Tomorrow is the Cedar point trip! YAY! Its about time! We’ve rescheduled this trip 4 times because Mother Nature didn’t wanna corporate with our trip plans. So My best friend who I consider my sister, Angel, is coming, My cousin Marie, and My cousin’s friend. I won’t be on sadly tomorrow,or Monday because after cedar point we’re going to stay the night at a hotel about a mile away from cedar point then, we’re going on an African safari, before we start heading home. I’m so excited! My friend angel is staying the night tonight, so we don’t have to go to her house and then drive back to get something, or have to go back and forth from my house to her house.

When I get home I will make another blog,and post pictures of Cedar point and the African safari.

In the African safari they have;


Bactarian Camel



Giraffe(hopefully it’ll come to us for Angel, she’d be upset if it didn’t come to us, Giraffes are her favorite animal)




Scottish highlander

Sika Deer

White Zebra



There’s a bunch of animals I’ve never heard of, like white zebras they look like a regular zebra but the stripes are lighter and more of a white than a black.

Oh yeah also my cousin marie did my hair in tiny tiny braids i'll take a picture and post it in my pictures!

I'm so excited i'm scared i won't get any sleep tonight.!

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on July 29, 2012 at 6:23am

I look forward to seeing your pictures from the trip! It sounds like it will be a very exciting time!
Enjoy yourself!


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