Last year Charlie an I took off for the lake. We had all our gear, a cooler, a few beers and bait all ready. It was a day of sunshine, a rare one for May but we took advantage of it feeling blessed by the gods and took the boat out.
Everything was going great. Charlie caught a few good trout, I hauled in a nice size bass and we were reminiscing about old times. Gotta love the mixture of fishing, good weather and a few beers!

Around 2pm we had a pretty good haul. We were heading back to shore when the engine cut. It wasn't a good sign. Charlie couldnt get the engine to turn over. I took a look at it, it sputtered a little and went dead. Charlie futzed with it for a bit but it was no use. We were less than amused. Hell we were alright, we had a cooler full of food, caught some decent fish and were feeling no pain, if ya get my drift.... anyway....

We were the only ones on the lake. Why is it when you need something, there's NO ONE around but when you need peace and quiet there is an abundance of annoying people right there to interrupt? Charlie tried to make a call but had no signal. Murphy's Law. That's what it is. I've been plagued by this since birth. I'm no stranger to it. I simply shook my head, rolled my eyes and started rowing. At this rate we'd be rowing for about 5 hours.

Charlie sat and started rowing but the boat would not budge. The rotor had gotten itself tangled in something and had anchored us to that spot. Charlie tried to free us by shoving the oar below the engine but it caught on something. We couldn't move. Murphy's law again? Time was ticking and I would need meds within 3 hours.
We didn't have a choice. Charlie was going to have to go in with the knife and cut the rotor free. Better him than me, that's all I have to say. He jumped in the water went below the surface and came up, eyes wide.

"Billy.. you wont believe this" he said, gripping the edge of the boat with one hand. "There's a buck, I'm not kidding, It's at LEAST a 15 point Buck!!" He said, putting the knife in his teeth going down for another dive.

"Wait!" I said too late, before he went back down for a second look.
Not 2 seconds later he surfaced, "yep, 15 points. It's snagged, stuck on a rock. Someone's line got caught in his rack and the rotor got snagged"
He dove again and surfaced, climbed into the boat and tried the engine. It sputtered and turned on.

"No one's gonna believe this" he said, "Two 3 pound trout, a 4 pound bass and a 15 point buck. Talk about your 'Deadliest Catch' "

We both laughed, joked about it, shook our heads and headed towards the shore.

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