Twilight: The New Storm Chapter Twenty Two The Dream


Twenty- Two

The Dream

Well as Dale slept, Carlisle pulled out the second syringe with the venom inside it and looked at everyone and said “ Ok I am about to eject him with the Venom so watch your machines.

Well in Dale’s dream, Dale was walking around in a long hallway it looked like the school hallway and he was alone then he saw a classroom and Meko was inside the classroom, he tried to open the door but it was locked. Then he stared banging on the door when suddenly he felt a pain In his arm and then he heard something coming toward him, He looked down the hallway and at the end of the hall was something that made him tremble with fear  it looked to be his size but it was all in black. Then it turned and saw him which made Dale’s heart stop cold and he started slowly back away as it moved slowly toward him he asked “ Who are you? What do you want?” but the figure said nothing. With that Dale turned and started to run he was thinking to himself where the hell can I go and he replied anywhere but here, he glanced behind him and the thing in black started after him as Dale kept running his heart was racing.

Edward looked at the brain activity and it was very active the monitor was going with I high activity and Edward knew Dale was scared because he could read his thoughts. That’s when Alice said “ Carlisle his heart is racing.” Edward replied “ He is have a lot of brain activity and from what I read he is afraid.” Carlisle looked at Esme and said “ Don’t worry Dale will be fine this is part of the venom going through his system as soon as it gets to his heart this is to be expected.”

Dale rounded another corner and headed down the hall when he saw something that he thought he would never see again. It was his mom and Dad, he ran to them and went up to his mother to give her a hug when she looked at him like she was angry with him and said “ You, how dare you come and hug me you are not my son!” Dale was shocked his eyes started tearing up “ But mom its me , Dale” She looked at him and replied “ I can’t believe what you’ve done! Didn’t I teach you to be a good boy and you do this turn your back on me and God!” Dale couldn’t believe what he was hearing he started backing away from his mother as his father walked up next to his mom and he said “ You were a mistake if we didn’t have you, we would still be alive this is all your fault!” Dale started to almost cry he replied “ No it isn’t my fault!” then his father said “ You just condemned yourself so you are not our son , you are a little freak!” Then suddenly the Black thing grabbed Dale and threw him like a rag doll as he flew through the air and  hit the lockers and then landed on the floor once he got to his feet and he started running away once again. And as he left he heard his father say “ That’s right run I raised a coward, you never stood up to anything in your life  all you do is run away!” and he started laughing as Dale ran away in the distance. As Dale ran he knew what ever it was, was still after him

As Dale was thrown to the lockers in the real world he suddenly Jerked in his sleep and Esme moved close to him looking worried about him. Carlisle looked at Esme and said “ The venom is starting to change him, his body is trying to fight it, boy he’s a strong boy.” well inside Dale’s dream he was running as fast as he could  when he saw Meko in the hall he ran to her as she looked at him she said “ Dale one day you will have to stop running and turn and face what ever it is you are running from weather it be your patents death or your own grief or fear itself.” As she said that Dale looked back and saw the thing coming toward him and then he looked back to Meko and she was gone. Then he thought about it for a moment and said to himself she was right I can’t run anymore I ran from bullies, I ran from my parents death and now I am running from this thing, well I am through running I think I am goanna fight now. With that Dale got into a ninja fighting stance and waited for what ever it was to get closer, just as the thing got closer it stopped and started  walking toward him and it said “ What a human like you is going to fight me?” This threw Dale into shock it sort of sounded like him?, But it couldn’t be. The dark figure then said “ I am part of you now and by every minute I get stronger while you get weaker, you cannot win.” then he showed his face it was himself but he was a vampire, like the Cullen’s but his eye’s were red like the Volturi. Then the Darker Dale said “ The only way you are going to survive is to surrender to me and I will get you out of this place.” Dale thought about it and then said “ Does the fraise go suck a lemon hold any meaning for you!” then the Darker Dale replied “ Ha, ha humor your humor we always used humor to hide our feelings , you always have a snappy come back and  soon I will too we both will.”  Dale was starting to lose his cool as the darker Dale got ready to fight then he said “ This is stupid I know all your tricks and moves and I am twice as strong as you and you think you can win.” then Dale replied “ Are we going to get on with this or are you goanna bore me to death with your mouth!” then the Darker Dale gave him the evilest grin that made even Dale’s hairs stand up on the back of his neck. Then suddenly the vampire Dale kicked at him but Dale quickly blocked and spun kicked and the Darker Dale block. For Dale it was like trying to fight your own shadow no matter what he did it was a stale mate then suddenly the darker Dale used his vampire strength and kicked him so hard he went fling backward and almost landed on his head with a thud and he didn‘t get up.

