Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Ten Going To School

Chapter Ten

Going to school


Soon it was that time for kids to go to school and for Dale there was no exception, Dale was fast asleep in his bed when suddenly Alice opened the door and yelled “Wake up Dale time to go to school!” Then she shut the door and as she did Dale fell out of bed with a thump Alice just laughed and went into the kitchen and when she got there Carlisle asked “ What was that thump?” Alice laughing replied “Oh, Dale fell out of bed again, Ha, Ha.” Still laughing Esme asked Carlisle “Why do you think he keeps falling out of bed like that?”  Carlisle is still chuckling at Dale falling out of bed replied “ Well it could be a lot of reasons for it.” suddenly Dale walked into the room and everyone was there all trying to keep a straight face and Dale knew what they were laughing about, Dale just walked to the stool and sat down when Emmett said “Boy Dale when they sung the song when the bow breaks the child will fall  they weren’t kidding.” with that they all could no longer hold it in chuckling, when Dale replied “ That’s fine coming from someone who doesn’t sleep at all!” Esme looked at Dale and said “Come on Dale, don’t be grouchy here is your breakfast.”  Soon Dale ate most of his breakfast as Carlisle finished talking on the phone, After Carlisle hung up the phone he looked at Esme and said “Here’s what will do, we will drop Dale off at school and then we will get the papers signed and then come home and pick him up later.” Alice replied “I could go and get him at three o clock after I go hunting.”  Carlisle replied “That would be great Alice.”  Edward looked at Dale and said “Someone needs to teach him how to drive a car so he can go get his license.” Alice replied “I can do that.” Carlisle looked at Dale and he was in shock, Carlisle asked “What’s wrong, Dale?” Dale thought him drive a car he never thought about this before. Emmett said “If we are goanna teach him to drive he needs to learn to drive stick first.” Esme thought about it and said “We will need to get him his learners permit.” Carlisle replied “Right, he will need the driving book to study.” Soon it was time for Dale to go to School, so he went and got his coat on and got into the car with Carlisle and he drove Dale to School and on the way there Carlisle said “Now Dale can you do me a favor, I want you to do your best on the placement tests ok because it has been along time since you were in school and if you could try not to draw to much attention to your self ok, what I am trying to say is its one thing being funny with us, just try to bring it down a notch ok?” Dale looks at Carlisle and thought about it and said “Is it because I am living with a bunch of vampires?” Carlisle looked back at Dale who was smiling then said “look at it this way, Dale do you want the Volturi to come back?” With that Dale’s smile vanished into terror the thought of them coming back after him again was not very good idea. Dale replied “No!” Carlisle was now the one to smile and he said “ Good then you will not draw attention to your self because after Christmas break your goanna be one too, so you need to keep a low profile, think about it like…. A secret agent thinks like that in school your mission is to get threw school with out being noticed, ok?” Dale thought about it for a minute and then said “What about friends?” That was the question Carlisle was hoping he would not ask, Carlisle knew Dale needed friends but before Dale becomes a vampire would not be a good idea because Dale will look a little different once he was one of them and other people will notice that. So Carlisle said to Dale “Can you hold off on making friends until after the holidays because once you are one of us you wouldn’t want to put your friends in danger would you?” Dale didn’t think about that, he knew Carlisle was right and then he looked at him and said “Ok, I’ll be antisocial for awhile.” Carlisle replied “Good.” By this time they arrived at school and Dale could see all kinds of kids walking around, Dale fallowed Carlisle into the school, then they walked into the office. As soon as Carlisle walked in with Dale all eyes were on Carlisle, Dale was standing right next to him and said “Carlisle is this your idea of keeping a low profile?” Carlisle walked up to the counter and said “ Yes, I am here to register him for School” and the lady replied “ Very well Dr. Cullen.” then she started getting papers together and then looked at Dale and said Aren’t you Charlie’s little nephew?” Dale smiled and replied “Yes, ma’am.” then she said “ Ho, my goodness where have you been I haven’t seen you since you were six years old, boy your face hasn’t changed a bit and you have gotten taller, Well we will need you to sign here and here. Dale rolled his eyes and looked at Carlisle and said “Ha, don’t attract attention!” As the lady continued with the paper work Carlisle looked at his watch and said “Look Dale I have to go, Alice will pick you up later.” Then he turned to the lady and said “I must go will he be all right here?” the lady replied “Yes of course Dr. Cullen he just has to take a placement test.” Then Carlisle left and Dale was in the office with the lady who took him to a class room and handed him a test which he finished in two hours and then they gave him the same test again and with out asking why he retook the test and when he was finished they did it again and another two hours go by and Dale could not figure out why they kept giving him the same test. Then they took him to the office and in the office stood Carlisle and Esme with Alice who was suppose to pick him up they looked at him like he had did something wrong and that he was in trouble he replied “I didn’t do it , know body saw me do it and there is know way any body can prove anything!” when the principle took then all four into his office he said “Hello, Dr. Cullen I asked you here because we have Dale records’  and it seems his last grade in school was as an 8th grader and we tested him three times today the second time was because we thought it was an error this last time we thought he was some how cheating.” Dale looked at Carlisle sort of smiling but Carlisle was not too happy about this at all, then Dale looked away from him guilty look on his face and then he thought why am I feeling guilty I didn’t do anything wrong. Then Esme asked “So was Dale cheating on the test?” The Principle replied “ No, but it is very baffling his records says he was an 8th grader and his test results says he is an eleventh grader with high scores in science and math, but in his records it has no grades for 9th or 10th grades. Dale was in shock he couldn’t believe that this was happening he looked at Alice and Alice was smiling at the look on Dale’s face. Carlisle asked “ So what you are saying.” the Principle replied “ That tomorrow he start the eleventh grade and Carlisle I want to say this and you can tell my friend Charlie he has one smart nephew.” then he turned to Dale and asked “Dale do you know what you would like to do when you get out of school, because if you keep this up you will be able to be anything , be able to go into any field maybe a Doctor like Dr. Cullen here, Just think about it Dale and I’ll see you tomorrow at school.” With that Dale was still in shock as all four of them left the school, Carlisle still looked angry at Dale then as they got to the car Carlisle spun around and said to Dale “ I don’t know what you did in there!” in an angry tone and Dale thought he was dead then Esme said “Carlisle, don’t be that way he did his best on that test.” then Carlisle looked at Esme and said “Esme, that is no excuse he did something that has no excuse for!” then he smirked at Dale and said “Dale Cullen, I am so proud of you I had know idea you were that smart, for someone in our family to Ace that test not once but three times!” Dale looked at Carlisle and Esme who both were very happy with him then Dale said “My mother said that I was smart when I wanted to be.” then Alice skipped up to him and said “Great going little brother and that on the first time through school!” Carlisle kept saying to Dale “Paging Dr. Dale Cullen!” Dale replied “Don’t hold your breath.” Esme and Carlisle both got in the car and Dale fallowed, Alice got into her car and they all went home.

