(copyright Nov 29, 2009)

Me - What have you planmned for me for New Years? *grins, twirling you around my office*

Esme - *Spins around in your arms, pushing you up against the desk, and leaning in close to you* Oh..I can think of a few ideas..

Me - *inhales your intoxicating scent* Oh? I'm all ears *grins*

Esme - *Presses my body firnly against yours, tilting you backwards slight over the desk* I am thinking...*Drops my voice to a whisper* You, me, candles...and perhaps a moon lit snowy evening?

Me -I like how you think, Mrs. Cullen..... a LOT *grins and steals a kiss*

Esme - *Catches your face in my hands as you sneak away* Not so fast Doctor Cullen ... *Pulls you gently against my lips*

Me -*kisses you back eagerly glancing at my watch* Love... I can clock out now *grins*

Esme - *Pulls away from you, taking your hand i mine* I was hoping you would say that.

me - *picks up my bag, slings my white coat over my shoulder* Let me lock my office love and we can go

Esme - *Grins, looking at your white coat* I'll take care of that smudge when we get home.

Me - *kisses your nose, locks the door and walks out to the parking deck*

Me - *opens the door for you* there love, i want to take you somewhere

Esme - *Walks hand in hand with you to the car* Of course love, where would you like to go?

Esme - Kisses your lips before settling into the passenger side*

Me - *closes the door and hops in* ready?

Esme - *Nods* I'm always ready, darling.

Me -*drives her up to the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and pulls off to the side*

Esme - *Watches the landscape pass by, smiling as the smell of the ocean breezes through my open window*

Me - *gets out and walks around the car opening your door *

Esme - *Looks up and smiles* Thank you, love.

Esme - *Steps out onto the side of the road*

Me - *takes her hand and crosses the road*

Me - *Stands watching her hair blow in the ocean breeze*

Esme - *leans closer to you, wrapping my arm around your waist, as the air swirls around us* It is simply beautiful out here.

Me - *nods touching my forehead to yours* It's beautiful yes but with you here it's breathtaking *smiles*

Esme - *Traces your cheek with my fingertips* Your words are lovely, but I cannot hold a candle to the majesty of this scenery....and the strngth of your brilliance.

Me - *smiles as the scent of cinnamon and sea air fills my senses completely*

Esme - *Places my head on your shoulder, and glances out across the cliffs* It looks the same today as it did when we first arrived all those years ago.

Me - It does *puts my arm around your shoulder and starts walking* Do you remember the first time you saw this?

Esme - *Smiles, walking along the cliffside* I do, it was one of my first memories of this place.

Me - I remember it vividly. I had visited a few times before I met you. It's beauty never ceases to captivate me

Esme - *Holds you close as the wind rushes through my hair* How did you know this was the place for us to be, darling?

Me - Something whispered to me on the wind. *laughs* that sounds silly, I know. But it's true

Esme - That doesn't sound silly at all. Sometimes it is but a whisper that can drive our most passionate ideas.

Me - You are so right, my love. *squeezes her hand and strolls along the cliff's edge*

Esme - *stops at the edge of the cliff, and looks down to the water, biting my lip and turning to look into your eyes* I .. I want you to know that not a day has gone by that I am not thankful for you in my life.

Me - *takes her hands, gazing deeply into her eyes* We're exactly where we belong. We always will be

Me - *pulls her close and kisses her*

Esme - *Kisses you deeply,moving us away from the cliff edge*

Esme - *Whispers* Perhaps we should keep walking darling? *Turns to look behind me at the cliff edge*

Me - *nods* Of course, love *leads her across the road and thru the trees to a small clearing

Esme - *Follows quietly away from the waters edge, and nestles into the thick forest ferns* Join me for a moment?

Me - *takes her hand, following*

Esme - *Lays down with you in the clearing, laying against the surrounding ferns* I just want to lay here for a moment....together...with you.

