This year my birthday started with my favorite breakfast in bed made by the two most important people in my life, my husband and my daughter, and of course with Shay jumping on the bed to wake me up yelling “Happy Birthday mommy”  and giving me a huge hug and kiss, followed by Sam. We sat on the bed and had breakfast together as we watched Shay’s cartoons, after we finished breakfast we got ready to go out where, well I did not know at this point all they kept saying was it’s a surprise, and I really was surprised when Sam came behind me and blindfolding me, leading me to the car and helping me in.

We spent all day out of the house, we went to the beach to take a walk and we watched the dolphins past by then for lunch they took me to my favorite Italian restaurant in Port Angeles, Shay said to the waitress it was my birthday so they sang happy birthday and gave us a little chocolate cake, it was delicious, after a wonderful afternoon in the restaurant we went to the movies and watched Finding Nemo in 3D, after the movie ended we went for ice cream and walked a little around town before heading back home. At my surprise when we arrived there were balloons some gifts, cakes and birthday cards in our porch I could not help but smile widely as I saw everything, I was truly overwhelmed.

After we had a piece of each cake and Shay making me blow candles and sang Happy Birthday in every cake, Sam picked up everything coming out of the kitchen saying it was time for presents, he was carrying two boxes and Shay ran to him taking a small box from him, she ran back to me hugging me as she hand me the box I smiled at her giving her a hug and saw how excited she was for the gift, I opened it reveling a beautiful bracelet , I smiled saying it was beautiful and saw her big brown eyes glow as I hugged her and kissed her cheek, Sam did not stop smiling as I looked at him and smiled, then he set a box at my feet and grinned, I opened the present and it was an amazing Cricut cake icing cutter, it’s amazing I just loved it, I left him hanging a bit before I told him I loved it jumping to my feet hugging him and kissing him lightly, as we were still hugging Sam laughed, I turned to see what he was seeing and saw Shay wrapping herself in the wrapping paper and Sam put a bow on her head, I laughed as she stayed really still and Sam said there was  another present to be opened, I took the bow from  her head and tickled her laughing as she stayed really still and as soon as I took the paper  from her face she jumped in my arms yelling “Happy Birthday mommy”, I hugged her really tight feeling more than happy as my daughter showed me her love, I could not help it when a few tears of pure happiness and joy fell down my cheeks, Sam hugged us both and we just stayed like this for a very long time as Sam pulled us to sit on his lap holding us both until Shay fell asleep in our arms.

As soon as Shay was in bed, Sam picked me up in his arms saying the night was not over yet and carried me to our bedroom closing the door behind us to spend the night in each other’s arms. This was yet another wonderful birthday in the company of my amazing family, I really cannot begin to thank life for everything it has given me , I cannot imagine life without them.

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