wow, my ear itches. XD and on that note..... I'm sorry I have been away. Been busy with a show that nobody thanked me for helping with. Jerks. I did the make up for our ballet that we just put on and you know I wasn't mentioned in the program. I have to admit that hurt. My creations walked out there on that stage and no one even knew. *shrugs. sighs*oh well. not much that can be done right. lol. It was a stressful show. Never wanted to hit someone in the face so bad, so I cried instead. trust me that's much better for me to do. XD *sings*On the first day of Alice the stage manager gave to The friday show was for the school kids, b/c we preformed at a school. Well, I had my own little nook of an office, that everyone complained about. *eyeroll* That was nice. It is extreamly difficult to do my work with people standing on me. But I ignore them, and focus on my job, so long as they don't stand underfoot. I created the white rabbit, the march hare, the catapillar, the tea party guest, several cards, the griffin, the dodo eyes, and trended something for the flowers. I do this thing on my face for my clown make up that I happened to do with one girl and all the little girls wanted it. I simply extended the eyeliner to make painted on long lashes. It's a neat effect. lol. oh, and I did the tweedles twice. ;D Not to mention the other preshow stuff I did. I almost didn't get to dance b/c I didn't have my costume done in time. oi. So, the director and her mother had been riding me all week and I was needless to say stressed. I was trying to focus on having my characters done and out in an hour and a half. wow. I love my job. lol. I had all the aformentioned faces done in an hour and a half and managed to have my face done. ;D Oh, and did I mention I did back stage work in addition to makeup and my own dances? ;D

So, the friday show. *sighs* that was fun. The first show went wonderfully. At the end Cecilia, the director, told me to grab the little ones and the others from the dressing room for a cast pic before they changed. *shakes head.*fatal mistake number one: One of the grandmothers whose been with us from the begining was throwing a fit b/c the little one had already changed and she starts saying that no one tells her anything, bull. so i said, "Why do you act surprised, this isn't your first show with us. We do this after every show. Just have her come as she is." the lady continued to complain, "Well, then she doesn't have to be in it." That was the exact thing I said to her. Fatal mistake number two: It was time for the space between shows. I'm sitting in my office trying to cool off and figure out where to grab a quick bite so I don't die during the next show and in walks Linda mader then a wet hornet. She starts screaming at me about how I was horrible to one of the mom's and screaming at her and all of this stuff. And telling me that "do you like working with us? well, you can't talk to adults they way you do." blah blah fricken blah. And she's not letting me get a word in edgewise and I made the fatal mistake of saying so. "Linda, you're not even letting me tell you what happened." "well, I don't care!" XD Really really have to learn to keep quiet. But I was tired of being treated like that. I was very very sick when I helped them move. I had had the flu right before that, but it didn't matter so long as they get there $100 a month. Never mind all the FREE labor I do for them. How quickly you're forgotten when money is involved. *sigh* so, she stands there for twenty mins telling me all of this, screaming at me and that I have to go and appologize for what I did. She said that all these people make complaints constantly. But it's the complainers that do, b/c I do my job and make them follow the rules like everyone else. No one is given special treatment unless I'm told by Cecila, the owner. (As to the one that complained in nutcracker...hell has special places for people like that. ;D that's all I will say. If you knew me you would laugh at what he said.) I stood there and took my lickings b/c it didn't do me any good to say anything. (one of those, I wish Jasper where there moments. I would so have been eternaly greatful for some help like that. The whole time I thought of this place and tried to day dream her away. Kind of hard when a giant flower is yelling at you. *pause*ok, that just made that situation extreamly funny. lol. still hurts. ;p)So, I go to appologize and the flipping hen won't stop for two seconds to let me. I'm standing there trying to swollow my pride and appologize for doing my job! and not cry. So, I went into medical assiting mode and treated her like a mental patient. ;D I appologized, let her, linda, and the daughter ream me some more, and retreated to my 'cave'. (to the rat cave! I was a rat in the show. heh, no? ) I made in time to shut the door and cry it out. I cried for a good solid hour, went to wash my face and was better. I came out of the bathroom looking like a drug addict with my red eyes, and Roma(our star) and Ariana(tea pot mouse) got all worried b/c they saw I had been crying. It genuinely distressed them, which upset me so I smiled and sucked it up so they wouldn't feel bad but they ended up doing silly things to me till I laughed. They jumped on each other and made funny music saying "hey hey amanda look." until I was cracking up. They huged me too. It was very sweet. I just adore the kids. :D So I tried to wander and mingle, and avoid the flower of death(linda), and ended up by the nice moms. They asked me what was wrong and I just said nothing. I said someone was being not so nice, and smiled. Dena asked if it was something I would get over before the nexted show, kind of stung but she ment well, and I simply smiled and said "the show must go on." ;D and she smiled back. I sat with them. And the Rubinsky mom insisted that she give me a burrito her kids wouldn't eat, despite the fact I really didn't want food at that point. ;p So, I was feeling awkward so I retreated to the rat cave to collect myself and redo my makeup and run sailine in my eyes. Stupid contacts. ;p As I was coming out to get some paper towels, Carla(dodo) comes walking down the hall with her mum, and she puts her food down and gives me a big hug and hands me a bag saying "here we brought you some food." I almost cried again, b/c that was very sweet. She asked me what was wrong, I told her, and she was irritated. Her mother wouldn't let me pay for the food. She got mad. lol. So, I took a few bites, collected myself, put on my smile and started the makeup all over again for the second show. ;D Which went well. I stayed between shows in my office, and waited for second act rehersal which was a few hours after that. It was, interesting. lol. So, that was friday. P.S. after the yelling match, i almost left with my makeup and everything. You know since I wasn't that important and all. ;D but I couldn't let the show down. The cast had worked too hard for that, and so I took my lashings and stayed.

