Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Eleven The First Day Of School

Chapter eleven

The First Day of School

The next morning Dale woke up and got dressed then went down for breakfast and the Cullen’s were in the same place they always stood. Dale walked in and sat down on the stool as Esme had breakfast made and handed Dale a plate and a glass of milk suddenly Edward and Bella walked in from the back door with Renesmee. Bella said to Esme, “I think its time for Renesmee to start school also.” Esme replied “I think that’s a good idea.” Then Bella looked at Dale and asked “Dale, could you keep an eye on her at school?” Dale looked at Bella and then at Renesmee and replied “I could do that.” Bella said “Thanks.” Then Bella looked at Renesmee and said “Renesmee you are going to go to school with Dale he will be around if you need him, ok?” Renesmee replied “I don’t want to go.” Bella said “You have to go, don’t worry you will meet kids your own age there.”  Then Emmett replied “Yeah, as long as she don’t get thirsty and decide to have them at lunch.” Bella looked at Emmett and replied “Funny very funny!” Later Dale finished breakfast and started getting ready for school. When he was ready Renesmee was at the door with Bella and Edward who was saying there good bys, then Edward walked over to Dale and asked “Please keep her safe.” Dale smiled and said “Edward we are going to school not to war.” With that Dale and Renesmee both walked out the door and saw Alice in her Porsche and Both Dale and Renesmee got in the car then were off to school. Soon they were at the School and Dale and Renesmee climbed out of the car, the sky was cloudy and was getting darker looked like a thunder storm, a few rain drops started hitting the ground. Alice looked at Dale and said “Call me when school lets out.” Dale replied “Ok, but I don’t have your phone number.” Then Alice quickly gave Dale her number as Dale picked up Renesmee and said to her “come on squirt! Before we get wet. And with that Alice drove off and Dale and Renesmee went into the school all around kids were everywhere and Renesmee was a little afraid. As they walked down the hall one of the teenagers noticed Dale’s Cullen crest he had on his right hand and Dale overheard one of the teenagers say “He’s a Cullen.” As Dale walked by to the office he could hear them all talking about the Cullen’s and Renesmee could hear it too she said to Dale “Dale, I’m scared.” Dale looked at her and she knew he wasn’t afraid and said “Renesmee, trust me there is nothing to be afraid of.” Once Dale got to the counter he sat Renesmee on the counter like a stack of books and looked and saw a lady standing with her back to him and Dale asked “Miss, excuse me Miss?” with that the lady turned around and said “ Yes , may I help you?” Dale replied “Yeah my cousin here needs to start school.” The Lady looked at Renesmee and then back at Dale and said “Yes, here is her class room number her teacher is Miss Potts she teaches the first grade and your name?” Dale replied “Dale, Dale Cullen.” Suddenly the noise that you would hear in an office on the first day of school got real quiet as the lady went through her papers and said “Yes, here is your schedule, now Miss Potts is in the new buildings out side and to your right  in the trailer you can’t miss it.” Dale replied “Thanks.” With that Dale picked up Renesmee and turned around and left the office and walked down the hall way and as they got to the door leading out side Dale saw out the window it was raining hard by now. Dale looked at Renesmee and said “Ok kiddo hold on tight I am going to try to run for it so we don’t get soaked.” With that Dale walked out into the rain and it was really coming down, Dale ran as fast as he could and by the time he made it to the trailer he was mostly wet. Once he was there he opened the door and got in quick then he looked at Renesmee and said breathing heavy “Was that fun or what? Renesmee just smiled, with that Dale walked into the class room of Miss Potts. Then he let Renesmee down and walked to Miss Potts desk where she was sitting and Renesmee followed, Dale said to Miss Potts “Hi my cousin is a new student and her name is Renesmee.” Miss Potts turned to look at Renesmee and said “Hi there Renesmee this is your first day of school great just go and pick out a desk.” Renesmee was afraid she hid behind Dale as Dale looked at her he said “Go on Renesmee its ok.” with that Renesmee started to walked to a desk. Dale asked Miss Potts “What time is lunch for your class?  Miss Potts replied “Twelve” Dale looked at the piece of paper and it said 11:45. He walked over to Renesmee and said “Hey Renesmee I’ll see you at lunch ok.” then he got closer and whispered “Remember no powers.” She looked up at him and smiled then replied “Yeah and Carlisle said no fighting.” He looked at her with a shocked look like me fight. Then he had to leave so he could get to his class on time, Once he got to his class room he was just a few minutes late and found a seat in the back of the room so to keep a low profile for his first class which was history the teacher walked by and handed out the books then said “ Alright class open your books to page four chapter one, as Dale did so he looked up for a minute and saw a couple of teenagers one was a boy and the other was a girl was watching him as the teacher went on about the chapter, Dale tried to ignore the two of them and then he heard one whisper something about the Cullen’s and the crest wrist band that Emmett gave him. At that moment Dale slowly moved both