Twilight : The New Storm Chapter Fifteen Getting ready for Battle

Chapter fifteen

Getting Ready For Battle

The next day Dale woke up and got dressed and walked down stairs to the kitchen, when he walked into the kitchen the only Cullen’s that was there were Esme and Carlisle. Dale walked to the stool that he normally sat at as Esme started cooking him breakfast then Dale noticed the clock it was nine in the morning Dale looked at Esme and said “ Ho crap I slept in today was a school day, I’m sorry.” Esme looked at him and replied “ Don’t worry Carlisle talked to the school and told them you and Renesmee will be out four a couple of days for one of our camping trips.” Dale chuckled and replied “ You go camping?”  Esme said “ No it’s just a cover for what we are preparing for.”  Suddenly Emmet  and Rosalie waked in then with out a word Rosalie went out on the balcony and Emmet said to Dale “ Rosalie wants to talk to you.”

Dale looked at Emmet in shock since when did she ever want to talk to him in private and then Dale got up and walked slowly out onto the balcony and shut the glass door, she turned and looked at Dale and asked “ Why are you doing this.” Dale looked at her and he still did not know what she meant. He replied “ Doing what?” She was getting a little frustrated  about the way he was beating around the bush.  And said “ Risking your life for us you should just leave and never come back!” Dale looked at her and said “ And where should I go, huh, should I go back to Seattle and start living  on the streets again.” She turned away from him and looked out toward the forest then she said “ At least you would still be human.” Dale agreed and replied “ Sure I would still be human, but I would also be something that I hate most of all!” Then she looked back at Dale and said “ You would be alive and you’d have a choice I didn’t have! Just like Bella you are choosing wrong!”  Dale was getting upset tears were starting to form and he said “ I would be alive in Seattle and Alone!, and a coward! You don’t think I know what I am risking tomorrow.” Rosalie wasn’t talking about him risking his life against the hunters and she said “ I’m not talking about tomorrow, I am talking about you becoming a newborn!”

Dale was now getting aggravated and said “ Let me get this straight you have hated me because soon I will be like you a Vampire?” She replied “ You  can live and grow old and have kids of your own, I can’t! You have a life.” Dale said “ Right I have a life lets just take a look at my life , my parents are dead from a drunk driver I have no grandparents there dead too, I am all alone no family, no life, my life is destroyed!” at this point the grief for his parent was causing him pain, and then he said “ How would you like to go through life a human but you are all alone, how would you like to spend Christmas alone and to walk down the street and see other kids with there parents laughing and having a good time wanting to be with your mom and dad and to hug them again and there gone  and you call that alive!” By now Dale was crying and he ran back in the house as fast as he could and went in to his room.

Rosalie Thought about that and she for once knew he was right he doesn’t have a life he was almost as trapped as she was wanting a family of her own she had a family all along and Dale did not. Dale was sitting on his bed crying but trying to be as quiet as possible when there was a knock at the door Dale was not in the mood to talk to anyone, and suddenly Esme opened the door slowly and asked “ Are you ok?” at this point Dale was quickly rubbing the tears from his eye trying to stop crying and the sniffling and replied “ I fine.” trying to cover it up, then Esme came in and sat next to Dale on the bed and said “ Your not fine, you have been crying what’s wrong you can tell me.” Dale looked at Esme and said “ I just keep remembering the time I was on the street and all alone seeing kids my age with there mom and dad and me not have one anymore.”  Esme looked at Dale and said “ You do have a mom and dad if you want another, me and Carlisle can be your new parents if you want us to be, did I tell you that when I was human I was going to have a son.”

Dale was shocked he didn’t know he asked “ Where is he?” Esme replied “ He died two day after I had him.. But when you first came here I felt that I got him back.” Dale felt sad that Esme lost her only son he looked at Esme and said “ but you all are Vampires and I am a human.” Esme looked at Dale and replied “ It doesn’t matter when you love someone it doesn’t matter what you are, I am a Vampire and I love you and nothing will change that. Besides as soon as your birthday comes you will be one too.” Dale looked at Esme and knew she was right It didn’t matter, Dale smiled again he said to Esme “ Esme you’re right.” and with that Dale hugged Esme for the first time since his parents death and Esme hugged him back. To Esme he felt warm and when they finished hugging she said “ Now come on back down stairs, ok “ Then Esme left the room.

Later Dale came back down he knew he had to start getting prepared for the hunters, once he got down stairs he went out side. Outside he saw some workers putting up cameras around the house as Dale walked to where his target that he was throwing stars at  and some other things. He grabbed some rope and I knife that he was using to cut the rope with and then he walked around the house scoping the terrain and where the camera was so if he ever got into trouble they would be there in a flash. Then he thought about something then said to himself “I am goanna need a shovel.”   then he went to the tool shed and saw all kinds of tools, he picked out what he needed and then went into the woods.

Esme and Carlisle were in the living room talking Carlisle said to Esme “ Well the camera’s are almost up, where’s Dale?” Esme replied “ Oh he is fine the last time I noticed him he went outside.” Carlisle asked “ Is he ok I mean he looked really upset.” Esme said “ Well its just he is still cooping with the loss of his parents it will take time but he’ll be fine.” Carlisle replied “ It must be very hard on him.” Esme said “ Well it is just goanna take time ,I mean when he was alone was another thing that hurt but I think he is starting to become a boy again which is something he has not been able to do since his parents death.”  Carlisle looked at Esme concerned and said “ Do you think that Dale being with us is what’s best for him?”

