(copyright October 2009)
Carlisle Cullen MD - Greetings, Caius *nods in respect*
Caius Volturi - *nods* Carlisle...
Carlisle Cullen MD - Nice to see you
Caius Volturi - is it...are you still choosing the MUTTS over your own kind?
Carlisle Cullen MD - *laughs and nods* Certain ones have proved themselves worthy of our loyalty, yes.
Caius Volturi - *sneers* so you are still a traitor
Carlisle Cullen MD - Some may view it that way
Caius Volturi - *smirks* well one day perhaps Aro will see it as I do....until then I will see it as it truly is...
Carlisle Cullen MD - I would have thought in all of your years of existence that you would have realized that not everyone can be labeled by WHAT they are, but rather for WHO they become.
Caius Volturi - *sneers* And you would have thought that after all the years you have known me that I do not care for anything but the rules and if you break the rules there will be consequences...or have you forgotten that?
Carlisle Cullen MD - I have forgotten nothing. Rules are made for specific reasons. Times change and rules need to be amended accordingly
.Carlisle Cullen MD - For example, we cannot murder those for horse thievery in this year 2009. The rules have been amended accordingly.
Caius Volturi - *sneers* Something only a traitor would say to save his own ass
Carlisle Cullen MD - *shakes my head* I am no traitor, I have learned to adapt, to evolve if you will.
Caius Volturi - *rolls eyes* Really I have never understood you Carlisle, the need to not harm humans and to live among them baffles me still to this day. I could deal with that...but the Dogs you now live with and socialize with, to protect them over your own? As far as I am concerned it is, in a way, your fault that Irina had to die.
Carlisle Cullen MD - How is that any fault of mine?
Carlisle Cullen MD - I don't see your logic here.
Caius Volturi -Had you chosen to stand up for your own kind when they had asked you too she may have gone to you when she saw the child instead of running to us
Caius Volturi -but instead when they asked for your help you told them no and chose to turn your back on her, so she had no choice but to come to us
Carlisle Cullen MD - Irina chose on her own accord. I have stood by my family on this subject and intend to do so as long as necessary. It is not my fault that she was made an example of.
Cauis Volturi - *smiles* so you understand what I did....will you be so understanding IF you or a member of you family should be the same kind of example?
Carlisle Cullen MD - I may understand what you did, but in no way do I condone it. You know where I stand and my will is absolute. I will not back down. I need not tell you that though. You are well aware.
Caius Volturi - *nods* I am well aware...as I am also aware that you are only strong when together.....but you are not all always together now are you?
Carlisle Cullen MD - I am aware of your tactics, and I also am aware that your own family does not entirely share the same views on such matters. Taking us out, one by one ... hmmm... that surely doesn't seem like your style at all.
Caius Volturi - *smirks* You should know I will do whatever to win...and no, my own family does not see it as I do as yet...I am still working on that...but Aro does want some of your family to join us
Carlisle Cullen MD - Hitting below the belt, dear Caius, doesn't that go against your own precious rules? *raises an eyebrow* Aro has wanted my family to join him for quite some time. I can rest assured stating that it won't happen, until at which point, hell freezes over..
Caius Volturi - *laughs* Well who knows old friend...Forks may get very cold very soon
Carlisle Cullen MD- *smiks* You know where we are. We don't run. Our Patience is eternal and our will is absolute.
Caius Volturi - *smiles* we shall see old friend...I do not wish you any harm but I am saddened that you have turned your back on your own kind for some dogs
Carlisle Cullen MD - *nods* Until we meet again. My regards to Aro and the guard.
(copyright October 2009)

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