~He looks into the face of...~ Emi Kurokawa!He hasn't seen her in years!He thinks"She hasn't changed a bit.Which, after all this time...Is VERY abnormal."He stares at the figure in front of him.Examining her from head to toe he sees her long,black hair still waist lenght.Her silver eyes,as always, containing that startling blue color extending around the black pupil.Her lips muted to an inviting shade of red.Emi's skin tone pale as a winter moon but as delicate as a white lily.He notices everything about her is seductive right down to the dimple at the corner of her mouth.He doesn't know why he's thinking that way.But he can't help it.Right then he sees her wearing a...Hospital gown?He thinks"That's akward." His voice is a bit rough, but he ask"Why are you wearing a hospital gown Emi?" She doesn't answer,but simply takes a step forward.Almost as if she's in a trance;seeing but not seeing.To her,it's a small step forward.To him,it's as if she leaped right up to him.The scary thing is,he didn't even see her move till she appeared closer.Suddenly her features rearrange into a look of hunger.He knows now that he's in trouble,let alone 50 feet up in a tree.Randomly he notices how the blue switches to black,melding in with her pupil.The way her little form tenses and coils.A dark look dances across her facial expression.He slides his camera into his back pocket and then holds the knife more firmly in his hands.Emi takes another step towards him,but his ears don't detect a thing.A single sound.Without any warning,Emi lunges at him.Frightened,Robson leaps back a step.Unfortunately for him,he knocks himself unconcious on the trunck of the huge pine and sends him falling down to his death.Emi dives through the air after him,grabs his neck and breaks it in mid-air.Then on instinct,she tears into his throat.Biting down hard she drinks the crimson liquid that races through his veins.Almost too abruptly she hears a very loud CRACK! Emi looks down to see Mr.Robson,impaled by a large boulder.Pointed dangerously sharp at the top.What she heard was his spine and ribs being rived.Torn away harshly from their original skeletal poistion in his body...


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