Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Sixteen Hunting Season

Chapter sixteen

Hunting Season

Once again Dale woke up the next morning got dressed and went down stairs and on the way down he could hear the sizzling of bacon in the kitchen. He walked into the kitchen and they all looked nervous and he noticed Jacob was sitting down in a chair at the table talking to Bella, Edward was sitting next to Bella and Renesmee was next to Jacob.

Dale said nothing but walked to the stool and sat down, Esme was frying the bacon while Carlisle was making pancakes.

Carlisle would flip the pancakes with the spatula and chuckle  he looked at Dale and said “This is fun.”  Dale sort of smirked and looked up at the ceiling then said “ My mom never thought cooking was fun she more thought of it as a chore.” Then Dale started thinking how funny this is a vampire cooking a human some breakfast, then he chuckled. Suddenly Alice and Jasper walked in from outside, they went to the table and Alice said to Jasper “ Well since the table is full we can go sit with Dale.” And Jasper replied “ Well at least the Oder will be better with Dale.” That made Dale give Jasper a funny look then he looked at Alice and then continued to watch Esme and Carlisle cook. Then Alice asked “ Dale you can’t smell that dog Oder?”  Dale looked at Alice and then tried to smell anything, but ever since he was little he never could smell anything at all. He looked at Jacob and tried to smell but nothing, then he looked back to Alice and said “ Nope, don’t smell a thing.” That made Esme look at Dale and say “ You mean you can’t smell this bacon cooking?” Dale looked back at Esme and tried to smell the bacon and still nothing and replied “ Nope.” Then Esme looked at Carlisle as he brought the pancakes over for Dale to eat and Carlisle asked “ You can’t smell anything at all?” Dale looked at Carlisle and replied “ Never not even when I was little.”  Carlisle started thinking and said “ Can you taste food?” Dale started eating and took a bite of pancakes with syrup and butter on them chewed a few time and then swallowed  and said Yep, I can taste food.” Carlisle was trying to figure it out then  looked at Esme and said “ That’s odd.” 

So After Dale ate breakfast, Dale went up stairs to put his ninja outfit on he also packed his Nunchaku’s on either side of his waste and then put his ninja shoes on and grabbed his hood and went back down stairs. While Dale was up stairs a package was delivered and was carried into the kitchen. Dale walked into the kitchen and saw the box in the mean time Jasper and the rest of the Cullen’s was looking at Dale’s outfit , Dale went to the box and opened it up and there was everything on the list that he asked for. The smoke bombs, Ninja hand claws, Ninja foot spikes , two wooden Katanas and Balloons. Then Jacob noticed Dale and started laughing at him and said “ Dale go put some clothes on you are not goanna fight the hunters in your pajamas!” Dale took the Katanas out and strapped them to his back in an X fashion, then he looked at Jacob and said “ oh ha, ha , ha very funny I have you know in Ancient time in Japan ninja’s who wore this were   assassin's!” Jacob just smiled and replied “ What ever.” Then Bella picked up the hand claws and asked Dale “ Dale what are these for?” Dale looked at her and then at what she had in her hand and said “ Ho, those are used for climbing you see you put these on your hands and the foot claws on your feet and you can climb up walls among others things.” then he looked in the box and saw a funny looking device and he picked it up and said “ What is this, this wasn’t on the list.” Carlisle replied “ I ordered it , it’s a bug so we can also hear what you are doing out there.” Emmet took the other part of the device and hooked it up to the T.V, while Emmet was doing that Dale took the smoke bombs and placed them in his pocket. Next he took the balloons and put some hot pepper in each balloon and then filled them with water, then he took the foot claws and place them in a pocket as well as the hand claws  and now Dale was ready as Carlisle hooked the bug device on Dale, Dale walked over to Jacob and Jacob smiled and said “ Your sure you want to go running around in  the woods in that?”  Dale just scowled at him. Then they were about to go out the back door and Jacob turned to Bella and said “ Wish us luck.” Then he looked at Dale again and said “ Dale, Do you think that the hunters have any idea what’s about to happen to them?” Dale was putting his mask on and replied “ No chance in hell!” As Dale started laughing, then Dale said “Lets go do some Hunter hunting!”  then they took off into the woods.