Well outside the dream, The Cullen’s could not understand what was going on Dale would suddenly jerk every now and then but when he almost landed on his head in the real world Dale’s Heart stopped and Alice looked at the monitor and said “ Carlisle the monitor!” Carlisle looked at the monitor in shock It was too early, but the monitor showed his heart rate went flat line and Bella replied “ Ho my god, All vitals and breathing have stopped !” That’s when Carlisle said “ It can’t be its too soon the venom haven’t reached the heart, yet!” Then  Edward replied “ His brain is still working but its getting weaker.”  Carlisle looked at Dale and said “ I must have given him too much to put him under.” And Carlisle started giving him C.P. R.

Well Dale suddenly found himself in a dark place and it was not the school hallway and he suddenly started seeing everything from when he was sleep to when he first came to the Cullen’s to when he ran away, he was seeing his hole life all the way back to when he was a baby. And suddenly he saw his mom, She was just as he remembered her and she said “ Dale you are not suppose to be here, you have to go back.” Dale looked at his mother and said “ Mom I’m sorry I love you but I have a new family and I want to be with them now.” His mom looked at him with tears in her eyes and said “ Dale no matter what happens you will still be my baby boy, and I will always be with you and I will be with you always.” Dale said “ Mom please understand me I have to say goodbye mom I am going to be with the Cullen’s for along time and I love them, too.” Dale’s mom went up to Dale to tried to hug her son but suddenly there was a barrier that she couldn’t touch him. Dale looked down at himself and he was fading away his last words to his mother was “ I love you mom an I am happy were I am ,don’t worry.”

Suddenly Alice said “ Carlisle I got a pulse.” And Carlisle looked at Dale and then at Esme  and replied “ Boy that was close.” Esme was relived that Dale came back and she was holding his hand as Dale slept.

Well in Dale’s dream, Dale was still on the floor and he could hear the other Dale come up beside him as he started to get up, The other Dale said “ Come on Dale we don’t have to fight just give it up, it will be much easier that way.” Then Dale suddenly thought of something he hadn’t before he just realized he was asleep and this was a dream, he stood up and saw the other Dale looking back at him smiling. And said “ Soon you will apart of me and we will be happy won’t that be nice.” Dale looked at the Vampire Dale and suddenly knew what this thing was it was the venom that was going to turn him, he thought about it and knew the other Dale was right, that’s what he would become once he woke up. As the other Dale grinned like he won, but if this thing was him he would know that Dale didn’t like losing. The other Dale put his hand out to shake his hand, That’s when Dale got a mean grin on his face as the other Dale smiled and said “ have decided to unite us , right, we will be friends forever, ha, ha , ha .” That’s when Dale walked up to the other Dale and shook his hand and Dale said “ did you know?” then the vampire Dale replied “ What I’m I suppose to know.” Dale replied “ I Don’t like to lose.” suddenly Dale took his left hand and put it to his elbow and at the same time pushed down and pulled up and the same time breaking the vampire Dale’s arm off as the vampire Dale screamed, the real Dale replied “ oops, I guess your goanna need a hand since I got yours.”  And now the other Dale was off balanced when Dale kicked him into the air and he landed with a crash. Suddenly the other Vampire Dale got up and looked at the Dale that sent a cold shiver down his spine, the vampire Dale looked truly angry. He instantly got on his feet as Dale went into a fighting stance, suddenly Dale noticed his hands were getting whiter and that the only way he would have the ability to rip his arm off was, he was becoming one of them. He looked down at his hands and started backing away from the other Dale, Then something hurt him for the first time in his chest and he fell to the floor of the school hall way as he put his hands to his chest in pain. The vampire Dale walked over to him and said “ Dale you are going to be ok you don’t have to be afraid of us anymore I won’t hurt you.” As Dale eye’s closed and everything went black.

