Just now i had got done watching a movie Called Cyberbully,and I had learned about a new perpective about how it effects people in life. In the movie this girl gets her own laptop without any protective stuff on it so her mom can see everything she does on it. she joins this site that everyone in school has. Then Soon her own brother hacks her account and puts as a status that she's a slutty whore. Then Her best Friend creates a new account claiming to be a boy and acts all nice at first then says that they had slept together and She gave him STDs,then He says that she's pregnant which it didn't take long for everyone in school to know. She got depressed then attempted to kill herself. Her mom tried to get help for Cyberbulling but only a few states had passed the law that Cyberbullying a minor is Illegal,which in her case,Where she lived they haven't passed that law.Her and her mother faught to get the law passed  then at the end her and her 2 friends and a couple of other people stood up to the bullies of the school.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 12, 2012 at 6:48am

Cyberbullying is a serious and very real issue. I am glad you watched that movie. It's very important to protect yourself online, don't share passwords, don't share accounts and make sure you never, ever post something that you regret. No matter if you delete it or not, it's still archived somewhere on the internet in a cache file.

Safety first



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