Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Twelve The Fight

Chapter Twelve

          The Fight

The next morning Dale woke up, got dressed and went down stairs, then walked into the kitchen where Esme and Carlisle stood cooking Dale some breakfast. When Edward and Bella walked in they must have gotten back from hunting because there eyes were goldish color, Carlisle asked “Where is Renesmee?”  Bella replied “Ho she will be here soon.”  Suddenly Renesmee walked in and Esme said “Hi are you ready for another day of school?” Renesmee replied “Only if Dale carries me again.” Dale looked at her and chuckled then said “You are still scared of the other kids ha, that’s funny.”  Renesmee replied “Are you going to eat lunch with Scott again?” Dale suddenly looked at her serious and said “Not if I can help it.” Esme smiled at Dale and said “Dale do you have a friend?” Dale looked at Esme like he was trying to sweep the idea of have friends under the rug then said “Well, we really not friends, we just talked to one another at lunch. Like Carlisle said I am trying to keep a low profile and not to attract attention.” then Renesmee smiled and said “And no fights!” Dale looked at her and scratched his head knowing that sooner or later a fight so going to rear its ugly head and then there will be a fight. Then Dale said “Lets put it this way I won’t throw the first punch.”  Esme frowned and said “Dale, I mean it no fighting! Dale looked at her and smiled then said “What do you want me to do let someone beat my brains on the floor, look I never start a fight.” then Bella replied “No you just finish them!” then she chuckled and went to help Renesmee with her coat, Suddenly Carlisle went to Bella and said “Bella in a few weeks it will be your birthday, I just wondered what you like to do about it?” Bella replied “nothing I don’t want to do anything for my Birthday” Dale over heard and smiled then said to Esme “Still the same Bella does not like birthdays.” Then Edward walked over to Bella and asked “Bella I want to take Renesmee and Dale to school and drop them off I have to get a few things anyway.” Bella looked like she wasn’t expecting him to volunteer to do something like take his daughter and brother to school then Edward looked at Dale and said “Come on time to go.” Dale drank his milk down and started heading out when Edward turned and kissed Bella, Dale looked at them and said “Gee, it’s a Kodak moment!” and started laughing, and Carlisle and Esme were chuckling also at what Dale had said. When Edward was finished he looked at Dale and said “Dale when you are around for a hundred years or so, you will one day kiss a girl.” Dale looked at him in disbelief and said “Not if I can help it.”  With that Dale walked out the door along with Edward and Renesmee. Well after they got into the Car Edward asked Dale “Dale you mean you never once thought about being with a girlfriend.” Dale looked at Edward like this was a touchy subject and didn’t say anything, then Edward started the car and drove to school.  When they arrived at the school Dale and Renesmee go out of the car and Edward said good- by to Renesmee and then drove off, as Dale walked into the school some how Scott found Dale and started talking to him as Dale walked down the hall. Scott said “Hi Dale how’s it going?” Dale looked at Renesmee at asked “Renesmee, do you think you can make it to your class on your own like a big girl or do you want me to walk you to your class.” SHe looked at Dale and said “I want you to take Me.” then she smiled at him and Dale smiled back then replied “Ok come on short stuff.” With that Dale picked her up because it was a little crowded in the hall with teenagers. Then he started for the trailer where the first graders were. Once he was at the trailer he put her down and let her go into the class room then Dale went to his and as he started back Scott suddenly appeared behind him and said “Look this silent treatment is lame, why can’t we just be friends?” Then Dale stopped walking then he turned and looked at him and said “Look I am not a good friend to have around, because if I have someone that dislikes me for instance you’ll be the first they come after just to hurt me, but if you want that, fine.” With that he started walking back to class; well most of the day of school went like it did before. Soon it was lunch time and something different happened Renesmee came to the lunch room on her own and Dale and Scott sat at a table with her, Scott said “Dale man, I heard rumors that the boy from