Esme thought about it for a moment, she thought that true he should have that option to be normal but then she thought well he isn’t normal and here he would always have brothers and sisters forever along with a mom and dad that would never leave him, he would be happy. Then Esme looked at Carlisle and said “ I think Dale is in the best place he could be in a loving family.” later there was a knock at the door , it was the work crew, they came in and set the camera’s up to the TV and told Carlisle that to jump between camera’s all he had to do is turn the channels and that they were setup between 100 and 120 is where the camera’s were at. Soon the workers left and Carlisle sat down and turned it to channel 100 and saw the front left of the house,  he turned it again and it was the right front of the house. Carlisle kept flipping channels until he saw Dale digging a hole somewhere in the forest, suddenly Emmet walked in and said “ Is that Dale on T.V?” Carlisle continued to watch Dale Dig the hole, then Emmet sat down and started watching also. After awhile Dale would stop and rest a moment then he kept on digging.

Later the hole was very deep and they could not see Dale any more all they could see is dirt going out of the hole, soon the shovel went out of the hole and then Dale climbed out. He walked out of camera range and after a few minutes they saw Dale with a covering to cover the hole and then he picked up the pine needles it was a tiger trap, and walked out of camera range.  Emmet saw the hole thing and said to Carlisle “ That smart kid.” Carlisle looked up and asked “ What did he do?” Emmet replied “ That smart kid made a tiger trap.” Dale spent all day in the woods and by the end of the day, Dale came into the house covered in dirt and sweat. He didn’t say nothing but went up stairs to the bathroom to take a shower, later he came down in a clean outfit and walked into the kitchen there Esme and Carlisle was in there making dinner. Dale walked in clean and sat down on the stool, Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ Boy you been busy.” 

Dale smiled and said “ Yep, ho you guys better not go out for a couple of days…. Well just stay off the ground at least where the camera’s are.” Suddenly Alice and Jasper, Bella and Edward with Renesmee walked into the kitchen Bella looked at Dale and Asked “ What did you do this time Dale?”  And Emmet said “ He’s been setting up traps.” Emmet chuckling then Emmet looked at Dale and asked “ Hey Dale would that tiger trap you set up work with grizzly bears?” Dale thought about it for a minute and replied “ I don’t know , I never tried to catch a grizzly bear before, why would I want to?” At this point Emmet smiled and said “ Well when you are one of us I am going to take you to hunt grizzly bears.” Dale replied “ I guess I better get a gun.” Emmet then said “ Ho no, no guns we will fight and hunt them with our bear hands!” Dale looked at Emmet like he was out of his mind the thought of Dale attacking a big mean grizzly bear was crazy the bear would eat him alive. He said to Emmet “ Your nuts!, little me attacking a big grizzly bear, that bear all he would have to do is swing one paw and he would put me through about three trees!” Emmet replied “ Dale you would be a vampire when we do this you will be stronger then the bear.”

Then Dale thought about it and replied “ Oooh, I would put the bear through three trees.” Emmet laughed and said “ Having you for a little brother is goanna be fun.”  Then Dale laughed and said “  Well it won’t be boring.” Then Esme handed Dale his dinner and he started eating the food. After dinner Dale went into the living room and called Jacob up and started talking about what they were going to do tomorrow, as the rest of the family came into the living room. They sat down and heard Dale say to Jacob “ Yeah, we’re goanna hit them light lighting out of a clear sky , like a new storm, Ha, ha , ha.”  All the Cullen’s were watching Dale laughing , then Dale noticed the clock  and said “ Oh ,  Jacob I got to call you back, talk to you later by.” Then Dale hung up the cell phone and started to call Charlie and Bella asked “ Dale who are you calling?”  Dale gave her a wicked grin and said “ Charlie.” Bella looked at Dale and replied “ Oh no , Dale resist the temptation!”  At this point Dale is laughing saying “ I can’t help it!! I gotta do it !” Soon at the police station Officer Swan picks up the phone and says “ Hello?” And Dale replied “ Hi yeah I saw this suspicions looking person at the seven eleven he looks like a Fournier and I think he might be on you ten most wanted people, he looks like the guy named  Ahmed Adoodie.”  At this point Emmet and Jasper are chuckling as Charlie replied “ Hold on I’ll check”  At the same time Dale turns on the speaker to his cell phone and they all could hear on the other line Charlie asking his deputy “ Would you look on that wanted page for I made a doodie.” The deputy turns and about to go check when he thinks about it for a moment and starts laughing. And Charlie looks at his deputy laughing and said “ He did it again didn’t he?”  And the deputy is laughing so hard he just nods yes Charlie says “ That little sneak!” Then Charlie gets back on the phone and starts laughing at himself and said to Dale “ That was a good one!” then he hangs up, Dale looks at the phone in shock Charlie was suppose to be angry and he was laughing. Dale had this shock look on his face like it backfired on him and Carlisle started chuckling at the look on Dale’s face, Dale looked at Emmet and said “He suppose to be angry, but he is laughing I am suppose to laugh not him I just don‘t get it .” That’s when they all start chuckling at the hole thing. Then they all started watching T.V  and when it got late Dale went up stairs and went to sleep. 









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