Two miles away from the Cullen house a Van and a pickup came to a stop on a disserted road and twelve guys climbed out and stood around Scott who said “ Ok men the monsters are in that house over there and you all know what were up against once we get in the house we will not be safe with  the sun light. Also Dale is in there and I am hoping he is still human but if he has become a vampire we most destroy him as well so let’s get to it.. Oh another thing we must burn the house once the monsters are dead , ok let’s go get them.” And once they got there weapons on they went into the woods, John and Parker were walking and they noticed that same pile of pine needles that were there once before. John looked at Parker and said” You don’t think someone is hiding in there do you ?” So Parker and John Snuck to the pile and kicked the pile and it was empty and they both chuckled to each other and started walking toward the house and on the way they met up with Ralph and Bert, so they decided to walked together and they all walked right by this tree and in the tree across from them was a camera. On the tree to the right of the group above them was Dale who was being quiet as a mouse, inside the house the Cullen’s were watching the hole thing from there T.V and with the bug on Dale they could hear them as well  Jasper said “ There they are.” Ralph said to Bert “This is going to be a cake walk.” Bert replied “ I don’t think its goanna be that easy!” Suddenly Bert turned around and Ralph was gone. Bert looked all around and there was no sign of Ralph, Bert Yelled “ Ralph?!” Then John and Parker turned to look at Bert and Bert said “ Hey, guys Ralph is gone!” John and Parker looked at Bert and Parker said “ What do you mean gone?”  Bert replied “ Well one minute we were talking and next he disappeared!” John said “ Ho he probably stopped to take a leak some where, let’s keep going!”  As they walked a little ways John turned to look at Bert and Bert disappeared, John looked at Parker and said “ Holey cow! Who ever it was took Ralph and Bert and we never even saw them!! Let’s get with the group!” John replied “ I thought Scott said Vampires didn’t come out in the daylight!” So they ran as fast as they could till they found the three other guys and the Cullen camera’s Kept up with the action, Emmet looked at Carlisle and said “ Boy this is the best T.V show I ever seen.” And the rest of them chuckled Jasper replied “ Dale is a good hunter.”  Well back outside in the forest John and Parker met up with Three others and they walked until they came to a small clearing, John said to Parker while the others listened “ Parker which way did Scott’s team go?” Parker replied “ Let’s do some hunting.“ John looked at Parker and said “ Were not hunting them, there hunting us .“ suddenly Five smoke bombs hit the ground all around them and smoke filled the air even the Cullen’s could not see what was happening but they heard a lot of hitting  and punches and shouts and when the smoke cleared all four men were on the ground and one was missing. Parker looked at John and said “ What was that?” John replied “ That was no vampire.” Parker asked “ Why do you say that?”  John replied “because a vampire would of killed us all not just take one of us.” Parker said “maybe we should meet up with Scott now” On a different part of the woods one of the hunters was walking along right by the camera and the Cullen’s see him walk right by a bush and he keeps walking suddenly the bush move’s after him and when the hunter feel that he is being fallowed he turns around and the bush is on the ground and not moving. The hunter starts thinking wasn’t that bush farther away suddenly the bush wiggles , and the Cullen’s see a deer is eating on Dale’s bush. Esme looks and sees the deer and said “ oh no what is that deer doing?“ all along Emmet is laughing at Dale’s problem,  Edward replied “ It appears to be eating Dale’s bush.” Well at the bush Dale sees the deer behind him and is trying to get rid of the deer as the hunter starts walking toward the bush wondering what is making the bush wiggle and Dale hears the hunter walking toward him so he gets ready. The hunter slowly creeps up on the bush and opens part of the bush and he sees the deer eating the bush thinking that is what was making the bush wiggle he starts to back up when suddenly a fist pops out of the bush knocking him out cold , when Dale stands up out of the bush he says to the hunter who is knocked out “ What you never heard of a whopping willow?” Emmet looked at Edward and said “ Well there is one Cullen who won’t have to hunt ,the prey just comes to him.“ Well back with the four hunters walking   So they kept walking all four of them until crash they all fell into a tiger trap in the ground. Parker replied “Well this is just great now what do we do?” John was getting aggravated with this game someone was playing with them he said to Parker “ That’s it help me out of this hole!” So the four of them gave John a boost up and out of the hole, once John was out of the hole he walked about three feet when suddenly whoosh! A rope wrapped around his foot and put John up a tree. Where he hung there about fifteen feet in the air, this made John angry he reached into his pocket and pulled out his knife and started cutting himself free. Once he cut through the rope he fell back to the ground and right back into the hole. Parker looked at John who was angry and John said “Well I’m back in the hole again.” And Parker replied “ Well at least I am out of the tree!” well as the four of them sat in the hole trying to figure out how to get out, Scott and two was very close to the house by now As Scott was about to get to the house, Dale came out of nowhere and took out the two guys that was with Scott then turned to look at Scott. Scott looked back at this ninja who was watch him then Scott said “ I knew it would be you, Dale.” With that Dale pulled his Mask off and threw it on the ground and from the corner of the house the Cullen’s were watching these two square off. From inside Emmet was pumped he said “ Get him Dale, get him!” The rest just watch with worry, Dale got into a fighting stance as Scott stood there and said “ What your goanna fight me your friend, you would choose those monsters those Vampires over me one of your own kind, I’m your friend.” Dale looked at him and replied “ You were never my friend!” Then Scott said “ Those things killed my family and now I am goanna kill you!” Dale gave him a dark stare and said “ Go for it !” Then suddenly Scott got into a stance that was so very familiar Scott looked at Dale and said “ You don’t remember me do you at the mini tournament you fought me and won the tournament but this time there will be no referee.” Then Scott attacked using Martial arts and he was good Dale was defending himself with blocks and tried to hit back when Dale got hit right to the face sending him backward Scott replied “ Is that the best you got!” Then Dale got back into a stance and relaxed and when Scott punched Dale , Dale blocked and at the same time hit him in the face busting his nose. Which made Scott madder and he went at Dale again and Dale spun kicked him sending him into the air and he fell to the ground. Scott was furious he said “ Enough of this Kung fu, shit !” and with that Scott pulled out a 9mm gun and pointed it at Dale, in the house Esme who was fearing for Dale’s life said “ No!” As the rest of the Cullen’s just watch the T.V in horror, but before Scott could pull the trigger he wasn’t watching Dale close enough Dale slowly pulled out a ninja star and before Scott pulled the trigger Dale threw the star as fast as he could at Scott. The star zoomed threw the air and hit Scott right in the hand and went right into his hand and embedding there making him drop the gun before he could fire it. Scott screamed in pain and pulled out the star from his hand and got up from the ground saying “ This is not over!” and as he turned to leave he turned right into a big, big wolf. Boy did that boy ever turned pale as the wolf Growled and snarled at him. Scott screamed and ran into the woods as fast as he could go, Dale looked at the camera and said “I guess he changed his mind.” When he looked at the wolf it was Jacob and they both started laughing.