Saturday, a new day. heh. I was up really early, got the extra things that were asked of me to grab and the fan for the whiners, *eyeroll*. I show up ready to go and the makeup begins a new. Things went smoothly. I stayed in my office, and avoided talking to the flower of doom and her minions, and she avoided me. A match made in awkward land. lol. Well, so anyway. Jerry gets the bright idea to "hey lets have the fog machine on when the catapillar is on to make the smokeing effect." yay! LOL. nope. I'm backstage waiting for the nightmare to turn on the spot light, and we are all back there talking and waiting when Kensi(the catapillar) leans over and says "the fog machine is smoking". I laguhed and said yeah right, then look over and sure enough. It deployed early. *faceplam* The flowers (ages 19months-8) were in the middle of thier number as we go into a panic, in the wing. Now the fog machine is really starting to go at this point and we are trying to figure out how to get it taken care of without disturbing the show, since the fog machine was on stage. lol. Then suddenly, this light starts flashing. Meanwhile the fire alarm is starting to go off, and the kids keep danceing. That was the most impressive thing about it. Not one child missed a beat. Not one child ran screaming. I'm not sure they were aware of what was going on other then thier music sounded strange. lol. So meanwhile in the wings. Jerry, the tree, is trying to wave away the smoke, and I've got a card board trying to wave the smoke so we can unhook it and get it outside. So, there we are, I'm makeing smoke signals while jerry and dena(queen of hearts) are trying to figure out the unpluging of the fog machine. The show stops, the kids exit the stage professionally as if nothing was happening, and we get the fog machine outside. I'm still trying with two other girls to fan the smoke away, and we all ended up vacateing the building. The fire department came, mom took pictures, and the show was stalled an hour. XD But not one child freaked out. ;D I'm so proud of the kids!! So, after the ordeal was over, and we laughed the kids did thier number over again and the show contiued. ;D Then it was back in the makeup chair all over again for our final show. :D It ran smoothly except I forgot to put my head on for the second number I did. XD lol. I just said the queen took it. lol. Saturday's show had the second act in it. I did a belly dance number with my teacher(linda, yes the flower of doom). We got alot of applause for it. I got an applause for the move I created. :D It's a poi ball move but I did it without poi balls. It's very difficult and you have to really have control of your veil. ;D So that gave me a sense of pride for that. I must say that the moms in the second act were a pain. Guys when you have a child in the show, please be mindful you are not the only one in the show. ;D so, needless to say I played security guard too. more yelling moms. *sighs*oh well, but they weren't getting passed me. ;p sorry. So, then I stayed until almost 11pm that same night helping with the break down, that I didn't have to help with, but did b/c I wanted to. Finally, got to pop on twitter for a sec, nearly fell asleep in the chair, and ened up not making it to grandma's b/c i was sooooooo tired. I went the next morning. ;D I had to get up at six for Cairo the next day. For that, read the next blog. :D All in all great show. ;D I got a few thank you's so I was happy. :D If you are still reading this thank you. not sure if anyone will. lol. does anyone remember me? lol.. been gone too long. any whoot. much love to all of you see you in the next blog. ;D

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