Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Fourteen The Hunters

Chapter fourteen

The Hunters

All weekend long Dale was on his computer looking up vampire hunters researching them from what they did to what forms of weapons they carried, then the rest of his time he was doing his training. Time was fling while Dale was out training. One day Alice was looking for him, first she went up to his room and knocked and he wasn’t there. Next she looked where he had been spending most his time on the computer and he wasn’t there then she went out side and found him kicking a bag  and then he quickly punched the bag , as she walked up to him watching what he was doing suddenly Dale spun around and kicked the bag hard and it rocked back and forth, Alice looked at Dale sort of worried and said “ When you do that who are you fighting?”  Dale looked at her and thought about it then replied “ I am fighting the people who hurt me along time ago when I couldn’t do anything but get beaten up, every time I fight that’s what I see.” Alice looked at him and said “ You need to let go of the past, like me once I was turned I don’t remember hardly anything of my past.” Then Dale stopped hitting the bag and said “ Is it true that once you’re turned you don’t remember anything of your human life?” Alice looked sadly and said  “ Not really, you don’t remember any thing unless you focus on something really hard.” Dale looked back at her and smiled and replied “ That’s good maybe after I’m one of you guys it will help with some of the pain of me missing my mom and dad at Christmas time that’s the time I really feel alone, wow eight years on the street and spending Christmas all be myself nobody should be all alone on Christmas .” With that he started hitting the bag again and Alice said “ You will still remember a part of them but the pain you have will go away in time but I am telling you right now this Christmas you are goanna be happy I don’t care what I have to do, but that is not why I was looking for you, we both need to get Bella a birthday present , come on.” So Alice and Dale got into the car and went into town to look for Bella a birthday present , well while they were in the store shopping the clouds opened and the sun came out luckily Alice and Dale were in the store Dale looked out the window and said “ Huh, Alice we can’t leave right now.” Alice turned and saw the sun was out, she looked at Dale and then back outside she said “ Ho, great well it looks like were stuck here.” Dale notice her eyes were black instead of gold  he asked “ Hey, Alice it looks like your hungry.” he knew he was in a public place and people might over hear if he said too much, Alice caught on that Dale was talking about her not having fed yet She replied “ Yeah, I guess I am a little hungry” Dale notice a person walked by he said “ Well lets get some lunch” and Dale remember something he had heard on the news about people who can’t go out in the sun light because they would break out and rash and they could only go out at night, Dale ran and got an umbrella and handed it to Alice as she pulled her sun glasses and scarf out of her purse and people started to watch including the shopkeeper  Dale looked at them and said “ She has a rare skin disorder it was on the news she is allergic to sun light.” Then one lady said “Ho yeah, I heard about that if they played in the sun it would kill them and they could only go outside at night. With that Alice pay for the items including the umbrella and then they both started for the door and as they went out the door Alice opened the umbrella, they both walked to the car and got in then went back home. On the way Alice said “Wow, you really think on your feet, with that story about a skin disorder that was incredible.” Dale looked at Alice and said “ It is real there are real humans that can’t go out side in the sun because they are allergic to something from the sun and it burns there skin, on the news it showed some kids playing at night outside instead of the day time.” Soon they arrived back at the house, little did they know that they were being fallowed. As Alice and Dale walked into the kitchen, Alice saw Jasper and Esme then Alice said “ Jasper, they are right now watching the house.” Dale froze like a scared rabbit, He quickly turned around and ran up stairs to his room. Once there Dale grabbed his Ninja outfit out of the closet and put it on, all but the mask, then ran down stairs back into the kitchen. Jasper looked at Dale with a puzzled expression, as Dale peeked out the window   Dale looked and  Jasper got behind him and said “ Do you see them?” Dale looked left to right but did not see anyone, he replied “ Nope, nobody but I know where they are.” Jasper looked at him and asked “ How do you know where they are at?” Dale looked at him with a smirk and said “ Because that’s where I would be if I were them.”  With that Dale put on his mask, Dale was all Black now all you could see is his two blue eyes. Dale then went to the back door from the kitchen then looked at them one last time. Esme looked worried at him and Said “ Dale, Please be careful.” Dale nodded and then snuck out the door.  Dale kept low and ran as fast has he could for the nearest tree to hide behind, then he peeked around he knew they were there he just couldn’t see them. On the ground where leaves from the trees and pine needles fall was defiantly here, then Dale ran and hid behind another tree thinking if there hunters they might have guns. As Stealth as he could he made his way to where he thought the hunters were and as he go closer he could hear them and they were coming right towards him.

