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Winds of Change

As with a lot of the population, change is something that most of us resist. It's not easy to accept drastic change and it can take it's toll on us in several ways.  I see how it challenges my family. Some are ready for the big move, some are hesitant and some are never ready and simply cannot cope. 

I have been observing my own family over the past few months as we've discussed the possibility of the 'great move' once again. We have done this, of course, several times in the past and…


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Another Rainy Day in Forks

With the rain today we have decided to head out for some, much needed, family time. We are going hiking up in the northern part of Vancouver where the forest is thick and teeming with Elk, Mountain Lions and Black Bears. I'm sure I will get some good use out of my new Canon EOS 70D that I got for Christmas. I love this thing and cannot wait to see what kind of captures I can get on the various settings. We need some new photos on the walls here in my office and my goal for 2018 is to shoot…


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Changing of the Seasons

The Pacific Northwest is rather mild as far as extreme temperatures go. We do, however, get quite a lot of precipitation and the autumn season is more dreary than the rest of the year. This makes Autumn and Winter some of my favorite months. We tend to spend a lot more time together outdoors now. It's a given really as the weather cooperates with our particular needs.

Hiking throughout the region is our family's favorite bonding activity. I've recently started a new hobby. Photography…


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Meyers Briggs Personality Test

Pretty accurate for me, if I do say so myself!


Read more and take the test here-

"Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

Brian Tracy

The Defender personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though sensitive, Defenders have…


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A few notes from today 2/24/17

A few flurries fly and the whole of Forks seems on edge.  There were seven accidents today which brought people into the ER. All of that from a few snow flurries. That's not even mentioning how many incidents there were that did not involve injury. 

It snows, people panic. Why is that? I have never understood why and I suppose I just never will.  

I treated a few bruises, scrapes and a concussion. Someone slid into a cyclist. Lucky for him, the automobile was not moving very fast…


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What is Nostalgia?

For me, it's a memory of the past that is pleasant and spreads warmth throughout my whole body.

One such thing is the wedding band on my finger. Another is a dried flower that Esme had in her hair on our wedding day which is laminated and tucked into one of my journals. The items I find nostalgic don't always have to be anything of monetary value. As a matter of fact, most of them would be deemed worthless to any…


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It's nearing that time...

Edward and I stumbled upon a conversation last night which was a difficult one to address. We have both been noticing that we're being looked at a little harder these days by our colleagues. While Edward is quite good at making himself age ever so slightly, I have not had such luck. Esme and I first started to discuss this a couple years ago but the mere thought is heartbreaking to her and I decided to let it sit. It's come to the realization that it's getting too close to just…


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Every day I am reminded of the fragility of human life. Today it hits home a little harder than usual because of familial circumstances. The Black family has been integrated into our family and because of Jacob's and Renesmee's relationship we are a true family. Blood is not all that makes a family bond. Today the infant daughter of Tiffany and Billy Black is in my care. She is 2 months premature and her lungs are not yet mature. She is on a ventilator and will be for at least a few days…


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Something is just not right...

I'm on edge.

Something is just not right. I cannot pinpoint it and it's starting to drive me a little bit mad.  I have that uneasy feeling that we're being watched yet when I go patrol the area, there is nothing. Not a scent, not a leaf out of place, not a sound that I have not heard before. I need to discuss this with the others. I need to know if anyone has seen or heard anything unusual. Perhaps I am simply in need of a change of scenery and should take Esme and go visit with our…


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Memories of Volterra

Volterra in the summer, olive trees scent the horizon as tourists voices ring in

the air. I sit in my chamber, looking thru the lead glass pane, contemplating my

very existence. People pass below, winding through the gardens. Some will live

to see another sunrise, some won't even live to see tonight's sunset as Heidi

slithers through the maze, hand picking the first course for dinner tonight.

My presence is always requested for meals and I oblige, though I have…


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Letter Home 1943


My Dear Esme

It has been a long time since I had an opportunity of writing to you, and I gladly avail myself of the present opportunity. Here I am to write a few lines and try and get it sent off to let you know that I am among the living.

We have been on a raid but I have not had time to give you the particulars of our trip. I will write in a few days if I can get a chance and write you a long one. I've been tending a soldier who's quite sick. My unit captured…


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Doctors Without Borders

In the early 1990s I was fortunate enough to be asked by Doctors Without Borders,  to travel to Kenya where I worked with a team of medical professionals to create and maintain a medical clinic for 18 months. I learned a lot in that time about people. Those I worked with were so free and giving of themselves that it restored my hope for humanity and I believe it strengthened my skills as a physician. Yes, I have practiced…


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The curse of being gifted

I have slowly been digitizing my journals and as I have done so, I  have re-read them and refreshed some of the memories that had left me, long ago. I think back to my time with the Volturi and I have to admit that some of my memories of that time bring a smile to my face. Looking back to those times I realize how fortunate I am to have been allowed to venture out back on my own. I can thank my lack of holding a 'gift' for that. I held little use to Aro. He found amusement with my intellect,…


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Just a silhouette

I remember several times that my father took me with him when he went out to do his clergy duties. I remember one particular time a little clearer than most of the others because I wrote it down in a journal. I was 17 and he had told me that I am now old enough to learn about death. My father was an intense man, his famous line was, "Life is too short for pleasantries and nonsense" His work was serious and he didn't take kindly to any messing around. My memories of him are sketchy at best…


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With immortality comes much more than you could ever know. Imagine a day that simply never ends. No sleep, no dreams, no fresh beginning to a new day. It all blends into one giant mass of time. On occasion, not so very often, do I find myself standing at the window gazing out daydreaming about growing old. I then look in the mirror and see myself, exactly the same as I was in the mid 1600s. Untouched by time, gravity and life. It's a stark reminder of loss.



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4th of July Tradition

Within each family there are usually heirlooms and traditions which are passed from generation to generation. Our family is no exception. Sure, we have a little different dynamics than usual but the love and respect we have for each other is as normal as any other. 

Esme and I have a special tradition that we never want to let go of. Each year we make the short trip to Forks for the…


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With Every Breath I Take

I think of you with every breath I take,

And every breath becomes a sigh.

Not a sigh of despair

But a sigh that I care for you.

I hear your name with every breath I take,

On every breeze that wanders by.

And your name is a song

I'll remember the long years through.

Even though I walk alone you guide…


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I was asked a few questions anonymously...


"What is it like putting down the syringe,

and sitting at your patient's bedside, concluding that there is nothing

else to do? How do you feel when you have to quit, although you want to

continue on?"



After all is said and done and there is no more that I can do, defeat hits me and I have to accept what is.

I always think, "What if". I suppose a lot of that is quite humanistic, is it not? I…


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The Spring Bouquet

As I walked along a dusty path

I saw a fleck of blue

And tucked beneath a Douglas Fir

These flowers grew for you

I only picked a handful

I left more than I took

A perfect little blue bouquet

To decorate a nook

I rushed right home to tie a bow

Of perfect green and blue

To fall into your loving arms

And hand them straight to you

Eternally Yours, Carlisle Cullen, MD 2012/5.12…


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Love Letter to my wife - 13th April, 2012

My darling,

It's 9 o'clock in the morning and I must confess, all my thoughts are of you. Work was almost unbearable last night, we had 3 motor vehicle traumas at once. We managed to save them all. It happened around 9:30pm. I feel like time snapped in an instant with the rush of it all and here I sit, home alone this morning pining for you. It's nights like that which bring things into focus for me. I love you more than anything in this world and could not, would not…

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