I nestle myself more securely in the russet brown fur, holding on for dear life while glancing behind us. I can see them in the distance. Slowly nearing us the black cloaks giving them the appearance of levitation. Although it would not surprise me, if Aro somehow collected such a rare gift. My eyes are burning not only from the wind as I can feel us trying to gain some speed. But from the tears that keeps falling down my cheek. Everything I knew, the life I have learned to love up to now, all of that is gone. The only reminder of my previous life is that in my heart and whatever Mom placed in the bag on my back. Feeling the hopelessness of the chase, knowing that is only a matter of time when they would have closed the gap between us and then what will become of us……

 Startled I wake up feeling the tears running down my cheek. It’s the same dream I have, night after night. One would think that it would have stopped having an effect on me. Slowly I move the heavy blankets off me and sit up. Taking in the room and its surroundings, wondering when I will be used to this room. When will all of this feel like home? I walk over to the dresser and open the drawer and reach far into the back of the drawer. Retrieving the little box I hide there, slowly I open the box and look at the one possession that I hold dearest. A new tear runs down my cheek as I think of Jake, looking at the promise bracelet he gave me.  Blinded by the tears in my eyes I run to the bed and cover my mouth with the pillow, pouring my heart and soul out with each sob. After the sobbing subsides I look at the time, knowing that my guarding duties wait. Slowly I make my way to bathroom, in an attempt to make my eyes less puffy, hoping I can once again disguise the tears that I have just shed. I look myself in the mirror and ready myself for the day. Near my door is the coat rack. The only coat on it is the black cloak I have come to know as my uniform, the one thing that unifies me with my brothers and sisters. I reach for the door and open it pulling the cloak over me and covering my head with the hood. I look up and see Demetri smiling at me, “Morning sister, I trust you slept well.” Faintly I smile back and nod my head as he reached for my hand, images of my dream now vivid in his mind. I gasp aloud and pull my hand away. Demetri looks at me and smirks, “Better not let Aro know you’re still dreaming of your puppy.” I bite my on my tongue and force the tears that are threatening to overtake me to stay away. I will not cry in front of them. I straighten my shoulders and start walking to the feeding room. Knowing breakfast is about to be served and cringing at the thought of the scene I will be witnessing again. Demetri and I arrive in the room, to find that Heidi has just returned with this morning’s meal. I can hear Demetri already looking and calling dips on his favourite. I back up against the wall and brace myself as I see them encircling the poor humans….. With a scream I awake, drenched in sweat. My heart feels as if it’s about to jump out of my chest. I look around trying to make out where I am. When I am greeted by my room filled with all my favourite things. I look at the bed side table and see the photos of me and my family and the one of me and Jake. A huge sigh of relief escape my lips knowing that it all was just a dream. A very bad nightmare.

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