After so much insistence from Sam I finally decided to allow him to take Shay down to the beach when she was 7 months old, it was a very nice warm July summer day, it was a very uncommon day since we have rain most of the year even in the summer, but this day was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was nice, so that’s why I lowered my protective mother side for a moment and give into what I wanted my daughter to have and experience.

After a long preparation and putting Shay into her pink white polka dot bathing suit and putting on tons of sunscreen , we left the house around midday and to be honest I was excited and Sam was like well he was beyond excited, as we arrived to the beach most of the pack was there, they were playing soccer and were setting tent for the girls, everyone began teasing me about finally letting her out of the house and how they thought I would not let her get out until she went to college, of course this was an exaggeration on their part but they always like to have their fun, Shay and I settled under the tent with the girls who where all over on how cute she looked in her bathing suit and being the proud father that Sam is he parade her with everyone and would not put her down one moment, of course she was excited , firstly for being with her daddy and then she just kept looking around seeing how the waves crashed on the sand and her favorite thing was and has always been the funny faces and voices the guys did to make her laugh and was clapping and giggling the whole time, she loved the sand as she was throwing it all around her and she loved burying her little feet in it. We made a sand castle that Sam helped her destroy and she would not stop laughing the whole time she was stepping over it, she played soccer with her uncle’s, but one thing she did not like was the water that much because as soon as Sam lowered her a little and she felt the cold water on her feet she started crying and wanting to stay with me probably thinking Sam would put her back in the cold water.

Later that afternoon we had lunch, she took a nap and after a few more hours we went home, she slept on the way home surely exhausted, I was so sad that I had to wake her up to give her a bath, but she had sand everywhere and I knew she would get a rash if I didn’t, so she cried a little but the warm bath soothe her and she finally calmed down falling asleep again while we were bathing her so I hurried up and changed her as soon as possible, that night she slept peacefully and woke up very late the next day, she definitely had a great day and Sam and I were beyond happy as well, she is so perfect and of course I say that I am her mother and so proud to be.

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