Twilight : The New Storm Chapter Thirteen The Baseball Game

Chapter Thirteen

The Baseball Game


The next morning Dale woke up early to once again go to school, he got dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he sat down on the stool as Esme was making him breakfast, Jasper and Alice was talking at the table about something but Dale couldn’t hear them, then Esme walked by and laid down a plate with French toast and syrup and a side of hash browns with a glass of milk. Then Dale started eating, while Dale was eating Carlisle looked at Jasper and said “Jasper, I think the mailman just came would you go and get the mail?”  Suddenly Jasper vanished and no more that a few seconds later he was back with the mail, Dale just looked at Jasper with his mouth open. Jasper looked back at Dale and smiled, Dale said “ That’s got to be at least a half a mile away from here and you were only gone a few seconds.” Then Emmett and Rosalie walked into the kitchen ,Carlisle started sorting the mail and suddenly there was a letter for Dale and he handed him the letter, Dale was confused who would be writing to him, so he looked at the envelop and all it had on it was Dale. So he flipped it over and opened it up and it said



Dear Dale,

You are in grave danger you must leave the people you are staying with. Because they are Vampires and must be destroyed, they killed my family me and some others, have track them here and we will put a stop to them forever. So you must leave and never come back.

                                                                                        A friend


Dale looked at the letter again and thought who could know about this, he didn’t tell anyone and then he looked at Alice who was staring off into space. Then she suddenly snapped out of it right as Edward and Bella walked through the door with Renesmee, Edward must of read her mind because he had the same worried expression she did. Alice looked at Carlisle and then at Dale then she said “Carlisle, some humans know about us and they plain to destroy us and they want to capture or kill Dale for being with us.” Dale looked at Alice and thought if he had a dollar for every time some one wanted Dale dead he’d be rich. Then he looked at Edward and said “Boy, everybody’s been out to get me lately!” Then Dale looked at Carlisle and then handed him the letter and said “Then this must be a trap.” Carlisle read the letter and thought for a moment and said “Dale I don’t think it would be wise for you to go to school today.” With that Carlisle got the phone and called the school and told them that Dale was sick and would not be in today, then Dale stood up and thought for a second and then suddenly ran to the front door and peaked out the window to looked around then in a flash Jasper was next to him then asked “Dale what are you doing?” Dale looked at him and replied “What if the house is being watched.” Jasper closed his eyes and took in a deep breath then said “There is nobody out there how ever they were there before the post man came.” Dale looked at him and said “How would you know that?” Jasper simply replied “I can smell them.” with that Dale and Jasper walked back into the kitchen and Dale sat on the stool as Jasper went back and sat by Alice.  Then Carlisle continued saying “Dale we are going to protect you.” Dale looked at Carlisle and replied “It looks like you guys are going to need protection.” Emmett looked at Dale and said “You got to be kidding, us need protection ha, we could beat them easily.” and Dale agreed then replied “And if you do that Emmett you will prove them right and get exposed as a Vampire and really make a mess.” Emmett was a little upset and said “So what do you think we should do, just sit here and wait for them to come through the door?” Then Carlisle said “We could leave Forks, all of us.” Then Dale got up and started passing back and forth then looked at Bella with an evil grin. Bella looked at Dale and his big smile and said to him “No Dale that is way too dangerous for you to do.” Dale replied “Bella it’s the only way and it will discredit them if we do this right it will make them look like kooks and it will also scare the crap out of them to boot.” Emmett looked at Dale and smiled and said “Hell yeah, I’m in!” Bella looked at Dale she didn’t want him to risk his life like this but aside from leaving forks there wasn’t much choice. Then she looked at Carlisle and then back to Dale and said “Ok, if you think your idea will work.” Then Carlisle looked at Dale and said “So you have a better solution than leaving forks, what is your plain?” Dale looked at Carlisle with a smile and said “I am going to give them a better monster then a vampire to worry about and I am only human.” With that Dale got up and found a piece of paper and a pencil and started putting is plain into action.  First he made a list of things he would need the list was.

                 Operation: Phantom striker

     List of things needed

1. Smoke bombs

2. Rope

3. Ninja hand Claws

4. Ninja foot spikes

5. Two wooden Katanas

6. Balloons filled with mixed Pepper and water

When Dale was done with the list he handed it to Carlisle, Carlisle looked at the list and said “What is all this stuff for?” Dale replied “Well you could say I am goanna do a bit of hunting.” Then Dale smiled Carlisle looked at Dale and said “No it is too dangerous for you to go after these hunters alone.” Dale just grinned again then said “Hey, I’m a Ninja and who said I am going alone.” That’s when both Emmett and Jasper both sort of got excited and Emmett said “Hell yeah, that’s great I can come with you and it will be over in no time!” Dale looked at Emmett and Jasper, and then he said to Emmett “I did say you I had someone else in mind.” That’s when Edward spoke out loud and said “Jacob!” Dale replied “Right Jacob and I will deal with them that way if you guys are not involved they can’t prove that you are all vampires.”

