The year is drawing to a close and with it comes cold days and rainy nights. Soon all the windows of houses and shops are filled with bright colors and flickering lights. Harvest time is celebrated and for a while we get to think about all that we are thankful for. The people and things that make us smile and say, I am happy to be alive.

As I was helping the ladies in La Push get ready for the Harvest Festival, I would listen to them and all the things they felt so thankful for. That evening I decided to go for a walk on First Beach. I walked up to one of the rocks and sat down. Opened my backpack and took out my Journal.

I decided to make a list of things that I am Thankful for, but as I started my list I kept thinking of Mom.

Me being here, being able to have and appreciate all the things I have is mainly because of one person, My Mom.

Yes there were a lot of people who helped and who cared for her but it was my Mom who made the decision. She was the one who decided that she was willing and loving me so much, that she would die for me. Not once but twice.

I am thankful for her love for my Dad and for me. I am thankful that I get to spend every day with her. I am thankful that she is my role model, because her strength and inner beauty is far greater than her outer beauty. Her kindness not just towards her family and friends but to the well being of other people is something I inspire to.

My Mom is just like any other mom, making sure I have enough to eat, which gets quite a job with my growth spurts. She oversees the house, make sure I do my studying and believe me it’s not always so easy. But above all that she has a much greater task one that can put our whole family at risk if she ever fails. This is to ignore her thirst for human blood. To be around and surrounded by humans, hearing and breathing in their scent. To fight the urge that comes most natural to her. Yet she does it with so much strength and courage and grace that even I sometimes forget she is not human.

I love my family more than I would ever be able to say or show, I am thankful for each of them and the support and love they have offered me and my Mom.

But most of all I am thankful to my Mom for being the amazing woman she is. I would not be here without her love and dedication to me. Furthermore I would not have been able to share my life and love with Jacob if it was not for her.


So Mom I just want to say



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