We all knew it would be soon, the signs were there and my pains and cramps were increasing more rapidly. I suppose it was wishful thinking on my side, hoping that somehow I could just postpone it all. So when Mom got an assignment to go do a shoot in the Amazon’s I was very eager in reassuring her that it was more than okay to go and do the shoot. I still remember our chat about it, we were sitting at a coffee shop in Seattle and I smiled at her. “Mom, seriously I have no concern, I really don’t think my growth spurt is going to be anytime soon. Nahuel has sent me his journal and so far we are very close in what our experience are so far.

I could see Mom was still not fully assured but she was trying to be less over protective and give me some space to make decisions. In my heart I was hoping that I was right. I have read the journal Naheul sent me and his account of what happened was not something I wanted to endure without my mom near my side.

Dad checked in on a daily basis but I tried to stay positive as I knew that he was busy with his final exams and I did not want him to rush over here until it was really necessary.  

Then one morning I got up and could feel that my body was a lot more sensitive and my legs felt stiff and tired. I thought that a run would be a good idea to loosen my muscles, not realising that this will be the day my growth spurt will start.  

As luck will have it I collapsed and was extremely thankful that Sam was patrolling nearby. He heard my screams and found me, my body in severe pain. With some effort he got me unto his back and then he carried me back home. Jacob came home and notified Carlisle to come over as soon as possible.

The following days were at the best of times a blur of pain. Carlisle tried to get hold of Huilen and Nahuel and in the meantime ease the pains with conventional medicine. Jake did not leave my side for a minute and was there all the time. Dad came around when his schedule allowed it and Mom tried her best to make it home. Within a few days Nahuel was in Forks with some very gross herbal mixture, but as it goes in life the worst tasting medicine are usually the ones that work the best.

Over the next few days the pain subsided and I felt more normal and yet I could feel a difference in me, not only in my looks but I felt stronger and older. This was it my last growth spurt no more pain and in a few months when I turn 7 that will be it, I would be frozen in time.  Although this does not leave me with a lot of time for certain things, I choose not to be too focused on it right now, all I am thankful for is that I survived this growth spurt and that I am still here and that once again my family were there for me and more than that Jake was there and I know that he is my future and my tomorrow. Finally we are at the place where we can plan our future were our lives can start not just friends or imprints but as a couple.

I am so excited to see what happens in the days that follows.

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Comment by Renesmee Black-Cullen on April 9, 2013 at 2:39am

*Giggles* Thank you so much Lisa. All seems to be normal again and I am looking forward to what the future holds for my and Jake

Comment by Blair Mell on March 31, 2013 at 12:09pm


Like you said family is always there and Jake was there for you too! I am so happy for you and I am sorry it hurt so much. I really am happy for you and hope the days get better and better for you.

(I always pictured you and Jake as a couple just so you know)



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