Innocence Lost - part 1

I was 13 years old the first time I saw it. I followed them into the woods, keeping a safe distance when I heard the cries and saw them tear off his limbs and behead him, tossing his writhing body into the flames. I didn't dare move for fear that I would be next if they knew what I saw. I stood motionless for what felt like decades but really was merely seconds.
I backed up slowly, turned and ran barefoot back into the house. My father was a murderer.
When I arrived home, I slipped quietly back into bed and covered my head with the blanket.
Surely I was seeing things, right? My father is the town's minister. He couldn't possibly.......
No. He COULD and he did.
After a night of tossing and turning from nightmares and night-sweats I ate breakfast in silence and stole quietly out the back door to start my chores. The vision of last night's carnage was fresh in my head. I had no one to talk to. Not a soul would believe me if I told them of what I saw. I kept it to myself.
Sleepless nights went past, one by one and after a fortnight, I decided to follow once again.
I crept from the house and headed behind the church down along the edge of the cemetery and into the woods towards the glow. I knew the spot well. The bonfire was raging once again and loud voices rang out with rage and accusations.
I heard my father's voice above the others, "Vampire, servant of Satan! You will be damned for eternity!"
My heart was racing. Vampire? I sat down against a tree. It was then that I heard someone behind me. I didn't move. I felt her breath as she spoke against my neck.
"Vampire, yes"
I turned quickly but no one was there. The skin on my neck had goose bumps. I quickly stood up.
"Up here" I looked up and saw a girl above me. She jumped down, landing in complete silence.
"How did..."
"Shhh" she said, placing her frigid finger against my lips
She was beautiful, perhaps 18 or 20 years old. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes a crimson red. She disappeared as quickly as she appeared before me.
I had no time to even ask her a question.
Was I seeing things? I sat back down against the tree, hoping she'd return. I waited until the sun illuminated the horizon, stood and made my way back home.
My father was there waiting when I returned.
I saw him, sitting in his chair, sleeping. I tried to slip past him.
"Son" He said, not even opening his eyes
"Where have you been?"
I stopped in my tracks.

Part 2 Here.

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Comment by Brittani Nicole on August 15, 2010 at 4:35pm
Your writing was very excellent. I felt like I was right next to you while I was reading-smiles-I agree with Esme that your writing is very vivid. I do wonder why she left you living.


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