The Wrath of Nora

My eldest sister Nora and I are very close but we haven't always been. Since the passing of our folks, she's the 'maternal' figure in the family. Every family has one, you know...the one that everyone goes to for life's advise and encouragement. She's always ready with a smile, a hug and honesty. She has never sugar coated anything and will tell you exactly what you NEED to hear, not what you WANT to hear. Some find that abrasive. Those who know her appreciate it.

Growing up with Nora wasn't peaches and cream. Being the eldest she always had the strongest personality and with that came bossiness! She was always telling us kids what to do. She ruled with an iron fist and since she was older than all of us we nicknamed her 'Sasquatch'.
She was so bossy and annoying that the rest of us kids tied her to a tree once and left her for 5 hours JUST to be able to go swimming without her constant nit-picking. That did not go without punishment. The thing is, kids don't always think about things before they do them. Things like CONSEQUENCES.
I remember going back to the tree a few hours later and she was STEAMING MAD! We were so afraid that we went home to get Dad. We'd rather face dad than the wrath of Nora. Dad went out and untied her. We all hid. I think I hid for 4 hours. I was scared half to death. I sat there and thought about tying her up and swimming and smiled. Yes, the four hours of peace and quiet was worth her wrath. Or was it? I stayed in my hiding place for hours until the pangs of hunger started. I stayed until I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to pee, I was starving and being crammed in this small space in the shed was getting really uncomfortable. I knew she was out there looking for us. All of us kids scattered to the four corners of the earth. I swear if Connie could have escaped to Siberia, she would have.
It was past supper time. I could hear mom calling us and the footfalls that skittered past the shed on the way into the house. I knew if I could just get inside the house without 'Sasquatch' seeing me, I would be safe at least until supper was over.
I didn't play my cards right.
I slipped from the shed, jogged around the side of the house to the front door and was grabbed by my belt and hoisted off the ground. I knew it was Sasquatch. I swallowed hard but before I could yell for dad she had her hand over my mouth with a piece of duct tape. I knew I was in for it. I didn't even struggle, that would provoke her even more. She carried me just out of sight of the back door across the treeline. It was getting dark, and I was scared.
I heard mom calling one last time that supper was ready and Nora answered sweetly, "Coming mom, I'm looking for Billy!"
I knew it then. I was in for it.
Within 5 minutes she lifted me and hung me from a branch by my belt and disappeared back towards the house.
Great... I was hanging there with the world's most incredible wedgy, my mouth was taped and I couldn't reach behind me to unhook myself from the branch. The tension from my weight made it impossible to even unzip my pants and get out of it that way. I hung there for a good 40 minutes before I heard her footsteps. I closed my eyes and prayed for it to be Dad or Mom or even the real Big Foot. My prayers weren't answered. It was Nora the Terrible wielding a knife.
My mind took me to horrifying places. What was she planning to do with that knife? She walked around the tree several times just staring up at me hanging. I contemplated kicking her but what good would that do? She'd be out cold for a few minutes then wake up even more mad. I hung there, waiting, watching.
I heard more footsteps. It wad DAD!!
"Alright Nora, you have him strung up there like bear bait" he said with his arms crossed gazing up at me.
"Oh no, dad no no no" I thought to myself. Could it be true that dad was IN ON THIS? I started kicking trying to free myself as the 2 of them stood there shaking their heads with smug grins plastered on their faces.
I was screwed. I knew it. The wedgy was the least of my worries now. I stopped kicking as dad reached up and unhooked me from the branch. I fell on my rear end when he put me down. I looked up at the 2 of them staring at me.
Nora ripped that piece of duct tape off my mouth so fast I swear to god she ripped my lips off with it. I covered my mouth with my hands to quiet the words that escaped me. They both turned and walked back towards the house.
I followed, keeping a safe distance behind them. When we got to the house, my mother told me to wash my hands and face then placed a plate of food in front of me. No one spoke a SINGLE WORD about the incidents of that day, ever again.
Until right now.

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