I am thankful for so many things, starting with life, it's most precious gift of all, without it I would not have the most wonderful and perfect people in the world to share it with, My wonderful husband Sam Uley and my wonderful amazing little princess Ayasha.

I am thankful for love ,because without it Sam and I would not be as happy as we are and would not have our precious Ayasha in our lives, some say that we are together because of the imprint, that it's the reason we are bound to be together, but it's just part of it ,yes it's what brought Sam to me but and imprint does not make you the person you are and my Sam is just wonderful, he is the most amazing husband,partner,friend I could ask for and he is and even the most amazing father I could have asked for my children, the way he is with Ayasha, always protecting her loving her, caring for her since day one, he is just amazing and wonderful in every way.

I am also thankful of course for my family, my parents my aunt Sue and my cousins Seth and Leah who I love with all my heart but then we have my adoptive family if you can put it that way and of course I mean the pack and everyone in la Push, like Billy and Liseli,Embry , Paul and Rach and of course little Mak, as well as Jared and Kim,Brady and Lizzie, Collin,Quil and our other La Push Princess my niece Claire, Becca and her husband Solomon, Jacob and Renesmee she may be a Cullen but she is also part of La Push and of my family.They all bring so much joy to my world and even if they drive me out of muffins I love making them for them, I just love to make them happy because they make me happy, and because of the way they protect and love each ,besides there is never a dull moment when any of them is around and for that I am thankful.

Like I said there are so many things to be thankful for but it all starts with Life with it there is love and friendship and the rest just comes along the way, like the material things that come and go but those three things stay forever.

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