Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Seventeen Halloween

Chapter Seventeen


Well the next day Dale woke up in the living room from the floor and looked around and there was no one there, he got up from the floor and went into the kitchen and the Cullen’s were in the same places as the last morning except they were all in there baseball uniforms and of course Esme and Carlisle was working on breakfast. When Carlisle saw Dale he said “ Its about time you fell out of bed , quick run up stairs and get your uniform on we are play one more game of baseball for the session.”

So Dale ran up stairs and grabbed his uniform then ran into the bathroom to get cleaned up because he probably stunk after all that running around and fighting last night. Then afterwards he put his baseball uniform on  and went back down stairs. By that time his food was done and ready for him to eat, while he was eating Emmet was still talking about last night and how once Dale was one of them he wouldn’t have to hunt,  all he would have to do is hide in a bush, Emmet said to Dale “ Boy you are goanna be one mean newborn!” then Alice replied “ I don’t think so because Bella wasn’t that bad and I don’t think Dale will be either.” As soon as breakfast was over the Cullen’s went to the field and Carlisle’s team was up to bat first so that meant that Dale was off to the corner waiting to play and while he was waiting he got an idea he started playing the announcer since he couldn’t play Baseball in the out field, he pulled up a bat for a microphone and sat down then said “  Well fans, someone has done a little redecorating around the ballpark.

The outfield wall now looks like  a newspaper stand. And any of you folks having trouble finding a good Blood bank, might want to come down here and check out the area around the 675 foot sign. As for the game, we've got a real nail biter here for you tonight. In the first ever Vampire major league Baseball first world series live , we have the Carlisle crushers vs. the Esme eliminators. And as you can see the Eliminators have taken the field.” In the mean time Carlisle heard Dale and started chuckling and Esme looked at Carlisle chuckling she said “ The Esme Eliminators?” And Carlisle smiled and said “ The Carlisle Crushers?” then they both started laughing, but Dale kept going he said “ My name is Dale Cullen and Just a reminder, fans, cumin' up is our "Twilight Night" here at the stadium. Free admission to anyone who was actually alive the last time the Crushers won a game.” Jasper picked up a bat and walked up to the plate and Dale said as he got ready to bat.” Jasper is going up to the plate, this guy  leads the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair. When this guy sneezes, he looks like a party favor.” When Dale said that Bella nearly fell over laughing and out in the out field Edward started chuckling about what Dale had said, then he told Emmet and Emmet was nearly busting a gut at what Edward said.

Of course Jasper was not amused he got ready to hit the ball and Dale said “ Here is the wind up the pitch.” That’s when Alice threw the ball and Jasper smacked the ball and it was gone and Dale replied” Wow he gave that ball a new zip code and it is gone!” Next one up to bat was Rosalie, she walk up to the plate, Dale said “ It looks like Rosalie is going up to the plate, I think I went to see one of her movie once but it was only out for two and a half hours. I was told, however, that it was in focus.” Rosalie gave Dale the if looks could kill he’d be dead look,  and Bella was standing right next to Carlisle and was laughing again at what Dale had said Alice threw the ball to Rosalie and Dale said “ The wind up the pitch.”  Rosalie hit’s the ball, and Dale being the announcer said “ Rosalie swings and the ball is going deep to right center  He'll need a rocket up his ass to catch that one!” Emmet went back and ran up a tree then jumped and caught the ball. Then Dale said “wow it looks like Emmet did have a rocket up his ass, the play is caught and Rosalie is out of there, well it looks like things were going well for the Crushers, but the Eliminators finally burned them.”

Rosalie looked angry at Dale then asked Carlisle “ Is he going to do that the hole game?” Carlisle was still smiling at Dale then he looked at Rosalie and replied “ Rose, he is not doing any harm he is just having fun.”  then it was time for Carlisle to bat, all along looking at Dale as Dale said “ Well it looks like its time to bring the team leader up to bat.” As Carlisle walked up to the plate then Dale said “ I hear this guys in the off session is a Doctor.” Esme who is the hind catcher could hear Dale was shaking her head and laughing. Then Dale said “ This guy would find a cure for cancer and not tell anybody.” Then Alice pitched the ball and Carlisle smacked the ball then Dale said “ The wind up the pitch, Carlisle swings and crushes this one toward South America. Edward is goanna need a Visa to catch this one, it is out of here, and there is nothing left of that ball but a vapor trail, that‘s goanna bring the score 2-0 with one out. And I guess Alice is what you'd call a finesse pitcher. Relies on control, accuracy, not speed. They time this kid's fastball with an hourglass!”

Alice was shocked at what Dale had said she replied “What!, Time my pitches with an hour glass ,You wait Dale I’ll show you an hour glass!” Next was Bella who grabbed a bat and went up to the plate but before she did she went to the four by four and pulled out something and then walked up to Dale with a big grin on her face and said to Dale “ I think its time for a  commercial break.” suddenly Bella pulled out a roll of tape and taped Dale’s mouth shut, and walked to the plate and said “ That’s much better.” All along Dale is trying to talk with his mouth taped shut. At the same time all of Carlisle’s team was applauding what Bella did and Alice was laughing her head off and said “ Yeah, that one way to shut him up!” Then the game continued until dusk then they went home with Esme team losing , time past and weeks went by with nothing much happening until the day of Halloween .