Carlisle started thinking then said “If they are Vampire hunters where did they come from, there haven’t been any attacks of our kind here in a long time.” Then Edward said “Maybe Monday I can accompany Dale to school incase they try to grab him there.” Carlisle looked at Edward and agreed and said “That’s a good idea.” Then Dale replied “You can’t, what ever happens you can’t use any vampire powers that they will know about, because that will only strengthen there cause, meaning if they come after me you won’t be able to do anything. Trust me Edward I have been trained to handle myself.” Then Dale thought for a moment and looked at Edward again and said “Edward you mind reading how far away do you have to be?” Edward looked at Dale and smiled then replied “Dale, that’s a great idea!” Esme asked “What’s a great idea?” then Edward said “ If I am with Dale at school Monday I could find out if these hunters have someone in the school watching Dale by using my mind reading power.” Carlisle smiled and said “ And that way we will know more about who we are dealing with.”  Carlisle looked at the list and asked Dale “ What is all this stuff.” Dale replied “ Ninja things.” then Carlisle said “ Well if you are going to go after these hunters I am going to have to use the internet and order these things.”  Bella looked at Dale and said “ Jacob will love this you two teaming up to take on some hunters, what with him being a werewolf and all.” Dale spun around  and said “ What did you say, run that by me again?” Bella forgot that Dale didn’t know that Jacob could turn into a wolf, she said “ Yeah, Jacob is a werewolf.” Dale could not believe what he heard  and he started laughing and said “ I guess I was right all along he is a stray dog!” and Dale laughed some more . So soon it was time to go to the baseball game with Charlie in Seattle, Charlie came with Jacob to pick Dale up to go to the game and on the way Dale asked Charlie “ Charlie , have you heard about some new people that came into town recently?” Charlie replied “ Yeah, I heard about a group that is here for a convention at the lodge I heard there here for some hunting.” Dale new that  was a cover up and he thought about it for a moment then Dale asked “ What if I could prove they were here for something else?” That made Charlie curious, he asked “ Ok, Dale what are you up to?” Dale thought about this for a moment he knew he couldn’t tell Charlie the truth, then he said “ What if they come and started hunting near the Cullen’s, say on there land.” Charlie replied “ Well by law that would be trespassing.”  Then Dale thought plus attempted murder, Charlie still was curious and asked “ What are you thinking, that they are going to hunt on the Cullen’s land?”  Dale replied “ Its nothing I got this letter in the mail and it was sort of a threat that’s all.”  Now Charlie was worried, he said “ Now Dale a threatening letter is not something to take lightly!” Dale replied “ Well it was more like a warning.” Charlie looked at Dale and said “ Still you be careful, if anything starts you call me , got it!” Dale looked away and turned his head back to the window and said “ I got it.” It took most of the day to get there luckily the game was at night, but once they got into Seattle and got to Safeco field  Charlie looked for a parking place.  As soon as they found a spot they went into Safeco field, they went to there seats as the stadium filled with people. Charlie decided to go and get the three of them something to eat as he left Dale looked at Jacob and said “Jacob, we need your help.” Jacob looked back at Dale thinking , Dale needs my help ha, since when and then he noticed Dale was looking around to see if Charlie might have dubbed back then he looked at Jacob and said “ Bella and I need your help because there are some people who are human and they are coming after the Cullen’s.” Jacob could not believe this Bella  and  Renesmee are in a jam and they need him, Jacob looked at Dale in disbelieve and said “ The Cullen’s could wipe them out easily and you need my help?” Dale looked at Jacob with a wicked smile and said “ The Cullen’s can’t do anything to the humans because it will make these hunters right and they swore not to hurt humans, so I figured you and I could take them on.” Jacob smiled back and said “ You mean you and me team up for some night fun?” Dale replied “ Right, since us both are not vampires we could scare the heck out of them to where they would leave and never come back.” Jacob looked at Dale and said “ What could you do, you’re not a vampire , yet?”  Dale knew Jacob was right he didn’t have any powers but Dale was a Ninja he knew he had not finished training but he knew more than the hunters did. He thought for a minute and then said “ Jacob your right but I do have my ninja training, So here is my plain” And Dale started telling him and when Dale was finished Jacob smiled and said “ That just might work, so we grab them and tie them up and put them on Charlie’s door step.” Dale replied “ Right.” Jacob thought about it for a minute and said “ Well I would not want Bella and the Cullen’s and especially Renesmee to leave so I’m in.” Dale was about to tell Jacob more but by now Charlie was coming and the game was about to start. Most of the game was boring to Dale it wasn’t like Vampire baseball that he was use to and besides Dale for the first time really  wanted to talk to Jacob  he couldn’t believe that , what he plains to do but now he couldn’t because Charlie was there, so most of the game he was antsy. Charlie could not understand why Dale was so moving all the time he couldn’t sit still and of course Dale wouldn’t tell him what was going on. Later that evening the game was over and they headed back to the car on the way out Charlie bought a couple of Mainers things and gave one to Dale and one to Jacob, then they got into the car and headed back to Forks, by the time they got back it was really late. Dale had fallen asleep in the car as Charlie drove up to the Cullen’s front door, once Charlie stopped the car Dale woke up and looked around Charlie said to him “ Ok, Dale your home.” As Dale got out of the car Jacob rolled down the window and gave Dale his phone number and said “ Call me we’ll talk more later, ok.” Dale replied “ Ok.” with a yawn and then he looked at Charlie and said “ Thanks for the game I had a good time.” Charlie looked at Dale like he didn’t believe him and replied “ Good night, Dale.” And Dale started walking up to the front door as Charlie drove off. Dale walked in the front door dragging his feet and went to his room and went back to sleep.


















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