hands under the table and took the wrist band off, he thought to him self I’ll put it back on before going home. Then once it was off he tucked it into his pocket. Once that class was over Dale got up and walked out into the hall as the other teenagers started talking among themselves Dale thought to himself that he didn’t care if they wanted to be friends or not he knew not to draw attention to himself as told, but part of him wanted to have friends and have fun but the smarter part of him knew that the Cullen’s were Vampires and he was a Cullen now so he had to keep away from people all together. As he walked to his next class a teenager about his age was following him yelling “Hey wait up!” But Dale kept walking; Dale knew what the guy wanted he wanted to be friends. But Dale could not have friends so he kept walking soon he got to his next class and sat down and suddenly the guy who was yelling for him to wait up came into the room and sat next to Dale. Dale thought ho great here he is trying to not be noticed and this guy wants to talk to him, soon the teacher came in to start the class. The teacher started handing out books to the English class when the guy started trying to talk to him; the teenager said “Hi, my name is Scott, What’s your name?” Dale looked at him and said “Why are you talking to me?” The boy was stunned at the tone Dale spoke at him, Scott replied “Hey cool down dude I just want to be---” Dale finished the sentence and said “Friends, maybe I don’t want any friends.” Scott replied “You’re a Cullen aren’t you?” Dale was not in the mood for this, Dale said “All the more reason to leave me alone.” and with that Dale moved to another empty desk. For the rest of the class Dale just sat there, he never felt so alone there were no Cullen’s around to talk and laugh with. He remembered this feeling the first night when he ran away from home when he didn’t know who to trust because they might get him caught and he hated this feeling, So as soon as the class was over to go to lunch he went up to Scott and said “Look I’m sorry but I just have a lot of things to worry about and I just didn’t want you to get hurt or in the way, ok.” Scott looked at Dale and smiled and replied “Hey, that’s no problem I just wanted to be friends I tell you what lets go to lunch and talk.” Dale said Ok, but I have to get my cousin first she is new in school too.”  So once Dale went by and got Renesmee they both went to the cafeteria, Dale, Scott and Renesmee all three got in line to get lunch when Renesmee asked Dale “Dale where is your wrist band at?” and Dale replied “I put it in my pocket to keep a low profile.” then it was Dale’s turn to pick something out to eat, Scott looked at Dale and said “So you’re a Cullen, funny you don’t look like a Cullen.” Then Scott looks at Renesmee and said “You do but he doesn’t. Dale, how can you be a Cullen?” Dale looked at Renesmee and replied “Carlisle sort of took me in.” Scott looked shocked and said “Dr. Carlisle?” Dale replied “yeah.” As they were talking they paid for there meal and found a seat to sit and eat. While they ate a big heavy built teenager walked up to Dale and said “So I hear you live with the freaks!” Renesmee gave the boy a nasty look at the same time Dale just smiled and replied “Well I guess what they say is true.”  The boy looked puzzled and replied “What is true” Renesmee looked at Dale with a worried look but Dale was still smiling he said “That is when a human starts gaining weight he loses brain cells.” The teenage boy looked still puzzled and said “What does that mean?” Dale chuckled and said “I’ll show you , let me tell you a story ok you see there is a momma monkey and a baby monkey by a river and across from the river is a banana tree  now there is also a bridge that will allow the monkeys  to cross , well the momma monkey runs across the bridge to the tree and leaves the baby monkey for a few minutes suddenly the river washes the bridge down stream, Now the question I put to you is this,  how does the baby monkey  get to his mother and the banana tree?”  The teenage boy thought about it and thought about it and could not figure out how the baby monkey could get across he kept thinking and could not come up with a straight answer, he looked to his buddies and they didn’t know either. Then Dale said “Give up?”  And the teenage boy replied “yes.” then Dale chuckled and said “Well if a big monkey like you can’t figure it out how do you expect a baby monkey too.” That just made the teenager mad and he was about to punch at the same time Dale knew that this would start something so he had both hands on the tray to use as a shield when a teacher walked in. And the boy left saying “We will finish this at a later time.” Dale replied “Would you like a piece of advice bring friends …. A lot of them!”  Scott looked at Dale like he was a dead man and Renesmee looked scared for Dale, Dale just looked back and said “Renesmee don’t worry I have handled bullies before all my life in fact.” Scott looked at Dale and said “Dale that was not a smart move he beats guys up all the time around here.” Dale replied “yeah, I know his type but you know a Bully will keep on coming after you until you stand up and punch him in the face and after you do that he won’t bully you anymore.” Soon it was time to go back to class, Dale walked Renesmee to her class and then he went to his. Later at the end of school Dale went to get Renesmee and meet Alice out front and went home, on the way home Alice said “Dale did something happen at lunch today?” Dale replied “No not really.”