Scott ran as fast as he could until he got to the main road where the police along with Charlie was there to pick him up. Scott looked at Charlie and said “ Officer you got to help me there are Vampires living in the woods and a big dog!” soon Dale and Jacob walked to where Charlie was and Dale said “ Hi Charlie , I want you to know he pulled this on me and tried to kill me with it.” With that he handed Charlie the gun. Which Charlie replied “ With this he will be going away for a long time, and they might just put him away in the rubber room.” Dale laughed and said “ Well I better get home.” Charlie said “ No problem we got all eight of them.” Dale was puzzled he said “ Eight but there was twelve your missing four.” Jacob replied “ I wonder where there at.”

Well back at the hole the four were still sitting waiting, John asked “ Parker what are we goanna do?” John replied “ Someone is bound to get us out of here sooner or later?”

Dale walked back into the house tired as Emmet, Jasper and the rest came to the door and was happy to see him. Then Esme looked at Dale and said “ I was afraid I was goanna lose you.” then she went up to him and hugged him like his mother would do when she missed him. Dale smiled for the first time since he was ten he felt love then he said to Esme “ They couldn’t touch me.” then Dale rubbed his face then he touched a spot where he got hit and said “ouch!! Well almost couldn’t touch me” Esme said “ Please, don’t put me through that again because I love you.” Dale was tearing up and replied “I love you too,…… mom.” Esme was shocked she said “ Dale you called me mom.” Dale looked at her and smiled and said “ Yeah I guess I did!” Then she hugged him again.

It took half the night but Charlie finally found the four in the hole in the ground and took them to jail

Well back at the Cullen’s house Emmet and Jasper kept talking about Dale and what he did to the Hunters as for Dale he fell asleep on the living room couch Esme saw Dale sleeping and she place a blanket around him as he slept.







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