Being immortal, you see the same occurrences every day.  However, night time is when I can roam free around downtown Volterra without drawing attention at myself.  Unfortunately, during the wee early mornings, all I see are drunkards and easy women throwing themselves at these men.  Intoxication by liquor isn't something that is very becoming of humans.  I might also add that the taste of their blood is not as glorious as when they are sober and full of fear.  

Since the disappearance of my brother, I've found myself wandering the streets aimlessly, watching these spectacles and laughing at them from the shadows.  I am not allowed to feed on them as stated in the law of our kind.  We mustn't draw attention to the people of Volterra that we exist.  If we were allowed to feed on them, the human race, as daft as they are when intoxicated, would know something was going on.  With the Saint Marcus Day Festival and the townspeople still celebrating it, I laugh inwardly at the fact that they have no clue that we still exist to this day.  It's a mockery of the human race.  So many of them arrive in droves and the very species they celebrate that were supposedly irradiated wander amongst them on that day in our red cloaks.  It is a lot of fun to be amongst the humans on this day.  They are so naive.

Once I am bored of watching men and women stumble and fall onto the cobblestones, I tend to walk to the stables.  Missing my brother.  Especially missing Santiago.  The horses.  He took such great care of them.  Even during my absence from the castle.  You cannot imagine how beside myself I was to find out that my dear brother, Santiago, had left the castle as well.  The two siblings I had such a bond with; gone.  I miss Santiago reading his Spanish editions of children's books to me.  Not to mention, the pranks we would play on each other.  

These days, it just seems like the castle is so...empty.  It's depressing.  I find myself leaving the castle often at night because I have nothing to do when I'm off duty.  

Well...since my brothers are gone, I can admit this in this diary entry: I loved Santiago.  I may be appear as a child and sometimes act like one, but I am well beyond my years and am a woman forever trapped in this shell.  Where I am thankful that Aro saved Alec and I, I also curse that we had to be turned at such a young age.  Nobody in my immortal life will want to be in a loving relationship with a woman who looks as a child.  I will never know that level of intimacy.  It's quite saddening.  I thrive for true companionship and the closest I had was with Santiago.  And now, he's gone.  I miss him.

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