Soon Dale started hearing something, it sounded like Carlisle who said “ Its done he should be coming out of it any time.” Dale tried to open his eye’s and see put everything was blurry. He heard Esme say “ Dale you’re ok, come on, come home my son.” Suddenly Dale started to see two faces but they were still blurred, but the more he tried to focus his eye’s the clearer the images became, the two people were Esme and Carlisle, Carlisle looked at Dale and smiled saying “ Welcome back , you made it.” soon Dale could see the hole room. Alice was looking at him as Jasper held her behind him for protection. As Carlisle asked “ Dale are you ok how do you feel?” Dale looked at Carlisle and replied “ I feel like I called Mike Tyson a sissy.” everyone chuckled as Carlisle said “ You will feel better after you drink this.” Dale’s mind kept racing as Carlisle started to hand Dale a cup of what he didn’t know and then he felt a sort of Burning from his throat it was like he had a sore throat but it was getting worse. Dale asked “ Why is everyone staring at me for?”  Carlisle replied “ Well its because you died before the venom turned you.” Dale looked shocked and said “ I died?” Esme looked at Dale and said “ Dale now you need to drink this, you’ll feel better.” Dale took the cup and was about to drink it when he looked inside it and saw blood, for the first time he was about to drink blood. Then he looked at Esme and then back at the cup as Bella said “ Come on Dale chug it down.” Then Dale looked at the cup and said “ Threw the lips and past the gums look out stomach cause here it comes.” then Dale threw what was in the cup in his mouth, it was warm and the he swallowed it. And Esme was right it did make him feel a little better his throat was a little less sore, then Dale looked at Edward and Emmet as they came closer they looked a little relived that he drank the blood as well as Alice and Jasper came closer Dale looked at his hands holding the cup thinking, this is my hand. Then with out thinking he held his breath and he discovered he didn’t need to breath. He looked at Esme and said “ Boy, I sure am glad I am back.”  Esme looked at Dale smiling and said “ Now you will never be alone ever again.” Dale smiled he looked around the room it looked like it was late in the afternoon. Alice looked at Dale and said “ We need to teach Dale how to hunt.” Jasper said “ Yes, that might be a good idea since he has not fed much.” Dale chuckled When suddenly Dale suddenly vanished in thin air. Esme looked shocked Carlisle became nervous and said “ Dale?, Dale!” Dale looked at Carlisle and said “ What why are you shouting.” Carlisle relaxed and said “ Because I can’t see you” Dale was nowhere to be seen Jasper jumped back ready for some sort of an attack with Alice behind her.  As Dale said “ You can’t see me?” Bella looked all around the bed and it looked empty and said “ None of us can see you , Dale.” Dale suddenly like this he said “ Wow!, That means I can sneak into the girls locker room at school and no one can see me I like this!”  Esme was shocked at what he said she poked the bed and it was Dale that she poked and said “ You better not !” Dale replied laughing saying “ Ok, it’s a joke don’t poke me again that tickles.” Emmet was giggling about what he said “ That is soooo Cool! Why couldn’t I have that power like that!”  Carlisle said “ Ok Dale show your self.” Dale’s laughter suddenly went quiet and realized he did know how he vanished let alone reappear. He could see everyone in the room but they couldn’t see him, he looked at Carlisle and said “ Huston, we have a problem!”   












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