The two hunters were wearing camouflage outfits and was armed with Crossbows and knifes  there names were John and Parker and as they walked they were talking about the house as they walked. They continued walking right by a pile of pine needles and as they walked, John said to Parker “ Man I can’t wait till we get a chance to bag them in two days those things that killed Frank and his family.” then Parker replied “ Yeah, its goanna be great!” Suddenly they stopped John said “ Did you hear something ?” and Parker replied “ No, yeah it’s probably nothing you know those things won’t come out in the day light.” They walked to the car and drove off, suddenly out of a pile of pine needles two blue eyes opened and Dale stood up and watch as the two hunters drove off. Dale walked back to the house and took his mask off on the way, soon  as he walked in to the kitchen and all the Cullen’s looked at him and smiled. Dale asked “ What are you smiling about?”  That’s when Edward laughed and said “ That was good how they walked right past you hiding in pine needles.” and Jasper replied “ So the hunters will be coming back it two days to attack us.” then Carlisle said “ No matter what happens we must not harm any of them.” Dale smiled and replied “ Carlisle your not I am, I am the only one they won’t expect.” Emmett started laughing at Dale then said “ How are you going to stop them from getting to the house with out getting hurt I mean you are not one of us yet.” Dale thought about it and replied “ I am going to do what all ninja’s are good at doing, I am going to be like a shadow besides Jacob is going to be out there too.”  Carlisle looked at Dale and thought for a second then said “ If were not leaving and if Dale is going to attack I think we should have a way of keeping an eye on things besides Edwards mind reading  powers.” Then Edward thought and said “ You plain to put up cameras around the house.” and Carlisle replied “ Yes , that way we can see what’s going on and if Dale was to get hurt we can help him as a last resort.” Esme looked at Dale and said “ You are very brave to do this, but I really don’t want you to do this because you could get hurt or killed.” Dale looked back at Esme and said “ Esme, this is goanna be a cake walk, look first they don’t know what I can do, second they are not prepared for what I can do and look I know what I am up against but look how they walked right passed me. Esme I can handle them pulse Jacob is goanna be with me.”  Soon it was time to celebrate  Bella’s birthday, At Bella’s birthday there was no cake they just had presents and relaxed  because that was the way Bella wanted it. Alice tried to talk her out of it by having a big party but Bella said no. After the party Bella had a beautiful  dress from Alice and Jasper, a drawing of the Cullen family from Renesmee, a beautiful necklace from Edward and from Esme and Carlisle a T. V for there cottage and from Dale when Bella opened it she saw that it was his lucky headband  that he wore in his last mini tournament. It had Japanese writing and a red sun on it.

