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"Tenebris Intra" ("Darkness Within") by Angel O'Connor


“Why am I even here?” Angelus asks herself as she sulks in a corner of the ballroom. Hidden by the shadows of a black marble column, she sits in a puff of tulle, satin and lace. A discarded mask lies at her side, staring at her with innocent but mischievous shaped eyes. Why am I even at this stupid masquerade? Even if it is mine for my sixteenth birthday, no one cares if I’m here!” Then a random thought occurs to her. “Man! I sound depressed.…


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Her Eyes Seeing Red~Continued~

     ~He looks into the face of...~ Emi Kurokawa!He hasn't seen her in years!He thinks"She hasn't changed a bit.Which, after all this time...Is VERY abnormal."He stares at the figure in front of him.Examining her from head to toe he sees her long,black hair still waist lenght.Her silver eyes,as always, containing that startling blue color extending around the black pupil.Her lips muted to an inviting shade of red.Emi's skin tone pale as a winter moon but as delicate as a white lily.He…


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Her Eyes Seeing Red

  A girl.Asleep...Or so the world believes.She's fallen off the road and down the mountain.She's collapsed into her own(What's them emotion?Sadness?No.Depression?Maybe.But it's more.It's hatred!)Hatred.To human-kind.To what she's become.A vampire.She doesn't recall how.Or why,but she is.The girl stands up with a wobbley start,but is able to stand all the same.Her silver-blue eyes look around,taking in her surroundings.She sees tan stems of grass,almost calf height.Green stalks of bamboo.The…


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A Couple Readings from Church : Sunday, Feburary 20th,2011

Hey guys.I was acalyting in church yesterday, and one of the readings really stuck in my heard.I've heard the first couple verses before in general conversation but i got a better....eloboraton on it,so to speak, in church.Here's a revised version I got from  in Matthew 5:38:


"  38 "You have heard that it was…


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SHRINE MONT!!!;) you know ( or don't know and is about to find out) I went to Shrine MOnt last weekend.IT WAS THE FREAKING BOMMMMMMBBBBB!!!!!! they made a video of the RANDOM times on the mountain. Here's the link so check it out!!!!!!!!!

My twin's in 1:40 - 1:46 secs.

Me and Kymbra are in 2:23 -…


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My Thoughts

There are sayings or quotes that, when we eventually hear them, we come to live by some of them. Whether we do it conciously or without knowing. Here are some I've taken to heart.


If one door opens while another closes, God gives second chances. But if both close at te same time, things happen…


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