Back at the house Bella, Edward and Renesmee was in the living room as the rest of the Cullen’s walked in the door, when Alice, Dale and Esme and Carlisle walked into the living room Bella asked “What happened , what took you guys so long?” Carlisle replied “Well Dale here decided to skip three grades.” Bella looked at Dale and asked “why did you go and do that for?” Dale looked at her and smirked then Bella smiled and then said “Oh, Dale I need your help my laptop won’t work.” Dale chuckled and said “So what do you want me to do about it.” Bella picked up her laptop and handed it to Dale and Edward replied Bella, I can get you a new computer. Bella looked at Edward like that’s what we need is to spend more money then she said “I don’t want a new computer I want this computer.” Dale started looking at the computer at the same time asking Bella questions like “Bella, what is the computer doing?” and Bella replied “When the computer went on the windows won’t come up and my songs are on there.” Dale started thinking for a minute and said “Well it could be your hard drive; I will need all your drivers?” Bella didn’t know what Dale was talking about she replied “What are drivers?” Dale said “The disks that came with the computer.” But Bella was worried and she said “What about my songs, you can get them back and all my E-mails from my mother, God I hope they are not lost what the hell causes this to happen!”  Dale replied “It probably was a virus got into your hard drive.” Carlisle and Esme walked into the room as Dale was talking about what could be the problem with Bella’s computer and then Carlisle said “You see he all ready sounds like a doctor.” Dale then gave Carlisle a funny look then he said to Bella “Better get another hard drive just in case also you don’t need to worry about your E mails they are not stored on your computer.” then Dale got up walked into the garage and pulled out the tool box and then carried it into the kitchen along with the laptop, then he set the laptop on the table and turned it on and started working on the computer. He sat there for hours looking at the screen, and then Bella walked into the kitchen with Edward and said “How’s it coming?” Dale replied “Ok, I’ve got good news and bad news which does you wants to hear first?” Bella replied “The good news” Dale said “the good news is I can fix your computer, just like you had it” Bella replied “That’s great, ho Dale you’re a genius!” Dale just smiled, and then Bella thought and said “What’s the bad news?” Dale replied “The bad news is all your songs that you downloaded, kaput there gone, destroyed, I assume you have them back up on a disk of back up file right.” Bella replied” No I don’t.” Bella never thought to back up any of her files she never had a problem like this before. Dale thought about it for a moment and said “Okay, give me a list of songs and I will put them on the computer and any other things on here you want. As soon as I get windows installed also would you get me the disks that came with the computer?” So Bella went and looked for her disks, while Dale formatted the hard drive. Bella brought over the disks and Dale started working as Bella and Edward went into the living room, hours went by and soon it was late at night and Esme and Carlisle went into the kitchen to see how Dale was doing, when they saw Dale in front of the computer sound asleep. Carlisle said to Esme “You know what I think he could sleep anywhere.” Esme just smiled and said “He has had a full day.” Suddenly Edward and Bella walk in and see Dale asleep, Bella replied “How can he sleep like that, that can’t be comfortable.” then she walked over to Dale and woke him up, she said “Dale, Dale wake up is my computer fixed, yet?” Dale woke up and rubbed his eyes and said “Nope, I still have to install the drivers.” Bella replied “Well you better go to bed you have school tomorrow.” Dale asked “Why, what time is it?” Bella looked at the clock then she said “It’s almost one.” then Dale got up and started walking to the bed room to go to bed.   













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