The next day Dale and Renesmee went to school again, the reason  they did not go to school the day before is that it was sunny outside but this time Edward went with them, as they all three waked into the school Edward stood in the hall for a moment and said to Dale “Boy its been a while since I been here.” then they walked Renesmee to her class and Edward got to met and talk to Renesmee’s teacher. Soon though it was time for class to start and Dale had to get to his class before the bell rang and Edward fallowed. By the time Dale walked in the door the bell rang he had just made it and he went to his seat Edward sat in the seat next to Dale, Dale looked around and saw Scott on the other side of him.  Scott turned and looked at Dale and smirked but he sort of stiffened when he was Edward on the other side of Dale. Dale noticed as the class went on most of the time Scott kept looking at Edward, soon it was time for lunch and the bell rang Scott quickly got up from his seat and left. Dale thought to himself that was odd he didn’t even say hi or nothing, as Edward and Dale walked down the hall Edward said to Dale “ He’s one of them.” Dale chuckled and replied “ You got to be kidding, Scott?” But Edward was not kidding he looked at Dale and said “ Dale this is serious he thinks that our family killed his parents when it really was James , Victoria and Laurent who did it. They must have hunted them here.”  Dale looked puzzled and asked “ Who are James , Victoria and Leo.” Edward looked at Dale and replied “ That’s Laurent and it’s a long story, come on.” they were running down the halls well at least Dale was running just to keep up with Edward walking fast. As they went Dale asked “ Where are we going?” Edward did not say and Suddenly Dale knew they were going to get Renesmee and once they picked her up Edward headed for the car. Once they all three got into the car Dale Asked “ What are we doing?” Edward replied “ We are going home, we have to tell Carlisle about this.” with that Edward started the car and gunned the engine. As the car took off Scott saw Dale in the car with an angry look as two hunters that he went to get was right beside him.

Edward floored it to the house once there he ran in so fast that Dale didn’t even see him go, so Dale and Renesmee walked in the front door and Edward and the rest of them were in the living room as Dale and Renesmee walked in. Edward told Carlisle “Carlisle , there was a boy at the school that is in league with the hunters also he thinks that James , Victoria and Laurent are here and responsible for his families death.”  Carlisle and Esme were together sitting on the coach as Carlisle started thinking and then he looked at Dale and said “ Dale is there any way you could tell him that the people that they seek are dead.”  Dale started chuckling and replied “ I would need proof of them being dead other wise he wouldn’t believe me no matter what I said.”  Carlisle said “ True, Alice any idea when they are planning to attack.” Alice replied “ Day after tomorrow in the afternoon.”  Dale started laughing and said “ They are going to attack in sun light thinking that if you go out that the sun is going to turn you guys into a torch.” Carlisle replied “ Well the cameras are being installed tomorrow and your things should be in also.”  The Cullen’s started talking some more about the hunters as Dale totally for got something he ran up to his room and went to his closet and felt around in his ninja uniform and found some things in his pockets they were ninja throwing stars, he held them in his hand for a minute and then place them in his pocket. Then ran down stairs and went outside where his punching bag was and made a target Doll out of some news paper and rope and some old clothes then place the target in front of a tree then he walked away from the target about five feet turned and faced the target and pulled out the throwing stars and started throwing the stars at the target, soon he was able to either hit the target or come close. Esme walked to the kitchen wondering where Dale took off to and saw him throwing the stars at the target, she went to the door opened it and asked “ Dale, what are you doing?”  Dale turned and looked at her and replied “ I am throwing ninja stars at the bad guy.” then he turned and threw one right toward the targets head, it went flying right toward the target and stuck right in the tree next to the head. Then Dale walked over and picked the stars out of the dummy and the tree. Esme replied “ What are you goanna do kill them?” Dale looked at her and said “ Esme, these hunter have crossbows I am goanna need something that I can use at long range.” Then Dale started again throwing at the target and Esme went back in the house, he practice until it got too dark to see the target and then went into the house. His arms were sore and he put the stars back into his pocket as he went into the living room Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ Esme said you have some sort of throwing weapon.” Dale looked at Esme and then back to Carlisle and replied “ Yes.” Then Carlisle said “ How good are you at throwing these weapons at a target?” Dale didn’t know what to think is Carlisle planning to take them away from him when he might need them to stay alive, and he thought for a minute and said “ Well if I keep practicing I should be able to hit what I aim at.”  Carlisle thought about it and replied “ Could you do me a small favor and not kill any of them.” Dale said “ Sure I’ll do my best.” Carlisle knew that Dale would not use those things unless his life was endanger Dale ate dinner then they watch TV and soon it got late and Dale went to bed.















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