Me - *lays down beside her sliding my arm behind her head*

Esme - *Rests my head on your shoulders, looing up to the Autmn sky* It will be winter soon, darling Any thoughts on what you would like to do for the holidays?

Me - *entwines our fingers* Yes, I actually do have something I'd like to do.... just you and I

Me - I'd like to hike up and find the perfect christmas tree

Esme - *Smiles brightly, turning my face to yours* A perfect tradition, darling. Just the two of us?

Me - Exactly.. the two of us. *sighs heavily* We need some alone time

Esme - *Nods in areement* Well this has been perfect.

Esme - *Reaches over, and rubs my nose against yours, and whispers* Even the forest seems to be at peace today.

Me - It does. I think it's in sync with us

Me - *listens to the breeze blowing the last of the leaves high in the trees* I know just the place, love. Above the field. There's a tree there that I think would be perfect

Esme - Perhaps in the next week or two, it would be time to gather that tree. I would love nothing more than to spend that adventure with you.

Me - yes. I will call in and request the time off *smiles, tracing my finger along your cheek*

Esme - *Nibbles on your finger as it passes my lips*

Esme - *Winks* I have to say, I am very glad that I cam to visit you this afternoon.

Me - As am I *brushes the hair from her face* It's not every day that I get a wife's escort out of the building *laughs*

Esme - *Giggles* I think the nurse was a bit surprised to see me.

Me - I'm sure she was. It's not every day that a breathtaking vampire strolls down the halls... *winks*

Esme - *Grins* Well, it's not everyday a vampire can stroll into a hospital of their own accord now, is it?

Me- That's fair *Laughs* So true *looks up thru the trees*

Esme - *Snuggles closer to you unde the canopy* Can we stay like this forever?

Me - *Whispers* Forever is a long time... *grins* Are you up for it?

Esme - *Giggles* I do believe that was part of our ... agreement. So of course, I will always be up to it, my darling.

Me - Agreement is it? I thought it was a prescription if I recall an earlier conversation? *laughs*

Esme - *Wrinkles my nose* You are speaking of my treatment? I do recall something about an eternal prescription...if my memory serves me right.

Me - Exactly *looks at my watch* It seems to be about time for another dose, don't you agree? *grins*

Esme - *Bites my lip and nods* mhmm... I actually think I am overdue.

Me - *raises my eyebrow* You know... serious symptoms can occur if you aren't properly dosed

Esme - Well then...you'd better see to that, Doctor.

Me - *looks at you seriously and gently pushes you up against a tree* I think it's that's the best idea *Leans in kissing your lips*

Esme - *Wraps my arms around your neck, reutrning your kisses with eager desire*

Me - *leans back, smiling* that was one dose. I think you need another, Mrs. Cullen *leans back down, brushing my lips gently across yours*

Esme - *Presses my body to yours, enjoying the touch of lips together* I could get used to this.

Me - Mmm get used to it. It's terminal *laughs* you'll need lots of doses

Esme - *Looks up to the sky* Perhaps we should be getting home.

Me - You're right, I'm sure everyone is wondering where we are *takes her hand and walks back to the car*

Esme - *Smiles and walks with you* Thank you for a lovely afternoon

Me - *kisses your nose* It was perfect

Esme - YOU are perfect *Winks and gets into the car*

Me - *laughs* You are blinded by the lovesickness that you suffer from

Esme - *Giggles* Not even that could blind me from how much I adore you.

Me - *puts the car in drive , puts my hand on yours and drives towards home* The feeling is mutual, Mrs. Cullen
(copyright Nov 29, 2009)

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Comment by Anne Svendsen on May 23, 2010 at 8:29am
OMG....this is so good...a nice thing to read.A crystal clear picture before my eyes of the two of you...this is so romantic.And you are such a wonderfull couple.
Comment by Vicky on November 30, 2009 at 11:15am
You and Esme have a very special relationship. It's nice to know that there are people out there who can still have that kind of romance after many years. Thanks for sharing this,


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