yesterday is after your ass.” Dale looked down at his food and replied “That’s nothing new it seems everyone want to beat me up all my life.” and then he kept eating and Renesmee didn’t touch her food and Scott kept looking around for something, like he was nervous, but Dale didn’t pay that much attention to him. Soon it was time to go back to there classes. Later when school let out for the day, Scott had to go to his locker and get the books he had homework in and Dale walked to get Renesmee and picked her up from class as she came out of the building she walked to Dale and raised her hands to be picked up, so Dale picked her up and started to the parking lot where Edward was going to pick them both up. As soon as they got to the parking lot the cars were all leaving to go home, So Dale let Renesmee down so they waited for Edward soon all the cars were all gone and the parking lot was empty and they were both alone. Dale looked at Renesmee who was worried she was thinking where her father was. Dale turned his head to looked at her and said “Look Renesmee he’ll be here, he probably got hung up some where.”  Suddenly as Dale turned his head back to look at the parking lot again the same boy from yesterday punched Dale right in the jaw. Sending him staggering, Dale looked at the boy at the same time he rubbed his lip which was bleeding now. Dale said “That’s it, now you really step into it!” the Boy replied “Not so funny now is it!” At this point Dale was mad and he looked at Renesmee and said “Renesmee, you stay back ok what ever happens!” then he looked at the boy he was facing and said “Man I am going to hit you with so many lefts, your goanna prey for a right! With that Dale got into a ninja stance, at the same time the boy would swing and at the very second he would swing Dale would block and then super fast hit back right to the face. And the boy staggered backward and then Dale reversed and spun kick him right off his feet, and the boy hit the ground hard. At that moment Scott looked out the door of the school and saw Dale and the other boy fighting then Scott ran back into the school, soon Edward pulled into the parking lot by that time the boy got back to his feet to try to bead Dale up again. This time the boy grabbed Dale with both hands and when he did Dale punched him rapid times in the chest and the stomach then the boy staggered again by that time Edward got out of the car and yelled “Dale!” Dale turned to look at Edward which gave the boy an opportunity to punch Dale right in the eye. Suddenly Edward grabbed Dale and held him back from fighting again and at the same time a teacher held the boy back, Dale was still angry and wanted to keep fighting and Edward said “Dale enough, calm down!” by now Edward had Dale pretty tight Dale knew Edward being a vampire he couldn’t get loose, Edward looked at Dale and said “Dale, Renesmee, get in the car, now.”  With that Dale walked to the car still angry but cooling off, at the same time Edward talked to the teacher when Scott walked out and told the teacher that Dale didn’t start the fight and that he was defending himself. The teacher asked the boy if this was true, but the boy was too tired and hurt to really talk so the teacher took the boy back inside and Edward walked back to the car. All the way back to the Cullen’s house Dale and Edward didn’t talk to each other Edward read Dale mind he knew it wasn’t Dale’s fault. But Edward thought that Dale is not suppose to fight what if he was a vampire and he fought that boy or even kill him. One thing Edward had to admit Dale knew how to fight if the Volturi wanted to mess with the Cullen’s with Dale on there side as a Vampire Dale could possibly beat Felix. Edward looked at Dale who was in the back seat, Dale was covering up one side of his face for some reason, and soon they were back at the house. As soon as the car stopped Dale opened the car door and climbed out, he walked into the house and then up to his room and plopped down on the bed and turned the T.V on and started channel surfing. Still holding his eye it still hurt, but his lip stopped bleeding and it hurt also. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and then Alice and Esme opened the door. Dale had his right side of his face covered with his hand over his eye; Esme asked Dale “Dale are you ok?” Dale looked at Esme and replied “Fine.”  