Its a known fact about me that I'm a outspoken, loving, caring person.

In real life away from my laptop Im the same. Maybe more hyper and talkative, but Im the same all together. I love kids! I always have and I babysit all the time. Ive nannyed and never say no. I rarely do. I get pushed around a lot. Mostly by cousins. My cousin will hit me with posters and anything pretty much. I got a text that made me realize how much I mean to some other people that I love right back. They have said over and over how special I am. *thinks and smiles* Special. That is one word that isnt said to me a lot. My mom. Never my father.

Most of you know my relationship with my father. I know some of you that would like to hit him upside the head with a bat. Honestly, Ive learned to cope with it and he can be a good dad when he's in a good mood.

I have an uber soft heart. I love everything! I feel bad for killing bugs, let alone hurting someone. Hence why one of my bad relationships took me so long to get out of.

I have been asked why I am friends with some people because they treat me so bad. The answer to that is, I dont know. I mean, I hate to be on peoples bad side. If you read this and your thoughts instantly go to the Volturi on here, well, they dont like me or something cause of my outspokeness. In real life, I dont really think before I speak either. Honest to God.

I get made fun of for my height, Im 5 feet and one forth. Just barely 5ft. One of the shortest in my class. I get made fun of for liking and showing that I love twilight. my room... *pfft* My room is covered in Alice, Carlisle, Esme and Edward. I wear twilight shirts and Ill SKIP down the high school halls. Im different! Yes! If that means I can be me, Ill be different!

Im a Soft-hearted, sweet, adorable, cute, loving, lovable, caring, hyper, outspoken, different, interesting teenage girl and I wouldnt change that for anyone! I know a few people on here that have told me how special I am to them. If they want to comment and admit that they do, go right ahead. It would make my day completely. If you think Im special, I love you! Even if you dont and you are a good friend, I still love you! I love everyone! I mean, not a creeper on the streets, but any friend of mine, I love!

My Best friend in the whole world, Cassi is different just like I. We go together like a puzzle! We complete each other when we are together!

I am different. I am very proud of that. *giggles and twirls around* Call me weird, call me stupid, call me whatever you like because I have UBER GREAT friends behind me that will stand behind me! Just because someones short or dresses different or doesnt do something that is supposed 'cool' doesnt mean they are weird. It means they believe in different stuff and they ARE different! Different is the new Same! Embrace it and take it under your wing!

The only song I like of Ke$ha's is We R Who We R! It's such a true song!! We all are different people no matter how hard we try to be the same! Face the fact and LOVE the fact that your different! Unique! I know Im Unique! Im proud of it! Super proud of it!

My parents keep pushing me to American Idol auditions next year and if I did I would do something different and hope it gets me through. When Im down, thats what I do is sing! Turn on my iPod and sing to country, pop, rap, R & B, anything!

My Point of this blog is to get my nerves off of the fact that I get made fun of almost every day cuz Im different, I have a soft heart, and I let people step on me beacuse Im too scared to say a thing. I have friends here that I would love if they step forward that will agree, Im uber lovable, sweet and hyper. Ive been told Im cute and adorable as well. I love the people that call me:




Hockey Princess

And everything inbetween!

My mom never calls me by my real name. She constantly calls me Sweetie!

My mommy is my best friend. She would do anything from keeping me from getting yelled at by my dad. I cant tare myself away from here for a day. That may sound bad for a 14 year old, soon to be 15, but you have to understand all she has done. When Im sick, I always snuggle with her.. *coughs* Snugglebutt fits me well. *coughs* And she will always do whatever to make me happy. maybe its the 'last child living at home' thing. Whatever it is, I love it!

Always hold your head high, dont let people step on you, and always keep your soft heart in tact because it will come in handy later in life with boys! <3 ~Erie Snugglebutt Sweetie Hockey Princess Gates!



Please comment Below! Sorry that my feelings spilled out at 4am! Hehe!











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Comment by Lindsey "Littlebit" Sullivan on March 6, 2011 at 12:47pm
I love it Erin! I love how random it is. I would love to be able to write like that, not so strict and just what comes to my mind.
Comment by Erin ~Hockey Princess~ Gates on March 6, 2011 at 11:44am

*smiles brightly* Thank you so much Esme. I believe that being unique is what makes me, me. I Dont get why people try so hard to be the same. When I read this, I was smiling so happily! Thank you so much Esme!




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