Dad has super busy time in the hospital. Mom has this motherly groupie this afternoon. Rose and Alice are in Paris to go shopping. Em and Jazz go to the cinema to watch some kind of war movie. Ed, Bells, Nessie, and Jake are go hiking and go around the town until night. And there is me, alone in the house. Mom has try to convince me to come with her but I know better that she would ignore me when she meet her friends so I refuse to come. I don't want to been drag to stores by Rose and Alice so I don't come with them too. Dad can't take me to the hospital. I don't really like the movie so I didn't join my brothers. And I don't want to ruin Ed's family time. So I stay home until they come home and thinking this is must be the most boring time ever... (Well, I think so until...)

I was reading one of dad's medical book in his office when my phone rang, It's a text message from Alice. She told me that there are robbers come to the house to rob our lovely house, she said orders me to call the police station, but I got a different idea. I get up and run downstairs and start preparing for their arrival. After I finish, I run back to my room, try to hide and listening to any sounds. I heard a car approach to our drive way. I peek from my window and saw a man and a woman go out from the car, "Holy shit! Look at that Marry! This house is so HUGE! I think the Cullens are very rich and they won't mind if we took couples things from them..." the man voice said, "Oh My God! You're so smart Pete! You pick the right house..." Marry said and continue, "Let's go! I heard everyone is out... This house empty and there is no any alarm..." she said happily. I scoffed, 'No alarm huh? Something more worst are waiting for you...'

As Pete hold the doorknob to open the door, he been electric with a medium volt. I attach an active cable on it. His face become burned and he really pissed off. My whole pranks work to the both of them until I call the police and they been arrested... Mom and dad are the first one who arrive home from the police call about our house almost been rob. They really glad I'm okay and the robbers been arrested, but mom is angry because I messed up her home. She grounded me to clean it all. The other came and told her that grounded me is not a good choice, remembering that I save the house and Alice told me that she already see that I'm not going to just call the police. So, we all having whole family time with cleaning the house...

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