A girl.Asleep...Or so the world believes.She's fallen off the road and down the mountain.She's collapsed into her own(What's them emotion?Sadness?No.Depression?Maybe.But it's more.It's hatred!)Hatred.To human-kind.To what she's become.A vampire.She doesn't recall how.Or why,but she is.The girl stands up with a wobbley start,but is able to stand all the same.Her silver-blue eyes look around,taking in her surroundings.She sees tan stems of grass,almost calf height.Green stalks of bamboo.The black rocks being assulted by the crystal clear water flowing down the mountain.The purplish clouds obscuring the sun.The scent of rain,threatening in its arrival.The buzz of electricity,coupling the scent.She hears the wind whistling through the braches of the trees and the babbling of a brook now at her feet.Somehwere near,a thunderous waterfall sounds,like the confusion in her head.Then she catches a scent.A peculiar one at that.Unknowingly,she's already following it.She can almost feel in sinking into her pores.She knows she must have it.That she'd kill for it.And that's exactly what she plans to do.She stops at the base of a large pine tree and looks up.Vibrations of a beating heart filtering though the roots and up the being.She's able to see from below the shape of her old teacher,Mr.Robson.A camera in hand he takes shots of the drifting fog.The small silver fish swimming to and fro along the watery trail.Robson mutters"Positvely breath-taking.Springtime...Nothin like it." She thinks"Yes.Quite agreeable Robson." Silently she catapults herself up to the same branch he's standing on.That lethal urge comes again,wanting to break free.The mistake she makes,by not watching her footing and making the whole limb shake,alerts Robson that he's not alone anymore.Slowly he takes out the hunting knife he has tucked into his hiking boot. He looks into the face of...


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Comment by Angel O' Connor on April 18, 2011 at 4:25am
-laughs lightly-Because it would hurt my feelings if it were bad! But thank you for the compliment Liam!


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