Hey there! I just now got back from Ohio. It was amazing! I finally got over my Corkscrew fear. About two years ago, I went to Michigan’s Adventures with my friend Ame and her mother. Since her father or another adult didn’t come with us, Ame was in front of me with her mom and poor me was behind them all by myself :( . So when I got off I was so scared I started to cry.

So I had made up my mind to go on the corkscrew again, and I had my eyes wide opened and I was screaming on top of my lungs! It was so much fun! After that all I wanted to go on was rides that went upside down. :)  After that, I went on the Mantis which is where you have to stand, with your feet flat, and legs straight and your back up against the somewhat of a seat thingy. My legs were already hurting before that, but after they were hurting even more but since it was close to closing time, we all ran to the rides, luckily we got there before they stopped letting people get in line for it. our last upside down ride was the raptor. I had a great time! If I go to cedar point next year my goal will be to go on every single upside down ride! :)  Usually people who don’t like upside down rides get called scaredy cats, but it turns out roller coasters aren’t made to hurt you!

Before we came home we went to the African wild life safari! It was amazing! There was too many buffalo though. They kept trying to take my cup of food, and he gave angel and marie a few slobbery slimy kisses.EWW! we were all scared that the huge horns on them would injure the car or break the windows. But luckily it didn’t get damaged.

Check my profile pictures to see the pictures of the animals. Oh yeah one of the llamas or deer tried to eat the car .  :o

Right now my legs are killing me from how much they hurt, any advice on how to make them go away?

please please share.

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Comment by Carlisle Cullen MD on August 1, 2012 at 9:04am

Looks like you had a great vacation! I knew you would!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful blogs and pictures with us!


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