I am a hopeless romantic. Then again I am sure that all girls are. Nothing can compare to the feeling of having your favourite person in the whole wide world, treat you like a Queen. The flower, which somehow finds its way to your pillow. The little box of chocolates hidden away in your school bag with the note that says *I love you, Babes*

These are some of the things I have become accustomed with since Jake and I became more serious. When Grandma said we all going to the Island, I was so excited. Mom has told me so much about Isle Esme that I could not wait to see it. Knowing that I was going to spend it with my family was such an amazing thought but when Grams told me, she invited Jake. I almost went crazy with excitement. I will be able to spend some good quality time with my most favourite person in the whole wide world. With all this excitement, time and space kind of just flowed into one.

I completely forgot that it was February and that in no time at all, it would be Valentine’s Day. As the 14th drew closer, I got more panicky. I mean we are on an Island. How am I supposed to get him something? I decided to try a new approach. I am sure at one time we all tried it. The “you know Valentine’s Day is so commercial. I mean seriously why you need one day to say I Love You. I want to do it every day. So this year I think we need to boycott Valentine’s Day and just spend it as a normal day. No gifts.”

Jake looked at me in surprise, “Are you sure, Babes?” he asked. “Yes, I am.” I said, hoping he won’t see, behind my reason for saying the things I was saying.

“Okay, cool Babes, if that’s what you want. Then that is what we will do.”

I smiled at myself thinking just how clever I am.

The 14th arrived and I swear Mother Nature was in a Valentines mood, because everything seemed more beautiful than before. I felt a bit down, but consoled myself that at least I will still be spending the day with Jake. So that will count for something.

So I got up and shook of the gloomy feeling I felt. Went to the kitchen and saw Grandma, making us some heart shaped pancakes. I smiled and went over to her and kissed her cheek. Naturally my family are born romantics. So the house was filled with roses and Aunt Alice was skipping around in the best mood ever.

Not exactly the best way to start a day when you trying to make yourself wise that you are boycotting the day.

After breakfast I walked to the beach and went to lie down in the hammock and write a poem for Jake. It was the closes I could get to a gift and it was from my heart.

I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up with soft kisses all over my face. I opened my eyes and saw Jake, smiling I got up. We spend the day just having fun. I was starting to think that maybe boycotting Valentine’s Day is not such a bad Idea.

As the sun was setting Jake went into the house. I joined everyone else on the porch and could swear that they all seemed to smile and giggle a bit too much.  When Jake returned he smiled and took me by my hand, led me to the bathroom in my room and there was waiting a hot bubble bath with rose petals and candles. I looked at him and smiled. “Babes, what are you doing, I thought were not celebrating Valentine’s Day. He smiled that crooked smile and replied, “Were not Babes, I just want you to relax. With that he closed the door and left me alone. Smiling I sunk into the hot bath and just relaxed.

When I was done, I got up and got dressed in a jean and T-Shirt and went to find Jake, but when I got out side there was the pathway lit by candles and at the end of the pathway was a blanket with the biggest and cutest Wolf Teddy Bear, a picnic basket and of course the most handsome boyfriend.

As I walked up to him, a big grin was spread on his face. “Babes, what is all this?” I asked. He gave his familiar chuckle and smiled at me. “Nothing much, Babes, just showing you how much I love you.” I smiled and ran into his arms and kissed him. “Jacob Black, you are the best boyfriend in the whole world.”

We spent the rest of the evening just talking and laughing.

A Valentine’s of Dreams.

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