wow, so you are going to brave another one eh? cool! :D So, you more then likely are wondering what the heck Cairo is. Not a place in Egypt. It is an anual belly dance convention held every year in sothern Ca. Dancers from all over the country and sometimes the world come here for the con. It has been on the beautiful Queen Mary, for the last two years. Omg I love that ship. I have had some.....interesting experiances there. I got to go into the boiler room and wander around, caught a ghost on film. Belive, disbelieve, the camera speaks for itself and I had several others look at it b/c my eyes are bad. ;p So, we prepare for this con every year. Now keep in mind that the night before this I had Alice. lol. So, I'm off and running at six am. I have to take care of the animals (my children. lol), then off to grandma's for a shower and getting ready. Then time for the drive to the harbor. On the flipside I can find disney land and knotts. ;D In your face I only got lost once this time! ;p So, there I go off on my adventure. I was by myself, since Kestrel worked and no one else wanted to go. It's alright, I will make my own entertainment. ;D I managed to make it all the way there without getting killed, only one close call, or lost. Well, map quest is ....yeah. And they failed to mention the little wabbly goodies that happen right there by the harbor. lol. So I ziged instead of zaged, and ended up spending twenty mins trying to get to the parking lot. I finally just said, "ok, point the car at the queen mary and I should get there eventually." FIRST ONE THERE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! sorry, had to put that out there. ;D So, I parked.....iin the back, as in section dumbo kind of back, and mosied putting my makeup on. I picked some of the roses there and put a couple in my hair, I even picked on for linda as a peace offering. yeah, didn't work. *sighs* I waited for the newest edition to our little troup/ family and took her through all the prelims she needed to know for her first time there. ;D don't worry I will take care of you. :D I like to do that. :D The show was wonderful! We litterally had the best number there. We were the only persian group. As in we were the only ones that danced to persian music. It will be on youtube soon. :D and I will post the link for all interested. ;D I was supposed to hang out with the troup, but they left me. -_-' thanks guys. not to worry, I made my own fun. Played in the boiler room and wandered around the ship looking at the vendors, got some great deals. You have to know how to work them. Don't worry if you go with me I will show you the ropes. ;D Cinders is the new girl in our troupe. this was her first Cairo, so I showed her what to do and all that fun stuff, she had a blast. I didn't get to dance in the drum circle like I wanted but I did get a bunch of ppl to dance with me as well as two small kids. They were great! :D I ate the most wonderful fuh-law-fulls(<---spelling?) at the egyptian booth. omg, I don't know if was that was all I had eaten that day or if they really were amazing but omg. So, I stayed until the bitter end, and left. I got back into familiar territory, and went to see Kestrel, who was in her pj's. I asked if she wanted to get an ice cream or somthing and she was all " in my pjs?" I said " put some pants on and lets go, I'm not asking you to go to outback or anything." *laughs* so she did and we did. I had her laughing pretty hard. I got back to grandma's and then my uncle began to regail me about his movie and other projects which I listened to and talked with him. Oh I forgot to mention I found a baby bird. I came home Saturday night to this little thing no bigger then a small brussel sprout on the pourch about to be ant food. I took care of it for three days and was able to get him to the living desert. You know I'm not stupid people. They treated me like I was the village idiot. -_-' and boy were they dumbfounded when he was healthy. ;p see, told you so. He was my little baby for a weekend. lol. The zoo keepers all "did he poop?" "I said yes. He has done that regularly for the last few days." she said, "oh.....well, then that means he's healthy" no really? wow, so glad you could tell me that. lol. I'm not a doctor, but i'm not stupid either. I can tell you anything you want to know about the heart off the top of my head. ;p Just today I had a deep conversation on where exactly the arc reactor is connected in Tony Stark's heart. *laughs*geek alert! ;p So, didn't get to catch up on some sleep until wed, and some of thursday. I am living for sunday. :D I am at work right now. I am doing the home health, for my lady again. XD She is back home from the hospital, so that's good. I think I am begining to wear down. I'm going to try to sleep and resist the urge to play tetris till I fall asleep. lol. I will post pictures of the makeup soon. :D NIte you all and sleep well. :D Hope you enjoyed another episode of "Pip's train o'thought" lol. wow, seriously medals should be given out for the people who take time to read this far or any of them at all. I feel really special when people do. .......... and there goes the other brain cell. heh. So, going to try to get some sleep and not live up to my nickname of "vampyre"(<----and yes I am aware I spell it old school. bite me. .... just realized the funny. lol.) much love and sweet dreams, unless you are a real vampyre then, um...sweet...yeah....uh....have a good wake? lol. nite! *thud*

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