Ok so here is where i'll answer the questions.i hadn't got many questions but i kinda came up with a few of my own

Favorite holiday: St.Patricks day. Because i have irish in me,and i'm proud of my heritages
Favorite Color: RED!
Favorite month: umm don't have one, by my favorite season is spring because its not too hot or too cold where i live.
favorite school subject: i like science the most, especially biology because i have a strange interest in living micro-organisms..
my goals in life: After high school i want to go to collage to get into the medical field, and get a bachelors degree then go to medical school to become a doctor, and of course to get married and have a nice little family.
Birthday: didn't i already tell ya? its in a different blog but oh well i'll tell it again. June 17th 1997.
Languages I know: English is my main language, and I took German in my 7th and 8th grade years for my highschool credit so i don't have  to take it. I Can show you too! Ich Spreche Deutch und Englisch. Ich Heisse Kelsey. Ich Bin Funfzehn Jahre alt.Meine leiblingsfarbe ist Rot und meine leiblingsfach ist biology. Ich lese gern und ich Hoere musik gern.Meine Mutter heisst Christina. Ich Kenne nicht Meine Vati.Ich Will Franzoesisch, Irisch und Tscherokee learnen. Du Bist Einen Haussenfuss!

I said, i speak German and English. My name is Kelsey. I am 15 years old. My favorite color is red and my favorite school subject is Biology. I like reading,and i like listening to music. My mother's name is Christina. I do not know my father. I will learn French,Irish and Cherokee.(please don't take what i'm gonna say next as an insult,but i had to put it since its my favorite thing in german to say because its so fun) You are a fraidy cat. If you directly translate it, it won't make sense at all, trust me. in a direct translation it says: I speak German and English. I am Called Kelsey. I am 15 years old.  my loving color is red,and my loving subject is biology. i read like, and i listen music like. my mother is called Christina. I know my father no, i will french irish,and cherokee learn. you are a rabbits foot. See told ya it wouldn't make sense.



Grade i'm going into:
 9th grade. First year of high school.

Schools i went to: Harrison Elementry(kindergarten 5th grade-go hawks!), Chippewea Middle school(6th grade then it shut down because it was 2 buildings since the gym and stage was in a seperate building away from the main building- Go Braves!), Holland Woods Middle School(7-8. Go Warriors!), Port Huron High School(9th-? hopefully to 12th-Go Big Reds!)

states i've lived in: Just Michigan. I've never left state to live somewhere else. But i have gone to Cedar point for a day but that doesn't count as moving in.

how many houses i've lived in: 1. i've never moved in my life.

How many siblings i have:none i'm the only child

who my parents are: My biological Father remains unknown to everyone, even my biological mother. My biological mother is Christina(crissy for short.) My Great Grandma is my adopted mother. My Great Grandpa is dead. He died when i was like 5 or 6.


My full name(please don't use my full name unless i'm in trouble. when you use my last name i'll get nervous and start freaking out because i think i'm in trouble.): Kelsey AnnMarie Best.


my favorite hobby: Horse back riding and Writing.


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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 8, 2012 at 1:29pm

I love that you color coded your blog *winks* It's nice to get to know you! I too have a love of languages and if you keep it up you will succeed where others wont! Keep studying!


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