent and I would fish and get water for tea from the stream or from the snow or icicles, Then when summer hit again I went back to Seattle. And back to tent city, but some one there told me that the cops were showing everyone there my picture so I couldn’t stay there. So I had to find a new place to hide but no matter where I went I still went to the library to read because it was the only thing I could do to have fun. Then one year this year they finally caught me and here I am.” Esme looked at Dale and said “ And you will never have to go through that again.” Bella looked at Dale and said “ Dale that reminds me, you need to talk to Charlie, you were not around for the reading of the will and I think your parents left you something.” So Dale opened his cell phone and called Charlie and talked to him for a while and when he said good by. He looked at Bella and said “ Charlie said that they left me some money.” Carlisle asked “ How much money, Dale.” Dale looked at Carlisle and said “About Twenty - five thousand dollars and money to go to college with.” Esme smiled and said “ That’s great you can go to college.” Dale looked at her and said “ When I choose , if I choose to.” Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ That money we need to put it in a place where it can grow and with Alice’s help it can.” Dale suddenly got a big grin on his face and said “ Oh goanna cheat the stock market, Carlisle?” Carlisle smiled back and said “ Something like that.” Esme looked at Dale and said “ Just think you can you can go to college and learn to be.” then Carlisle said “ A doctor, just think calling Dr. Dale Cullen and we could both work at the hospital together.” Dale thought ho no not again he looked at Carlisle and said “ Don’t start that again, I’d no sooner be a helicopter pilot than a doctor. Hey that’s doesn’t sound like a bad idea, I could fly helicopters for the hospital.” Esme did not like that idea she said “ I don’t want you to fly its to dangerous you could get killed what if you crash.”  Dale thought about it for a moment then said “ Well if I am a vampire I could jump out before it hit the ground.” Esme gave Dale a look like forget it. Dale just smiled, so later they met Charlie at the bank and Charlie got into his safety deposit box and gave Dale the bank check next they opened him an account with the money.

Soon it was thanksgiving and the first snow hit the ground , Esme cooked a small turkey for Dale to eat along with stuffing and peas and corn Then after dinner they watch the football game and talked  about what Dale should put his money in at the same time Bella picked up a driving book so Dale could get his learners permit to drive a car, and since Dale had a full stomach he fell asleep reading the book. The next week Alice took Dale to take the test and he past and got his learners permit and of course Charlie was not to thrilled when he found out, he response was “ Your letting Dale drive car can you give me an hour to get the people out of town to safety!” Alice was teaching him everything, but Dale was scared he was so nervous that Alice had to get Jasper in the car to get him to relax while Dale drove. Suddenly Alice noticed a pot hole in the road and she said to Dale “ Dale do you see the pot hole , right.” then Dale hit the pot hole, bump! Alice said “ Dale didn’t you see the pot hole in the road.” Dale smiled and said “ I hit it didn’t I?” Alice looked at Dale and said “ I meant for you to miss the pot hole.” Dale looked at Alice and said “ Well we need to work on our communications.” and Jasper just chuckled. Then came time to go back to the house they came to a four way stop when Alice said “ Ok, Dale turn left here.” and Dale replied “ You want me to go left.” And Alice said “ right.”  Then  Dale said “ Ok, I’ll go right.”  Alice looked at Dale funny and said “ No, go left to the house.”  Dale replied “ Ok.” then Alice said Right.” all along Jasper is laughing at Dale as Dale said “Left or right!” Alice was starting to chuckle about this funny problem, then she said “ Go left.” Then Dale said “Right!” Then Alice said “ No Left!” Dale replied “ Right!” and it went like “Left!, Right! , Left!, Right! All along Jasper is enjoying this, Finally Alice pointed left and said “Oh, just go that way” then Dale replied “ Ok!” then they made it home. And Jasper is laughing all the way in the house.  Soon right before dark it started to snow and  after a few weeks it was the first of December.





















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