On the day of Halloween Alice decided to have a party but you had to have a costume, well that morning Dale woke up and went down stairs and into the kitchen. And all the Cullen’ except Esme and Carlisle who was cooking breakfast on a Saturday, Alice was planning something big for the Party. But Dale didn’t care he wasn’t much for parties because he never been to one, he just sat there and ate his breakfast. Then Alice had an idea and said “ I know what we can do, we can make Dale a vampire for Halloween using makeup.” Dale was shocked he replied “ No there is no way I am goanna put makeup on that’s girl stuff.” then Bella asked “ So do you have a costume for the party?” Dale thought about it and said “ I’ll make mine if I have to or I’ll use my ninja uniform, but there is no way I am goanna put makeup on.”

As soon as he was done eating he got some Orange colored fabric and a pair of scissors and cut a mask then he made a turtle shell and then he took his ninja belt and let it out as far as it would go, After a few hours Dale had a shell he could put on then he took his orange mask and put it on  Next he grabbed a green sweatshirt and a pair of green pants then he put the shell on and place the nunchaku’s and hooked them under his belt. then he put kneepads and elbow pads on, then he went down stairs in his costume. He could hear noises coming from the living room so he walked in with his costume on, Bella was working on a jackal lantern with Renesmee, Alice was hanging fake cobwebs up Emmet was working on the sound system for music when they all saw Dale they started chuckling at his costume. Alice asked “ What are you suppose to be?” Dale replied “ I’m a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.” That just made them laugh even more, Emmet smiled and said “ You look silly I mean you look like a human in a box.”  That hurt Dale because when he was a kid that’s what he loved to watch and he tried to make this as best as he could with that Dale left and ran back up stairs.

Later Alice and Bella knock on Dale’s door and asked if they could come in, Dale was not in the mood. But Alice and Bella came in any way Bella said “ Come on we are here to help with your costume.” Alice said “ I still say we should make him a vampire.” Dale replied “ I want to be a ninja turtle.” Then Bella thought about it for a moment and said “ I have an idea, Dale get your ninja outfit on .” So Dale went to his closet and pulled out his ninja uniform, then went into the bathroom and put it on and came out. Dale looked at Bella and Alice and said “ Ok, Now what?” Then Alice who saw the future while Dale was in the bathroom said to Bella “ That’s a great idea!” Before Dale could say anything Alice grabbed him and took him to her room where the makeup was as Bella fallowed.

Well in Alice’s room she had all kinds of girl things, Alice sat Dale down and went to get the makeup as Bella stood there, Dale said “ Bella , I don’t want any makeup I’ll look even more silly than I feel right now!” Bella replied “ Dale, clowns where makeup.”  then Dale said “ I rest my case, Silly!” By now Alice was back cleaning Dale’s face from the dirt and oil that was on his face, as Bella said “ Well Actors were makeup, even in those Kung fu films you like to watch they have makeup on.” Then Alice started making Dale’s face look paler as Alice and Bella were talking about what would look good on Dale, as they both worked Alice said “ I just wish I could change his eyes from blue to our eye color.” Dale smiled and said “ Well at lest that is something that you can’t do.” It took Bella and Alice hours to make Dale up. Then after they were done they wouldn’t let Dale go down stairs as Alice got into costume from her time before she was turned in a 1901 a dress with a mask on. Next it was Bella’s turn to put a costume on which was Baseball player. So they all three went down stairs and saw that it was all ready dark outside, and in the living room each Cullen had a costume on. Jasper had his civil war uniform on , each Cullen had a costume on from there own time period. At that moment Jasper walked up to Alice and asked her to Dance as Emmet looked at Dale who looked humiliated and said “ Woh, Dale when you are turned your goanna look like one mean newborn!” Soon everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves as Dale just sat there alone, when Esme saw Dale sitting there. She looked at Carlisle and then at Dale, Carlisle new that Esme wanted to get Dale into the party so he said “ It looks like Dale is alone.” She said “ Its not really fair that Dale just sit there what do you think?” Carlisle smiled and replied “ I think I’ll sit this one out.” Then Carlisle walked to where Dale was and Esme fallowed, Carlisle sat next to Dale as Esme said “ Mr. Ninja would you honor me with this  dance?” Dale did not know what to say he was nervous he could feel his stomach doing flips  he was fighting not to sweat. Dale looked at Carlisle who said “ Go on .”

With that he pushed Dale a little bit to get him to move as Esme lead him to where everyone was dancing. Esme started dancing but Dale was stiff and shaking  Esme said to Dale “ Come on relax.” Dale couldn’t because he was worried about everyone looking at him. Esme got Dale’s attention and said “ Dale don’t worry about what any one thinks come on just pretend that its just me and you dancing.” Then Dale tried to imagine that it was just the two of them dancing like the second day he was here. And it worked he started not worrying about anything and started to dance. Then after the song ended Alice wanted to dance then Bella all but Rosalie, Emmet tried to get Rosalie to but she just left and went up stairs.

Soon the party was over and Dale went up to the bathroom to get the makeup off and went to bed.   







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