Alice looked at Dale and asked “Dale, What’s wrong with your face?” Dale didn’t need this, why couldn’t they just leave him alone. He thought about it for a moment and simply said “Nothing.” Alice looked at Dale and replied “Then would you mine taking your hand down?” Dale was angry because he was wanting to be left alone so he looked at her and said “Fine.” with that Dale lowered his hand and showed both of them his face. What Esme and Alice saw was Dale’s face, he had a bruise on the Conner of his mouth and a black eye, and they both just stared at Dale for a minute. Then Esme reaction was “Ho my, that looks bad!” Alice had a strange smile on her face then walked to Dale and said “Come on lets get you doctored up.” Esme replied “That looks painful.” Dale looked at her and said “Well, it certainly doesn’t tickle.” Then Alice pulled Dale off the bed and started marching him into the bathroom. And as they were walking down the hall to the bathroom Emmett suddenly appeared from the stairs and saw Dale’s face and watched as Dale walked into the bathroom Emmett replied “Whoa, Dale what happened to you?” Dale said “Ho, I called Mike Tyson a sissy!”  With that the three of them walked into the bathroom and closed the door as Emmett was chuckling and then he said “Way to go Dale that’s my little brother!” Then he walked into his room, they spent an hour doctoring Dale’s face up then they all three went back down stairs as they started down the stairs Dale went and put on his baseball cap that which reminded him the game was this weekend it was like one of the last games before the playoffs, then as Dale got down to the foot of the stairs Carlisle walked through the front door Dale carefully pulled his hat down to try to hide his wounds and walked into the kitchen where the rest of them were talking to one another. Carlisle fallowed Dale, then Dale walked to the stool and sat down as Esme was cooking him some dinner then Carlisle noticed Dale had his cap lower than normal, that’s when Carlisle asked “Dale, so what happened to you today?” Dale lowered his head and replied “Ho, Nothing.” Esme smiled and said “Well Carlisle Dale got into a fight today and from what Renesmee said it wasn’t his fault, the other boy attacked him in the parking lot while Dale was waiting with Renesmee.” Carlisle looked at Dale all the and he noticed Dale’s Conner of his mouth was Black n blue but he still couldn’t see Dale’s face because Dale had his cap down and his face lowered away from Carlisle. Carlisle said “Wow, Dale what happened to your lip?” Then Alice replied “Carlisle, that isn’t nothing compared to Dale’s black eye!” Carlisle looked at Alice in surprise and said “A black eye!” By now Dale put his hand in front of his face, that’s when Carlisle looked at Dale and said “Dale, take your hat off please.” Dale moaned “Do I have too!”  Carlisle thought about it for a moment and instead of him saying yes, you do like any normal parent he said “No you don’t, I don’t care if you have a Black eye or not, I was just curious none of my kids ever had a black eye before?” That took Dale off guard he thought I don’t have to show him what is he playing at, with that Dale looked right at Carlisle and said “ What are you talking about?” which of course made Dale look up and Carlisle clearly saw his black eye, Carlisle said “ Boy, you really do have a black eye.” Chuckling, Dale knew he had been tricked into reviling his black eye. Dale replied “You tricked me!”  And Carlisle said “Yes, I sure did.” That’s when Emmett who was sitting with Rosalie Jumped up and said “Cool, let me see!” and of course Emmett looked at Dale and replied “ Whoa, he does have a shiner.” and that was the last that was said about Dale’s black eye since while Dale was eating dinner Edward told Carlisle  the hole thing. When Dale was finished he started to go watch some T.V when Edward stopped him and said “Hey, Dale come on let’s go into the basement.” So Dale fallowed Edward to the basement in the basement was a lot of music things like a guitar, amps, microphones, Base guitar, piano and a Drum set. Jasper was messing with the guitar; Emmett was on the Base guitar Alice was standing next to Jasper in front of the Microphones. Edward took Dale to the drums and asked “Dale can you play drums?” Dale looked at the drum set and then back at Edward and said “No, I can’t why?” Edward replied “Well I guess we are going to have to teach you how to drums the last time one of us play drums we broke the drum set.” So Dale sat down in front of the drum set and spent most of the night teaching dale how to drum and then he went up stairs and went to sleep.





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