Alice replied “I saw you were about to get into a fight.” Then Dale said “Yeah, but I didn’t did do it did I.”  Alice replied “That’s only because a teacher was there, what you would have done if she hadn’t been there?” Suddenly Carlisle was right behind Dale as Dale said “I would have discussed aggressive negotiations.” As Dale turned around and started up the stairs Carlisle asked “What is Aggressive negotiations.” Dale smiled and replied “You could call it the art of fighting with out fighting.” Suddenly Bella caught him and said “Dale can you finish my computer?” Dale replied “Oops, I forgot, I’ll get right on it.” With that Dale went into the Kitchen and started installing the drivers and after an hour it was fixed. Dale looked at Bella and said “Walla, finished, all fixed but next time back up your things so you don’t lose them.” She was so happy she grabbed her laptop and took off. Dale yelled “You’re welcome!” But Bella did not hear him, so he went up stairs to his room and laid on his bed and watched cartoons the Loony Tunes were on T.V and it was a cartoon about a giant snowman looking for a bunny rabbit and Dale was laughing his head off and imitating the snowman. Then next was a Robin Hood parody and Robin Hood kept hitting trees and Dale was laughing so hard he was crying. Soon it was time for dinner. Well at dinner Dale came down to the kitchen and discovered that Esme and Carlisle were not there they were out hunting, Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Alice and Jasper were in the kitchen. Dale walked in and sat on the stool and Bella asked “What were you laughing at up in your room?” Dale smiled and said “I was just watching Loony Tunes I forgot how funny they were.” Edward looked at Dale and said “Renesmee told me you have a friend at school, is that true?” Dale thought about it a second and replied “Well…. He is not really a friend we just talked that’s all.” Edward was a little concerned he said “Dale you can’t have friends that are human because of the fact once you are one of us it would be dangerous for him and he might find out what you are. And that is a bad thing you can’t have any human friends at all.” Dale looked at Edward a little aggravated he said “Well at school what am I suppose to do when people talk to me not talk back I didn’t ask him to be my friend, I know to keep a low profile but there is no one there to talk to and I am there for seven hours I’ll have to talk to somebody sooner or later.” Edward thought about it and then said “Ok fine just don’t get too close ok.” Dale looked at Edward and smiled and said “I know the drill and don’t worry, now what does a human do to get fed around here?”  Bella smiled and replied “I am fixing you a good healthy dinner.” Dale thought what will it be, he said “What are you fixing?” Bella knew Dale and she went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bowel with a salad in it then placed it in front of Dale. Dale looked at the bowel and said “Ha, ha, ha, very funny now where is the real food.” Bella looked at him and said “Eat this first.” Dale once again looked at the salad and then back to Bella and said “Look Bella I am not a pet rabbit.” Bella looked insulted at Dale and said “Your just like Charlie, here is the salad dressing!” with that she set the bottle in front of Dale and Dale replied “Is that a complement or an insult?” Bella looked at Dale and said “Look the rest of the food is cooking.” At the same time Dale had taken the cap off the bottle and was drowning the salad in dressing, Bella looked at Dale in shock at how much dressing Dale was putting on his salad she replied “Enough you are putting to much dressing on the salad.”  Dale smiled and said “So?”  Then Dale put the cap on the bottle and started to eat the salad, Bella started to laugh at the way Dale was eating the salad, she said “Why not have a bowel of dressing with your salad?” Dale just kept eating soon the rest of the meal was done it was a Hamburger and French fries, Dale grabbed the ketchup bottle and started shaking the ketchup bottle, then he opened the cap and tried to get the ketchup out but none would come out, then Bella looked at Dale and said “Boy some times I wonder how you are so smart when you can’t get ketchup out of a bottle.” Dale looked worried and replied “A… Bella you know what they say shake and shake the ketchup bottle none will come then a lot will!” with Bella her being a vampire really shook the bottle and then suddenly, Splat! As the cap came off the ketchup came out of the bottle and since Edward was standing right next to Bella he got Ketchup all over him as well as Bella. Dale nearly choked laughing so hard and Alice and Jasper were laughing as well. The Ketchup was on one side of Edwards face, Bella looked horrified she said “Ho my gosh, Edward I am so sorry!” then she started laughing at Edward. Edward looked at Bella and was doing a fare job of keeping a straight face; he looked at her and said “ho you think getting Ketchup on me is funny?” Then Bella’s laughter turned to shock and started backing up as Edward moved toward her she said “You wouldn’t dare!” Of course Edward had the Ketchup bottle and when he got close he dumped it right on Bella’s head and what made matters worse is at this time Carlisle and Esme walked into the kitchen. At that moment Dale got out of there fast with his hamburger in one hand and a fist full of fries in the other and ran up stairs to his room and he stayed up there the rest of the night.  











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