The day was not so long ago, it was just before the holidays, Sam had left for his afternoon patrol and I had just put Ayasha down for her nap, since I knew it would be about an hour before she woke up and it was still early to get dinner started , I decided to read a little so I went into the living room and picked up my book sitting down on the couch curling my legs underneath me, as I was deep into the story my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep, and let me tell you is was not a good nap since I had a horrible dream.
I was at the house, but it didn't look the same, there was not piece of furniture what so ever and what ever was left was scattered all over the floor including Ayasha's plush wolf that Liseli had given her on her first birthday, after seeing the mess and my daughters toy on the floor I panicked and ran up to her room, only to find it empty like the rest of the house, the only things left where some of her baby clothes that I had in a box in her closet but only now they were scattered around the room, as I was taking all in I started to cry, I didn't know what was going on and I got scared that something might of happen to her and Sam, as this thoughts came to my mind I ran down the hall to our bedroom only to find it the same way except that in this room there was a note taped to the wall, as I moved closer I recognized Sam's hand writing and my whole body started trembling as my eyes filled with more tears, with a shaky hand I reached for the note and read the following words.

I searched for you and waited for your return as much as I could bare, I still cannot wrap my head around what you did, and I question myself every day , what did I do so wrong that made you leave me and not just me our daughter as well. The pain of being away from you is just to much but seeing my Shaybear cry every moment of they day for her mother is death to me. That's why even as much as this hurts and as much pain I am in due to your departure I have decided we cannot stay here any longer, around everything that reminds us more of you, even if you will never leave my heart, we cannot stay here, we.....
                                                                    Goodbye Emmy I love you now and forever


As I finished reading the note my knees gave in and I dropped to the floor, I could not understand why this was happening or the meaning of this note, I would never leave themor hurt them, there my life. As I lay there on the floor crying and clutching the note to my chest I heard a door opening and footsteps and suddenly his voice filled the empty house as I slowly lifted my head to look at him as he said "Why Emily, Why?" then he banished followed by Shay's cry. 
After that I suddenly woke up I knew that cry was not a dream my angel was crying , I dropped the book and ran into her room and picked her up hugging her tight to me, she immediately wrapped her little arms around my neck, it was almost as if she had a bad dream herself and was afraid to let me go, because for the entire afternoon she did not leave my side and even cried when Sam and I tucked her in and she never does that so that night she had to sleep with us, as I watched them sleep that night I kept thinking about the dream and how very strange and disturbing it was because nothing in this world would ever make me leave them.
I know it's silly but this is one thing I have never talked to Sam about, I don't know why but I just can't and I don't usually keep things from him but I just cannot find the words to explain it to him and just to think of the pain I felt in the dream it's something I would not wish for anyone to feel.

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Comment by Emily Uley on April 6, 2012 at 11:16am

It was Scary Katleen and the feeling was terrible, I would never do anything to harm either one of them just like I know Sam never would either, but just having dreamed it and the feeling of it was so real, but so glad it was just that a dream.

Comment by Kathleen on January 30, 2012 at 4:57am

That sounds scary. I'm glad it was only a dream. I know that Sam loves you and no matter what you do he always will.


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