I was sat beside the window in first class flight... My earphone attached to my Ipod, I play the game in my Ipad while I wait the plane to take off and bring me to Alaska... Then, a mother and her son pass me and sat on the same row as me, the little boy sat besides me and look curious to my Ipad but I ignore him and keep playing. Just then, he pulls my earphone from my dear ear harshy, "HEY!!!" I yell in respond, the mother turn around and look at the both of us, "Oh Peter! You bothering the young lady, are you? I'm so sorry dear... Peter I told you not to distrub anyone!" she scolded him and pardon me. I just nodded for the answer and get back to my game...

When we're flies, all the passengers are asleep except the little boy, he already busy with his toy cars. I close my eyes to pretend I'm asleep. Then, I feel somebody step on me and sat on my lap, my eyes fluttering to open and find Peter sat on me and looks at me curiously, "What?" I ask, he smiles at me and show his toy car with silver paint. "Oh gezz... Yes, it's a really nice car..." I said, he place it on my palm, "Look closer what kind of car it is!" he orders me. I knew argue with kids are useless so I examine the car and found that is a porsche. "Uh-huh... It's a porsche... You like it?" I ask, he nodded happily, "The same car as yours... Porsche with silver paint..." he said. 'How he knew my car?' I smile to him and place the car back to his palm but he shook his head. "For you Miss. Hannah Cullen..." he said my name. "Hey, do you some kind of a spy? Why you know a lot about me?" I ask but he just smiles and back to his seat. I keep the toy car in my bag. When I look at him, he already asleep. 'What a weird boy...' I thought before closing my eyes again...

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