I'm Hannah Cullen, which means I got 8 siblings if you count Nessie and Jake as my siblings as well and not as niece and nephew... I love my parents and all of them... I got one brother that very close to me, yeah he's my most longest virgin sibling, Edward... Now I want to tell you about him from my point of view...

He's born in 1901; Chicago, Illinois and been change in 1918 when he's 17 and make him the second oldest in my family after dad of course but physically mom is the oldest in here... Okay back to the subject, he once told me his story, he said he once rebelled against dad and drink human blood. But, I never hate him because that... After a few years live just he and dad, dad founds a woman in a morgue (let me give you a clue, she's mom) and change her into a vampire and they live happily ever after, just like a disney story... Mom and dad worried about Ed been just alone in this world, so when dad founds a girl (that's Rosalie) he took her and change her, hoping she would be Ed's mate but unfortunately they just grew to be some kind of enemy but not really bad, they still love each other as brother and sister, nothing more... Rose founds her true love Emmet and save him from a bear and plea to dad to transform him and they married... Alice and Jasper join the family (of course Alice already see it...) and after years and years living together, dad founds me in the bottom of a rocky river, dying and weakening... He saves my life and I live happily with my new family even thought I was sad for a moment because I can't be with my true family... When we move to Forks, Ed finds Bella and I witness they love grew bigger and bigger... When Ed decides to marry Bella we all really happy about it... When Bella's back from her honeymoon and pregnant, mom, Rose, and me stood by her side... Nessie is our biggest blessing, she's not just be our part of family, but she also take the wolves to be our family because Jacob imprinted on her...

So, the thing is... I love my brother and his new little family... Eddie I hope you read this... Love you brother...

I'll make another stories about the others later... So, wait for my newest story and read my latest stories okay...

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